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  1. We have to make a working model on our own scientific idea. I have thought of one but I don't know how to make a working model for it. I have thought of a bag that follows you. For this, you put a device on the back of your shoe and a device is fitted in the bag. The bag is equipped with wheels for movement. When you move your feet, the device calculates the co-ordinates of the parabola and hence the speed. The device at sole is a radio wave or infrared wave emitter which connects itself to the device in bag. Therefore, the bag automatically follows you. Now the problems are- How to make the circuit for this model? Is a wireless connected device, as explained above, available? Any other ideas you got will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance! |rkt| EDIT: It is very urgent. I have to days to give my teacher the circuit diagram or any idea that it can work.
  2. 1/2 mv^2 = Under root of T (temperature). Increase in temperature results in increase of v...which is velocity of particle.
  3. Yes, Alexa calculates the hits through those people who have the toolbar installed. I think google should do a service like- Most visited web pages or something.
  4. No one would like immortality other than those fairy tales villains. We can't ensure a disease free environment and a DISASTER free earth. For me, it would be sadder because just being immortal wouldn't make someone like Osama Bin Laden dead. If I were immortal, I would have been indulging in bad habits. Don't you agree that it is the fear of death or pain that forces us to live a healthy life.
  5. I couldn't get anything in Google either. Are you Kidding?
  6. rktpro


    Good title, though.
  7. The relationship between USA and Pakistan. Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf called Osama bin Laden's death on Monday a "positive step" but criticized the United States for launching the raid on the al Qaeda leader within his country's borders.
  8. What name was given to the particles?
  9. He is gone. Bin Laden. Now live with peace.

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    2. rktpro


      I agree. But, he was a great leader for them all. He guided them to the path. Now, they will have to find some one more powerful, and I doubt someone would be, in these conditions.

    3. Moontanman


      OBL could be considered agreat leader only if Hitler is considered a great leader.

    4. Brainteaserfan


      As for now living in peace, I think that there is a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning or killed in a head-on collision and killing bin laden didn't reduce those small chances by much.

  10. Remember Bose-Einstein Condensate. On your conclusion 2-- You mean everything is made out of same type of energy? Well, energy doesn't have variable type but forms.
  11. We already have a period where we debate-The language Lab period. We have a high quality language-lab. What I feel worst about my school is that some teachers don't actually teach well.
  12. Ninja because they are really effective in killing and they can use gravity effectively.
  13. I give the most number of positive points. I deserve them too.

  14. You used 'can' and it might mean positive or negative capability. Look, we never know about future. We never knew that someday voice chat would be possible, we never knew the someday we could go to moon and discover space. We don't possess energy to do that. But, one day we might...
  15. You can use beet root juice. It turn red when comes in contact with acid and yellow when base. But, you have to treat the soil first. You have to do a distillation or an evaporation because the juice won't show noticeable change when it is just poured in the soil.
  16. rktpro


    He is crazy and doesn't know a bit other than his subject-Geography. Actually he said that a black hole was developing there. I think he meant wormhole.
  17. HAHAHAHA...I am the one...I give negative votes

  18. (Her). She got pregnant when I saw her next time after this incident.
  19. rktpro

    God exists

    This quote of yours seems to make out itself that either you have studied all religions yourself both theoretically and practically or you are yourself BIG AND BEST God so that you can always insult other Gods. I doubt both. To Everyone: Now please make this thread a dead one and start a new one. I respect your ideas, so should you . I am not asking to follow them like a saint. Regards |rktpro|
  20. Yes, I saw one in the market yesterday.
  21. My Biology teacher once said that Human Flesh is really addictive substance. This means it can be good in taste. Isn't it?
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