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  1. Who here challenges swansont's rep point record?

    1. Tres Juicy

      Tres Juicy

      What's the record?

    2. rktpro


      1952 points

    3. Moontanman


      seems low to me too

  2. Lot of workload today! Tomorrow is the Science exam!

  3. I am spending more time here than on books.

  4. He is gone. Bin Laden. Now live with peace.

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    2. rktpro


      I agree. But, he was a great leader for them all. He guided them to the path. Now, they will have to find some one more powerful, and I doubt someone would be, in these conditions.

    3. Moontanman


      OBL could be considered agreat leader only if Hitler is considered a great leader.

    4. Brainteaserfan


      As for now living in peace, I think that there is a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning or killed in a head-on collision and killing bin laden didn't reduce those small chances by much.

  5. I give the most number of positive points. I deserve them too.

  6. HAHAHAHA...I am the one...I give negative votes

  7. People in the chat don't use appropriate language. Kindly check.

  8. attacked by virus!

  9. Which is the best website?

    1. Incendia


      There isn't one...but the entire google network is close...

  10. When we fail to move a heavy stone even after applying force, is work being done in this case? Is energy transformation taking place

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    2. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      The energy you put in is wasted as heat your muscles generate.

    3. Newbies_Kid
    4. keelanz


      lol @ "energy can neither be created or destroyed"

  11. Most addictice substance- HUMAN FLESH!!!

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    2. Incendia


      How would your teacher know? O.o

    3. rktpro


      She might have tasted..lol..NO she read somewhere!

    4. Incendia


      Read it? Where?

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