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    Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
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    Too busy with work for hobbies!
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    PhD pure mathematics, the University of Manchester
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    Mathematical/Theoretical Physics. Modern differential geometry and applications in physics.
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    Born in Wales, studied at Swansea, Sussex then Manchester.
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    Somewhere in between physics and mathematics, a little closer to mathematics I think.


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  1. Been busy... I may return one day.

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    2. imatfaal


      I hope it's good busy rather than the other sort...


      But all the same Good Luck with the venture that is keeping you away. And we all want you back if time pressure eases

    3. Function


      Bonne chance!

    4. Function


      So there's basically 2 teams here:


      Team A: "Sorry to see you go for a while; good luck!"


      Team B: "Welcome back!"


      I'm intuitively on team A, but what's going on now?

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