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  1. Start broad on Wikipedia.org: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science. Follow some "See Also" links and wander around for a while. As long as your reading something, your probably learning. Once you get an idea of which area of science look for books. There's http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page, it's helpful. But you can get a lot of information about Science straight from the web, or books from libraries etc.
  2. Ah, it was my first post (as well as thread). Back before I changed my name to -Demosthenes-. I used to be "EinsteinTheory".
  3. When you search for all the posts by someone it only goes back 500, so you can't get to the first on that way (for us older members anyway). But most of us have less than 500 threads so you can find anyone's first thread pretty easily. It's the first post that's hard. I think my first thread was also my first post (not sure), so mine is easier to find.
  4. I found a bunch of p4's on ebay, and there are some new ones at NewEgg.com.
  5. You'll have to ask my 15 year old self, because I have no idea. http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4749 your first thread yourdad?
  6. My first post: I think I was 15, and I spelled "intelligent" wrong.
  7. I'm upgrading from a celeron to a p4, and I'd say if you have the money get a new motherboard, get it. As everyone said, you'd need new ram (your 256 megs of ram is probably pc133, a new motherboard that supports many p4's should support a lot faster ram, the old will work but you won't be using the potential of the board). But if you don't, find out exactly what your motherboard supports and get the best it will support (probably not that expensive, a northwood core p4 looks about 50 bucks used). It might not support a p4, but mother boards aren't so expensive. It's the upgrades you realize you need with the mother board that are expensive (suddenly you can get faster ram, new graphics card, etc). Personally I'm just sticking with my old mother board (it actually was originally made for a p4, lucky), but next upgrade I'll junk it. If yours supports a pentium 4 and you do use it, I'd get at least 512 megs of ram. And if someone smarter than me contradicts me, do what they say
  8. What can you do. But there's still intelligent groups of people doing some really good things.
  9. It's so cheap and easy to communicate with people around the world that anyone can do it. This efficient medium is the internet. Through it groups of people can form ideas, and learn from each other, and we're all the better for it.
  10. I found this drive while cleaning the house. I thought it would be cool to take it apart and take a can of air to it. Now it works.
  11. Truly. I think I'll try wiring the connection to the laptop and making a WDS that way so I can get the idea.
  12. That's what I was thinking, I'll have to experiment some more
  13. Does anyone know a way I could have Linux on the WDS machine and windows on the clients?
  14. The 64 bit version is secure in the same way a wireless n (as opposed to g or b) home network is more secure. No one has it, it's not compatible with anything, and no one wants to deal with it But we won't know how secure Vista is until months after it comes out and we all get to bang on it for a while. Probably is. The fact is 90% of people will be using Vista in a year, whether it sucks or not.
  15. The Wii just isn't HD. Sony wanted to pull another Dreamcast on the Xbox 360. When the PS2 came in, it was so much better than the dreamcast that even though the dreamcast had sold really well people just stopped buying them. The PS2 was just that amazing. The problem now is that PS3 isn't any better than the Xbox 360, costs a lot more, and doesn't have any killer games. The internet gaming still isn't there like it is in Xbox Live, and Blu-Ray is losing ground. I hate Microsoft as much as everyone else, but I recognize a superior product (relative to price) when I see it. They've made some crappy stuff (the zune, etc.) and could quite possibly be evil (let's not forget the Sony's root kitting CDs or their exploding batteries), but the Xbox 360 is what it is. Almost as good as a Wii.
  16. The thing about Microsoft and Sony is that Microsoft make sure they give their developers the entire spec way in advance, and make sure they know how to use it, so that they can get their lead titles out with (or close to) the console launch. Sony, on the other hand, move with patience and care. They have consistently shown with the PS platform family that the best titles will not all be squished next to the launch date. You will not see the PS3 hardware being really pushed to its limits by game developers for about a year. Kevin and Alex wouldn't do that
  17. My interface is the coolest. file/view/history/bookmarks/tools (no edit or help) the address bar, and my bookmarks. All in ONE bar. No back/forward buttons, all controlled with mouse gestures. No one else can use it but me
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OJ8nwG___k Diggnation on PS3.
  19. I heard the P3 was real disappointment, but I haven't played it so I don't know. I have seen videos for the main launch games. I'd decide what console to get by looking at the games, and xbox 360 has Gears of War and Halo 3 out next year. I'd go 360. And me and my brothers waited in line for the Wii, it's awesome!
  20. I get a horrible wifi signal in my room. Using an old satellite dish I can get an good signal, but it still goes sometimes. Someone told me about a WDS (I think) system where you can use another router kind of as a repeater for the first. I know that you can use a wireless card to share wifi using ad hoc (something like that). I was wondering if I could make a WDS (or something similar) with a laptop with one wireless card, or if I'd need two, or if it wouldn't work (or too difficult for a noob ). And am I getting the right idea about a WDS?
  21. Yeah, I'm having a hard time finding anything on emachines or on from the motherboard manufacturer (trigem? Asian company?), but I'll keep looking.
  22. Yeah, getting a different distro isn't the way to solve your driver woes. Ubuntu has the best support for this type of thing, so I'd say stay with Ubuntu and get on the forums. I'm really curious, I know ndiswrapper (program that uses windows drivers to run hardware in linux) works with wireless cards, can it work on other harware ...? Wouldn't that solve all of our driver problems?
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