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  1. I have been peeling pees for few days. I am really exhausted and wish to make a PEA-EXTRACTOR machine. Is anything like this has ever been created? If yes, kindly provide me with some details. If no, let us discuss how it can be made!
  2. I use Firefox 4 beta. It starts a little bit slowly as compared to chrome but has the add on feature which makes it the best. Foxfilter, is my favourite, cause it keeps bad content blocked and prevents me from anything embarrassing while I surf sitting with my dad. The ad blocker is also a nice one!
  3. rktpro

    God exists

    See yourself, how do they join to make water? It is the existence of God that induces in them this property!
  4. rktpro

    God exists

    Evil things happen to good people because of the evil deeds they committed in their previous birth. You didn't noticed the 'Nature Part' of what I said. Electrons are non-living or material, then how they join together to make up a living organism? Who induces in them what we call Life? This is God. That is why he is omnipresent. He has taken many avtaars, we have seen him many times, but as he is beyond our material eyes and senses, we never devoted to him.
  5. Hindu Scriptures, as far as I know are supreme and voice of the divine. I don't know about other books but I am sure of Hindu Scriptures!
  6. Scriptures are the supreme authority in all the religions. I can't force you to believe. Scriptures are true and are the words of God himself. They have the divine knowledge of everything within them. Isn't sadomasochism the way in which someone gets happiness by hurting others. The definition explains your question. The person gets relief or happiness(short-lived happiness) after committing such act. This means that everyone is working for happiness and for self. SELF. They want happiness at any cost. When you steal something of a thief he gets discomfort but he wants happiness. Thus,Masochism can be practiced by only those who have attained Bliss. They can think of others happiness. They can do deeds for others and not for self.
  7. rktpro

    God exists

    People do. There are only two ways possible- believe in him and don't believe in him. I concluded both taking don't believe in him as base.
  8. rktpro

    God exists

    Saying this doesn't actually make the statement false.
  9. No, one who attains God by devotion is given the Holy Abode by God. This is for always. Hindu scriptures say- Sada pasyanti surayah tad vishnoh parmam padam- means that one who attains the Lord is happy for always. According to Vedas (hindu scriptures), heaven is termed as two places. 1- where you go when you have done a good deed. When the result of deed ends, you have to get back to earth and attains bodies out of 84 lakh bodies. You have no choice here. This too is granted in response to your earlier deeds. 2- The Adobe of God, where he resides is also called heaven. One who attains him by devotion remains there for always. He can wish to come to earth if he wants. He attains eternal Bliss. Now which of the two heavens you means?
  10. rktpro

    God exists

    People say that God doesn't exist both scientifically and visually. Let me conclude this: Not everything can be visualized. Can you get the knowledge of the letter 'A' only by visualizing? Simply not. You need to have the knowledge how the word sounds. Can you prove your father by visualizing? No, because you weren't even born at that time. Can you prove a far country by visualizing? No, because the country can be beyond reach of eyes, but it actually exists. Same is for God. He is beyond our material eyes and ears and all senses. A lot of saints have seen him and they have attained bliss. Something more- What is nature? Whatever we can't explain scientifically is what we call nature. For ex- We know subatomic particles have no smell when taken individually. But when they combine in ratios of different number(as different elements) they form compounds with different smell. How can you get smell? This is termed as NATURE of electrons! Because this is unexplained. There are countless examples of so called Nature. GOD is what we call nature in science.
  11. No one is atheist! Don't everyone of us want happiness. In scriptures, it is clearly written that He is Bliss. Read carefully. He is Bliss not that he contains Bliss. I am sure all members of SFN and other people in this universe, want happiness and joy and whatever they call it- eternal peace. Also, we love all the qualities of Bliss or God like we love non-violence, truth, no theft. You might put a question that A thief gets happiness in stealing. This means he loves the opposite of the quality of God or Bliss. This is wrong because if you steal something precious of a thief, even he will get discomfort!
  12. Black Hole, after a long time, looses the matter it had captured in form of thin gas of particles. This process by which it loose matter is known as Hawking process. This process is very very slow and takes a lot of time! Big Bang is a cycle. Big Bang is followed by Big Crunch and then Big Bang again.
  13. Are all exothermic reactions combination reactions? Also, are all endothermic reactions decomposition reactions?
  14. rktpro

    Lab Help

    I have no access to laboratory but I am curious to know the result of this experiment which I read in my elder brother's book. EXPERIMENT Step-1 Take about 2g ferrous sulphate crystals in a dry boiling tube. Steo-2 Note the colour of the crystals. Step-3 Heat the boiling tube over the flame. I have figured the equation for this- heat 2FeSO4.7H2O(s) ------------> Fe2O3(s) + So2(g) + SO3(g) I need help to know 1- What is the change in colour after burning? 2- What would be the smell of the vapours?
  15. rktpro


    I am wondering how fever causes rise in temperature, or fever might itself be rise in temperature. Our body temperature rises or falls when we experience fever. But, according to first law of thermodynamics, heat must travel from hotter to colder region, balancing the temperatures. Why doesn't this happen when we encounter fever?
  16. Nothing tragic at all.
  17. I have been on train for 1 day. When I finally reached my destination and came to home, I felt a little shaky. When I sit quietly and try to read a book, it seems like I am still in train and I still get shakes and jerks. The shakes vanishes on the second day of return. Any explanation how we get such shakes?
  18. HI! I am rktpro and I have done no work(F.S) since my birth!
  19. Won't the flame burn the whole petrol present? Won't the flame burn the whole petrol present?
  20. Get any Nvidia graphics card with 1GB video ram. If it don't suit your pocket go for some cheap alternatives.
  21. Read more about induction and conduction on the net. Do it yourself!
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