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  1. I see, anyway I wouldn't spend more than a grand (probably half that) on a notebook to use word processing and research on.
  2. Why is the link-to site the only option? If you're using it for school stuff and you don't need it for games or anything you don't need higher than an M (or equivalent) processor and 512 mb of RAM. I'd get a Thinkpad, I like 'em. I'd go smaller screen, but it's a preference.
  3. 6 years ago we wanted honest stupid, we don't anymore. Didn't turn out so well. Obama doesn't seem dishonest, but that's not what I was saying He's an attractive candidate because he is inexperienced in Washington and he's young.
  4. I think that's why Bush was so popular back in the day. Coming off Clinton, who was charismatic but dishonest; seeing a regular guy who didn't seem too smart or charismatic was nice. At least we could know he was honest. As we saw charismatic and/or intelligent people as dishonest, for 2008 we see experienced politicians as dirty, and old politicians as senile. Obama doesn't have too much experience, and is young.
  5. Where I started school c++ is the main language you learn, and the first class you take is all about it
  6. As Robert Heron said on DL.tv, "What's in the water in Boston?!"
  7. There not cute and fuzzy -- so it's obvious that they are evil.
  8. Neither work gosh dangit. I whole-heartedly agree.
  9. Our culture is not capable of communism without despotism. This is why communism has failed and will fail. My copy/paste mistake. I disagree. Communism (which is not exactly the same as socialism) takes away the motivation of gain -- money. You work, and trust that you will be taken care of. In all cultures that have tried it, despotism (in some form) was required to take the place of the motivation of gain. It's human nature to simply not do what they are not motivated to do. When they don't do what they are supposed to the government can give up and bring back the motivation of gain, or they can force them (despotism). China has succeeded because their culture is more susceptible to communistic ideas. They are more collectivist in nature. But no so much as to allow communism to rule unhindered, without the farmer's markets (to create the motivation of gain -- a reason to grow food) and letting western businesses do business there, there would be no communist government in China. So we actually have a communist government putting capitalist measures into their country because communism can't work on it's own. I think capitalism works better than communism, especially in western cultures, but neither works on their own. Everyone who works minimum wage takes drugs, and isn't motivated, so they don't deserve enough money to live on? I work in unskilled labor, when your young and you have no skills you have to. But if it paid $2 an hour I couldn't go to school, I couldn't get ahead. Making 60 dollars a week after taxes, that can barely afford a really cheap apartment with maybe a hundred left over a month to get food, some warm water, and clothes. How should I move ahead from there? Save $50 a month and take a semester of school every 2 years? Or is college only for the rich?
  10. In some respects the free market has failed us. Our society (and many others) cannot govern themselves on this issue. People will be taken advantage of. I don't see any other way to fix it. Many homeless people should be in government care medical/mental heath facilities anyway, most should be aided in some way in a society that takes care of the mildly or otherwise mentally ill. Is it acceptable for a family to become homeless because of the sudden illness of a working family member? Because if it isn't, what alternative do we have? I have to believe that you neither have siblings nor children. Socialism is the little bit of legislation that that protects us from the failings of capitalism, as capitalism is the piece of freedom that shields us from government over-control. There's a reason why you drive in the middle of the road -- the sides are just gutters. Does money have to grow on trees for reasonable money to be paid for full time work? Then the systems broken. Quote of the day. Brain not comprehend -- is there a post that I didn't read? No one said that. The Gilded Age America was a capitalist country. We are a socialist-capitalist hybrid -- we are talking about minimum wage aren't we? One of the US's socialist measures? Why do Employers have reasons to take care of employees ParanoiA? In a real capitalist country an employer could pay your MBA degree holding friends $2.50 and hour if he could make a deal with other companies who employed similar people. I agree (as an employer) not to hire people for more than $3 an hour, and so will you, then our company makes more money. Are you saying that if there were no law regarding economic (ie were were "capitalist") then there would be no businesses doing this? By agreeing to hire people for less they could make more money? Is it even possible to believe that no one with get screwed? Hence: capitalism without socialism has failed.
  11. /me suddenly thinks Islamic fundamentalist theocracy not so bad
  12. D@#$ my familial circumstances It's psychological. Iraqis feel like they need to take charge of the country because America officially pulls out (with advanced warning). Iraq can do well for themselves if they choose. It's psychological, if they want to, they will. War has gotten many of the barriers out of the way, all that's left now is social change. Can't do that with soldiers.
  13. Lost is amazing. They're deciding how long to make the series, and they're starting to plan the end. Soon they can start closing plot lines, we can finally get some answers.
  14. The Iraq war is one big mess. The problem (one anyway) is limited war. The Korean and Vietnam wars went badly because we could only use so much of our power before we pissed off some other communist country and start a world war. The Iraq war was limited because those who planned it didn't want to use to many troops as to alarm the public, or to create bad feelings towards the administration. Combined with the population's (Iraqi population) unwillingness to cooperate with the invasion (), it's not going so well. At first an end to the war sound disastrous, but a six month time period to get out (all but peace keeping I suppose, we still have peace keeping troops in WWII axis countries ) sounds reasonable. A date on the calender would motivate all parties involved to set goals and try to get the country back in order in time for a withdrawal. I had a C++ class last fall, and all the labs were due at the end of the term. So naturally I didn't do any of them until the last two weeks of the term, until I knew: It has to be done RIGHT NOW. Putting a date on the calender for the Iraq war could do this for the Iraqi people, and maybe they'll get a better grade than I did .
  15. Just got reconnected with xbox live with Halo 2 (never play any other games on live ), anyone want to be on my friends list? On live I'm MstrEcho. Guess where that's from
  16. It's not that much more complex, merely a limited war. A limited war is one where you limited (), such as in Vietnam where they couldn't use so much power as to threaten other communist powers. Here we can't use so much power as to frighten Middle Eastern countries. It's a bad idea to get into one of these wars, if you win you have to barely win, or the surrounding countries will get spooked and attack. It's a horrible situation, and sending more troops is mostly a morale booster, it's only a 15% increase -- over time. In WWII the whole world was already at war, you didn't have to worry about other countries joining. War isn't like that anymore. Most future wars will be similar (limited), what can you do?
  17. Yeah, there are already millions of species on the earth that already replicate themselves, and yes, they are too small to see with the naked eye. Why would a metallic version be scarier?
  18. Unix based and Windows based? Open source software under the GPL is different that "free" software that might cost nothing or might have their code public. If not under the GPL license the code may be still "locked down". You probably can't use it in your own programs, reverse engineer it, or modify it and distribute it. Open source code you can do almost anything with.
  19. Their both derived from Unix, rather than OS X being a type of Linux. Unix > BSD > Darwin > Mac OS X \/ Linux
  20. This forum inside the SFN forum is a technology forum... do you use any other technology forums?
  21. When I started majoring in history (only lasted one summer semester) I thought of being a high school teacher. Looking into it, the best way to get into a high school as a history teacher (at least around here) was to minor in science or math and teach some science/math classes as well as history. So I think with science your in a pretty good position to try for a high school teaching job.
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