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  1. ^sayo makes a good point. which reminds me. i had an english teacher misinterpret a very ambiguous paper i wrote. she said it was on masturbation. i said it wasn't. she still tried to fail me. i pointed out the fact that she couldn't fail me for content, especially if i, the creator of said document, denied any references to masturbation. she backed down.


    You're telling me that you accidentally wrote a paper about masturbation in high school? Right...

  2. First of all, it is important to note that corporations are irrelevant to this discussion. This seems like an excuse to try to point out how evil they are when the discussion should be about the ethics behind the actions themselves rather than the body committing the actions.


    Secondly, in the US a corporation is legally considered to be a person and has most of the same rights.

  3. I did say "mythological" and "fictional".


    I'm curious how you got to this conclusion. Did you travel forward in time or something? Because nowhere did he say "is it possible with current technology".

  4. no, it's not racsist... because the cartoonist is black (AFAIK)


    Why would that matter...?


    I would say yes, it is racist, but also very funny :P

  5. I'm curious how you got to this conclusion. Did you travel forward in time or something? Because nowhere did he say "is it possible with current technology".


    It's not our technology that is at fault it's the idea of a lightsaber. If you detach the theory from the name then it's simply a name and I could call my dog “lightsaber” and say that it is now possible.

  6. Lance might have a point about the taser possibly setting off the bomb, but I'd need to hear some more science and maybe see some experimentation results on that.


    That indeed would be a risk. However, an even bigger risk would be the spasming person on the floor with a detonator in his hand.

  7. Hello' date=' everybody. I'm the person who wrote the post about the Newsweek issue that has been linked here.


    It is not a hoax. While the http://www.nwj.ne.jp/ link now appears to be broken, I have the actual magazine sitting in my desk drawer here in Tokyo.


    Proof? You can buy a copy of that issue of Newsweek on the web here:




    That link also includes a pic of the cover.




    Thank you very much, that answers my question.

  8. What ever happened to tranquilizer's or tasors?... there are other ways to stop people then killing them. This guy wasn't a terrorist and he's behavoir was the result of a medical condition. There is no reason why this man should not be alive right now.


    Neither of these would stop a determined terrorist with a bomb. Tranquilizers take time and tasers would be extremely stupid on a person holding a weapon, such as a bomb.


    a taser would make more sense on a plane seeing as bullets tend to leave holes in the pressurised cabin wall which is never a good idea at 10km up


    Surely you don't beleive that the sky marshalls havn't thought of this and yet you have?

  9. The claim that the Asian version of Newsweek on Feb. 2, 2005 translates to "the day that America died" with the background of a broken flag in a trash can.


    It seems too outrageous and disgusting for me to believe outright and it is rather hard to find a reliable source so I thought it might be a photoshopped hoax.


    I think I will be canceling my subscription, regardless of whether this specific event is a hoax because of some of Newsweek's other recent incidents.

  10. Hm. I don't understand most of what you said Woelen. However, I remembered last summer i bought a Windows 3.1 computer at a garage sale for $5. So I gutted the power supply. I wentto radio shack and bought alligator clips (I've needed those FOREVER) and a 10 Watt 10 Ohm resistor. I hooked it up to the 5 Volt 3.8 Ampere? Wire. This power supply has lasted 48 hours of continuous operation and that's a record. I will regard my problem with psu's dieing solved. Now for some manipulation. My father has a volt meter so I will be using that to see evactly what im pulling form it. SO let me see if I got this straight. Ignoring losses from the wires and the actualy operation or electrolysis. With a 10 Ohm resistor, is my theoretical 3.8 amps turned into .38? If so, that SUCKS. Thats no different form my little wall plug in Power supply. Does this mean that I would need to make a transformer to raise the amperage? I know how to do it and have actually wanted to, but... this power supply is already like a freaking foot long (not exagerating). Ahem... Anyhow.... Thanks for all your help so far. Any New Ideas?


    A ten ohm resistor in series with a 5V source will limit the current to 0.5A. If you wanted a higher current you could just use a lower resistance. Resistors are a very crude way of limiting current however. You would be much better off using a voltage regulator to regulate the current.

  11. Then you don't need to worry about the current either as the current is directly proportional to the voltage and resistance. I personally think the results in a 2V cell are pretty ridicules and really only useful in theoretical chemistry demonstrations. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

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