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  1. Hi. How's it going?

  2. Thanks for being my friend.

  3. What to respond to first. OMG. 1 post by this person on the first day he or she joined and his or her last visit to this website was the day he or she joined. So i guess he or she made his or her point and wasn't willing to come back to back up his or her claims. I say it's one thing to publicly soil yourself on accident, but to soil yourself on purpose is just asking for negative attention.
  4. Thanks for the comment on zoology. I agree.

  5. Have a nice day

  6. i did not understand algabre concepts 25 years ago . but im capable of understanding them today
  7. I personally think buying sugar water or very high fat content items on food stamps should be banned. You cant buy alcohol on them. But that is just my opinion.
  8. I am aware of all of that. I'll say what the book im reading says and then rephrase my question. Blood vessels are composed of living tissue, so they require nourishment. They are nourished by vessels called vasa vasorum. My question is, what supplies the vasa vasorum?
  9. I read that veins and arteries are supplied by other veins or ateries with blood. Im guessing. But how are those suppplied?
  10. If time is infinite. It took an infinite time to reach this point. Redefining infinite. Or am i confused?
  11. That brings up a second question. How is it they dont suffocate? Do they keep moving while asleep?
  12. Fish breath by taking in water threw thier mouths and out thier gills. So if fish stop moving do the stop breathing. Or do they sleep in a current. And if fish did sleep in a current wouldn't that current push them along, canselling out thier movment. Or do they just not sleep?
  13. If you go to sign up they ask for money. It seems there is a lot to learn for free there.
  14. http://www.educator.com/ This seems really cool! Some parts cost money and some are free.
  15. Do insects breath out in the same place they breath in? Threw the spiracles.
  16. Anura

    Ouija Boards

    I voted BS out of common sence!
  17. @ahsan iqbal, very well explained. @lemur, very good analogy with the balloons.
  18. I think the good would outway the bad here. I'd love to see a monkey/man. Or to see it even tried. Who gives a damn about the what ifs.
  19. String theory is not testable. And something MUST be testable to be considered science. Therefore string theory is not science.
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