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  1. Don't you hate that feeling of self-doubt just before you submit a paper?

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    2. Sato


      I wonder how strong the resonance is, between submitting to journals and submitting to instructors.

    3. ajb


      As a student all the answers are in the book, you just need to know where to look. For papers, the answer to the key problem should not be in a book or another paper.

    4. ajb


      Well, I submitted a version of the paper I link to in my blog (minus a couple of small typos)

  2. I like to start my research talks with a quote. I may try the same for my undergraduate teaching. I was thinking 'Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell! ' Pinhead, Hellraiser II.

    1. imatfaal


      “I've learned one thing, and that's to quit worrying about stupid things. You have four years to be irresponsible here, relax. Work is for people with jobs. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember the time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So stay out late. Go out with your friends on a Tuesday when you have a paper due on Wednesday. Spend money you don't have. Drink 'til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does...”

      Tom Petty

    2. MonDie
  3. I won first prize in the poster competition. The prize is to give a talk at the conference!

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    2. MonDie


      Posters are lame. Congratulations on winning the lame prize.

    3. ajb


      I agree that posters are not the idea way of communicating. But then they were never intended to be. Posters should be a a kind of advert along the lines of what you would tell someone your work is about when in a lift. Details are for the paper.


    4. MonDie


      Yes, visual arts are useful. Sometimes they communicate more effectively than words. I was only being hard on you. ;)

  4. The mechanics paper is now online. I will blog about this when the interview is online. http://iopscience.iop.org/1751-8121/48/20/205203/article

  5. Symposium on a Saturday morning...

  6. My paper in Journal of Physics A is going to be listed as one of the 'Publisher's Pick' articles as they regards it to be of particular interest to their readers. I am very pleased.

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    2. Unity+


      I hope one day I will be able to write an article that gets some recognition. Probably won't happen though.

    3. ajb


      I never thought that I would. At last my evil genus has been recognised!


    4. imatfaal


      your evil GENUS ? is your brother similarly diabolical - he looked quite nice in that video with knotweed (?)

  7. I think I have a new class of sigma models, I know there internal symmetries and now I have no idea what to do with them! I have been trying to read up on quantum aspect of such models...not so easy for my models.

  8. Feeling pleased: My first joint paper has been accepted for publication in J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. (I'll blog about it later)

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    2. ajb


      We have a geometric framework to discuss mechanics beyond Newtonian mechanics such as that fond in various applied models.


    3. Vexen


      Isn't Quantum Mechanics beyond Newton Mechanics

    4. ajb


      In a sense, but what I am talking about here is classical. You can find a preprint (which is not much different to the accepted version) at http://arxiv.org/abs/1412.2719

  9. Yeah, no longer evil

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    2. PureGenius


      Destruction and creation both arise from the same potential energy, therefore evil and good are but reflections, within the field of one's own individual consciousness.

    3. decraig


      had you trouble controlling your temper? Maybe you could teach me a thing or two.

    4. decraig


      In frustration I have posted awful things hurtsome to others. Did you find a way to control yourself?

  10. 666 rep point, it is a sign!

    1. Daedalus


      Evil physicists!!!

  11. I do not know very much. I often surprise myself with my ignorance. But this is a good state of mind to be in.

    1. Iwonderaboutthings


      You gotta be kidding right??????? I think you are super brilliant, hope to be like you some day..

    2. PureGenius


      The beginners mind is open to all possibilities whereas the expert doIes not expand their knowledge but assume they know everything. I think the quest for knowledge never ends.

  12. Trying to understand differential calculi and the Cartan calculus on Manin's quantum superplane.

  13. Hello,

    I to live in Wales.

  14. Been very busy, then my wife is taken ill and is in hospital. I won't be able to participate on the forums as much as I used to for a while.

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    2. Daedalus


      My deepest condolences to you and your wife. It's good to hear that she is doing better, but I somewhat understand what you are going through. I wish your family well and good fortune.

    3. Anilkumar


      Wish her speedy recovery.

    4. morgsboi


      I hope she gets better soon.

  15. Trying to understnd 11d SUGAR in terms of Loo-algebras. :-\

    1. Schrödinger's hat

      Schrödinger's hat

      Is it as delicious as we hoped?

    2. ajb


      I will let you know when I have it licked.

  16. Life is not all diagram chasing, and I can say that categorically. :)

    1. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      I'm not sure I follow. Could you illustrate this graphically for me?

    2. khaled


      I believe that Life is 5-dimensional,

  17. I quite like Nakahara's book, thought it is not the most complete book mathematically speaking. It does however introduce you to many of the basic ideas of topology and geometry.

    Isham's Modern di®erential geometry for physicists is also quite good, but again lacks some rigour. Tohru Eguchi, Peter B. Gilkey, and Andrew J. Hanson. Phys. Rept.,66 is also good.


  18. In physics differential geometry probably is advanced mathematics used "day to day". The reason for this is that physics, or for sure classical physics is usually smooth, i.e. you can take derivatives and does not depend on exactly how you decide to present it. Both these are fundamental ideas in differential geometry.

  19. wrestling with a proof that should not be too hard!

  20. Trying to understand if the classical BV-formalism of gauge theories can be generalised to situations where the odd bracket does not satisfy a derivation property. Watch this space : -)

  21. Singing - " Heavy Metal Or No Metal At All Wimps And Posers Leave The Hall Heavy Metal Or No Metal At All Wimps And Posers Go On Get Out Leave The Hall "

    1. Moontanman


      Take a ride on Heavy Metal! It's the only way you can travel down that road!

  22. Odd variables appear in quantum field theory when looking for semi-classical descriptions of fermions, like the electron and also are needed in gauge theories like Yang-Mills. Supersymmetric theories uses them, including superstring theory. They also can be very useful linear algebra and differential geometry as a neat description of alternating forms.

    So, Ok maybe I could include ...

  23. Yes, should be L_{\infty} in LaTex, but Loo is far easier to write!

  24. Feeling happy: I have got my paper on Loo-algebroids accepted for publication. :)

    1. imatfaal


      Congrats. If I knew what loo-algebroids were I would be even more impressed

    2. ajb


      imatfall, see http://arxiv.org/abs/1007.1389


      A revised version will appear soon.

    3. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      "Loo-algebroids" just begs for bad jokes.

  25. Loo-algebroids have a kind of Tulczyjew triple, in terms of graded manifolds rather than double vector bundles, fascinating...

    1. Moontanman


      So you say... lol

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