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  1. Lance

    Coilgun MK1

    I would go with a mains powered voltage doubler if you live in the US.
  2. Bismuth crystals and diamagnetism are the two most notable.
  3. Lance

    SFN Frapper

    Spoken like a true chili n00b.
  4. When you press the button the site puts a cookie on your computer so that the site knows whether or not the viewer has pressed the button
  5. Your answer was given and you chose to argue about it. That's not discussing, it's trolling. If you're going to argue about it you could at least point out a few facts in support of your seemingly pointless rebuttal. Without evidence your accusations have no weight.
  6. Lance

    Rocket launch pad

    If the batteries are in series rather than parallel.
  7. Lance


    I own an iPod mini and I love it. I think apple customer service really separates the iPods from the knock-offs even more. I let a friend barrow my iPod and he managed to throw it on the ground breaking it. So I brought it up to the nearest apple store and they replaced it with no questions asked. Can you count on that with any other mp3 player?
  8. You certainly have a neat idea, I may try this out later too. Nickel or zinc might create a nice contrast on top of the copper cladding.
  9. I have found that this works great using one of those small sponges used for removing makeup as the brush if you stick some copper wire as the anode inside the sponge and plate using copper sulfate. I haven't had much success using this method for plating other metals though. Good luck.
  10. Notice how lithium and lightning don't even like being in the same paragraph together, I can't imagine them getting along well inside a titanium box.
  11. Read the thread title, it's an element sample. I'm thinking this thread is getting a bit long...
  12. I have learned that electroplating is really more of an art than a science. First I started out with a copper rod. The rod was then completely plated with silver. I then covered 1/3 of one side with gold and then the tip of that was plated with nickel. The other side was plated with copper and then zinc on the tip. The visible copper isn't actually the base metal but another plate. Needless to say, quite a bit of time went into thinking through what order I was going to plate. The gold complicated the whole thing because it can't really be polished due to it's softness. This means that both the gold and the nickel have to have a perfect plate or else the gold will rub off.
  13. Do you collect pictures taken by crappy photographers?
  14. My newest addition to the collection... I electroplated all the layers except for silver and gold which were both electroless (dur). The Gold was done with Gold Chloride courtesy of YT2095.
  15. I collect elements and chemicals, as well as interesting high voltage components. I also have a US state quarter collection going but only because I got a piece of cardboard that the coins go into as a Christmas gift a few years back and I now feel obliged to complete the collection. The element collection started after reading Theodore Gray's website and realizing that I was already well on my way to a nice collection. The chemicals and components just came out of necessity and entertainment. I continue to collect these items because it adds a bit of pleasure and purpose to my life.
  16. It is a futile comparison to say non-fiction is better than fiction. It's like saying carbohydrates are better than proteins. It just doesn't work. I don't like one more than the other because they meet completely different needs.
  17. I mostly agree. Hey, did you ever read Hyperion by the way?
  18. I think any vegans who attempt to evangelize a minor should be burned at the stake. Note: I realize the above is hypercritical in comparison to some of my other posts, but obviously hypocrisy is a large part of being an extremist.
  19. Are you sure your peltier is rated for 5V? I would suspect that as the junction heats up the resistance will rise.
  20. Perhaps lower internal resistance thus allowing higher discharge rates?
  21. You can think of a negative voltage as less than ground (0). In the computer PSU you could replace the black wire with the negative voltage output in a circuit to create a higher voltage difference. Such as the +12V and -12V to achieve a difference of 24V. Normally this would be quite useful but in most computer PSU's the negative line can't supply anywhere near as much current as the positive. On mine the the +12V line can supply 18A and the negative 0.8A. Also, line voltage fluctuates between +120V and -120V or higher depending on where you live.
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