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  1. one of my papers has now been cited!

    1. Zolar V
    2. DJBruce


      Awesome!!! Just the first of man I bet.

  2. Major, probably. However, us "mortals" can and do make contributions all the time.

  3. Just about to submit a proposal for an EPSRC Fellowship. Fingers crossed!

    1. DJBruce


      Good Luck. I hope you get it.

    2. Zolar V

      Zolar V

      Good luck!

  4. Can the AKSZ-BV formalism be modified to take into account more general gradings?

  5. Is M-theory really deeply tied to n-aray algebras?

  6. If only I really was a timelord (sigh)

    1. ajb


      I do not speak Russian, it is something I really must learn.


      "Looking for work in the network for 3-4 days a week. Let's consider any options.

      Sincerely Elena Hop"



  7. I am pretty sure that the caterpillars in you albums are Elephant Hawk Moth (Deilephila elpenor) caterpillars.

  8. ajb

    I think the frame in which the photon is stationary is not inertial. Thus it is not one of the preferred frames in Special Relativity.


    You can preform a transformation from an inertial frame to a non-inertial frame. Lets just think of any non-inertial frame, rather than the one you are thinking of.


    The formalism for dealing with non-inertial frames is very reminiscent of that for general relativity. In a non-inertial frame the metric will not be of the canonical form diag(-1,+1,+1,+1), but something more general. In passing from the inertial frame to the non-inertial frame one picks up fictitious forces, much as you do in classical mechanics. For example, in classical mechanics in a rotating frame you get Coriolis forces and centrifugal forces. Something similar will happen in Special Relativity.


    However, the fictitious forces should not be considered as gravity as the metric is still flat. Thus, we are still in special relativity, albeit in a weird looking form.

  9. Teaching is plan c at the moment.


    Maybe in a college would suit me more than a high school.


    Thanks for the offer.

  10. Hello and welcome to SFN.


    I see you do some teaching. I have done a little of that myself, usually in the form of small tutorials and examples classes. Usually good fun, though it can take up time preparing.


    All the best



  11. mmmm, thanks.

  12. I am no genius.


    I would say that scalar EM is bogus. I doubt it is even formulated very well.

  13. Sorry about chat.


    If you are interested in learning some mechanics I can point you towards some references?

  14. Hello,


    I was wondering if you would like to join us on chat?


    I would like to know more about your ideas about mechanics and special relativity.


    Thank you



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