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  • Birthday 01/16/1964

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    Terdal, Karnataka state, India.
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    I am a college drop-out. I studied up to 2nd year E&C Engineering, and 2nd year Mechanical Engineering. I dropped out of college because of the pressure from my psyche which considers, “Making a living is not the primary purpose of life but seeking knowledge is”. After coming out of college premises I studied Biology on my own for some time. Later I studied a bit of Allopathic medicine & Homeopathic medicine. Reflecting over the purpose of life has been a major occupation. Reading & browsing is my favorite hobby.
    I haven’t done anything notable, but I was part of one. I worked as an assistant to the world renowned film director Girish Kasaravalli, for a film called ‘Thaayi Saheba’ (meaning ‘Mother lady’), which won many national awards & international acclaim.
    I have not achieved any substantial accomplishments. I am not sure whether my decisions in life were rational or not. But I am happy that I have spent a major portion of my life seeking knowledge about life, universe and existence.
    And wow, friends if it is of any consolation - I got the tenth rank in the State level entrance exam to one of the top 21 military schools of the nation.
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    I make a living by managing my ancestral agricultural lands.

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About Me

I consider myself as a person; Who knows not and knows he knows not.




He who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool, shun him.

He who knows not and knows he knows not is a student, teach him.

He who knows and knows not he knows is asleep, wake him.

He who knows and knows he knows is a wise man, follow him.


- Chinese proverb.

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