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  1. Not fair. How would you define that you were wrong earlier?
  2. That would mean that humans are soul rather than a body. When someone dies, he dies with the feeling of himself dying. This also can mean that humans are not brain, something else which provides some sort of power to it.
  3. I wonder if this video seems true or fake?
  4. Surya Siddhant is an interesting ancient text on highly genius divsion of time.
  5. Here it goes, The focal length given is 10 cm. Because the lens has not been specified, it is obvious that focal length= +10cm and the lens is a convex lens. Now you must know that, magnification=v/u= image height/object height. [hint: remember to use sign convention. Perpendicular distances downward to principle axis are negative] Thus, say you get magnification=v/u= x. Now v = ux where x has some value. Put this in 1/v-1/u=1/f , that is the lens formula. Remember to use sign convention where ever you plug values.
  6. articlevol, First decide what you believe in. You mention 'Kali Yuga', a Hindu term. It seems that you are impressed by the Indian scriptures. And after that, you mention the Bible. There are countless dissimilarities between the content of the two holy scriptures.
  7. What I am saying is that root of an rational number has been proved to be irrational in grade 10. There are over 20 proof for that.
  8. What you need to know is- Magnification The lens formula Just a google for that.
  9. It is taught to all school goers in grade 10. I recall it was root 2 which was first proved irrational and the uniqueness of root 2 was also proved. connector must go through it.
  10. Sir, IMHO, it is all about your background and what you want to do next. In many chapters things are well explained and sometimes a point is just touched. If you are someone who enjoys physics, you got the right book and if you want derivation for something or just problems to solve, you need to have other books too. The lectures, no doubt, given by the most brilliant man. The only problem I found was that if you are self-studying you can't survive on that book only. It gives you the sight to experience a topic, but for the 'scenes' you need to have other books too.
  11. I read the title and thought you were going to ask how to make it at home.
  12. So, assuming that in a hypothetical situation, where 100 m can be actually measured:100√2m obtained as a distance. What would you say about my original question. Is it that a point can't be observed at that angle but at any other angle closer to it or is it that a point can't be at 100√2 units from an observer.
  13. Unless you get Feynman point.
  14. 4.000000000000000.......upto infinity is same as 4.0 And simply because 4 can be represented in form of p/q but root 2 can't.
  15. Lets take the example of trigonometry of heights and distances. We usually come across something like: the height of a point is 100√2 and say angle of elevation used in the problem was a Now, √2 is irrational no. and so would be 100√2. This distance can only be approximated. So is it that a point can't be observed at an angle a but at any other angle closer to it or is it that a point can't be at 100√2 units from an observer. Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks
  16. I remember fairly well that we used to plot under-root of two on a number line.
  17. rktpro

    Ionic bond

    Hint:The transfer of electron must be such that both atoms become stable.
  18. An interesting point you must note here is that scintillation or twinkling is possible due to turbulence of atmosphere and continuous change in apparent position of the star. Also, the turbulence is the cause of change in amount of light entering the eye.
  19. Yes it is because of repeated reflection on rays. Talking about the possibility of the pic you uploaded, it depends upon the observer. For Example, get your friend to sit near a dressing table with a large mirror fitted on it. Now you move yourself such that you now take a position as the position of 'object' in this pic. So, you are out of the range of frame of the dressing table but your friend can see you in it, exactly in line to your original position.
  20. rktpro


    In mute mode, Barack Obama seems to be telling people about black magic.
  21. rktpro


    As far as I have read, he always promoted non-violence. You may google all details like his reaction about Chauri Chaura incident.
  22. Steel contains iron+carbon. Maybe, your electromagnet is weak. Trying using battery of higher volts and increase the number of turn of wire around the electromagnet.
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