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    Terdal, Karnataka state, India.
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    I am a college drop-out. I studied up to 2nd year E&C Engineering, and 2nd year Mechanical Engineering. I dropped out of college because of the pressure from my psyche which considers, “Making a living is not the primary purpose of life but seeking knowledge is”. After coming out of college premises I studied Biology on my own for some time. Later I studied a bit of Allopathic medicine & Homeopathic medicine. Reflecting over the purpose of life has been a major occupation. Reading & browsing is my favorite hobby.
    I haven’t done anything notable, but I was part of one. I worked as an assistant to the world renowned film director Girish Kasaravalli, for a film called ‘Thaayi Saheba’ (meaning ‘Mother lady’), which won many national awards & international acclaim.
    I have not achieved any substantial accomplishments. I am not sure whether my decisions in life were rational or not. But I am happy that I have spent a major portion of my life seeking knowledge about life, universe and existence.
    And wow, friends if it is of any consolation - I got the tenth rank in the State level entrance exam to one of the top 21 military schools of the nation.
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    I make a living by managing my ancestral agricultural lands.

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  1. Anikumar,

    You are well mannered like many Indians, great.:)

    Thanks for your comment concerning General Relativity.

    It may be confusing how forums like this have to work. Many people looking at such sites and finding them on search engines, are students. This and other forums want students to understand mainstream science as you learn it in school, without the p...

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