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  1. And yet we can't seem to define pain.
  2. That is unreal. Looks like it could rival a small CO2 laser. I think I want one.
  3. Which is of course complete BS.
  4. Tasty...? And that they are.
  5. digikey.com has EVERYTHING
  6. Oversleeping causes depression.
  7. I think this is one of those things we pick up at four years old and never grow out of.
  8. Gee, that's not propaganda at all.
  9. I second this notion. 99% of the information is that book is false. The book is made for entertainment, not for use as a lab book.
  10. Walmart is my friend. They show system working well. Consumer has choice.
  11. Yes, and the people challenging those books also have the right to free speech. I fail to see a problem here; everything seems to be working smoothly.
  12. Name one book that is currently banned. Just because tax payer money doesn't go towards teaching our kids how best to insult people doesn't mean that the said books are banned and should be burned. Again, I think your misunderstanding what "banned" actually means in this case.
  13. Indeed. A magnetic field strong enough to pull a steel scalpel through your left ventricle
  14. If an MRI has no affect on the human body then you can be damn certain your toy magnets are not going to have any affect.
  15. I don't think you guys understand what that list is. It's not a list of banned books but a list of books that have been banned in the past. In Missouri Huck Finn is on the read list for high school juniors and it says the word "nigger" 200+ times. It was banned at one time so it is considered a "banned book"
  16. Lance

    Science fair.

    You do know there are 3721 threads on this exact same subject, don't you?
  17. What about prozac? I hear is has a bit longer affect than brownies.
  18. For what job? It seems the people of the Untied States of America hired him a few years back.
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