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  1. I recently bought a bottle of rust remover/cleaner.. Its called Phosphoric Prep & Etch.. The only thing under contents says it contains phosphoric acid. It is a dark green liquid, a little oilly.


    Any ideas on how to get the phosphoric acid out of this? Ive heard of green phophoric before but i have never seen it. I could boil it to get the water out, but phosphoric acid has a low boiling point doesnt it? Any ideas would really help thanks.

  2. Can anyone help me understand what is goin on in the reaction.


    KMnO4 + H2SO4 ----> HMnO4 + K2SO4


    Or would the KMno4 just go in solution.


    when u touch anything organic to it it ignited and lets off a purple smoke what is it?



  3. Sorry to bring up this old topic but im trying to make some Fe2O3 and i just needed a little help.


    I got a beaker and added a teaspoon of NaCl. I used nails as the electrodes and my prower source was a 15V DC Converter. The Copper wire was not touching the solution at all only the nails, i used 2 nails, one on anode and 1 on cathode.

    I let it sit for a while and i was left wiht a red brown foam on top and a real dark brown almost black precipitate on the bottom. The black precipitate was comming of the Positive. Hydrogen was comming off the other.


    Is this dark brown/black precipitate Iron (lll) Hydroxide? which i can let dry and turn to Fe2O3?


    I took the beaker and took all its containments and dumped them in a bottle and took out most of the water and i tried to boil off the water but i ran out of time so i will let it sit and evaporate the water.


    Is this correct and will i get rust?

  4. Cause i figured if i take the sodium metadisulfate and add the h2o2 in a stoppered flask and run the tubing to a beaker of water and collect it that way, i thought the SO2 would react with the water and make H2SO3 but thats just me taking a guess.

  5. A few questions..


    I know you can make H2SO4 from SO3 and water and that it is dangerous, i wanted to find out how to make the SO3 form (sulfur) if it is possible, I know that this has been brought up before i just wanted a more in depth explanation on how to make SO3 and why its so hard.



    Also could anyone please tell me the products of this equation i get a bunch of different things for some reason?


    Na2O5S2 + H2O2 --->

  6. Yea i mean i want the KNO3 lol, i have a bag of fertilizer that is 29-3-4, is there any way i could take the nitrogen out of the fertilizer? I dont care how complicated it is i was jsut wondering if it can be done. I bought the KNO3 from UnitedNuclear, thanks..

  7. i have a bottle of antacid with Aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, i wanna try to extract the aluminum hydroxide from the antacid, if it is even possible to do, it had other inacive ingredients in the antacid, any ideas on how this can be done?

  8. I know you can buy it as fertiizer, but i looked and coulnd find any fertilizer with KNO3 in it. Im prolly not looking for the right kind of fertilizer. Can you show me a site where they have fertilizer with a considerable amountof KNO3 in it please? I just want to be able to go to the garden store or hardware store and buy it so coulde you tell me the best way to get it without ordering offline.

  9. If you add propane to chlorine will they react and expode without any ignition source?


    I believe the end result should be 1,2-dichloropropane and H2


    Ive heard that chlorine and propane will explode simply when you put them together in the same container. Is this true? Or do you need to ignite them with a heat source? I also heard that even sunlight will make this mixture explode.


    CH3CH2CH3 + Cl2 ---> CH3CHClCH2Cl + H2

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