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  1. Assault rifles were banned in the US in 1986. The current political debate is completely unrelated. But unfortunately this seems to the the heart of the issue. Misinformation.
  2. The discharge time was too high. Thicker wire, more voltage, or less capacitance.
  3. I'm not asking if they are safe, I'm asking if you would consider them safer than the tobacco combustion variant. A few examples... http://www.blucigs.com/ http://www.myluci.com/ http://greensmoke.com/ And an FDA report on two samples... http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/ScienceResearch/UCM173250.pdf
  4. VA health care and Tricare are NOT the same. I would also like to point out that tricare west has received so many entries around the Fort Leonard wood area that they can no longer accept any more patients and are sending them to private doctors, not all of which are networked providers.
  5. Join the Army. Works wonders.
  6. It's okay I did the same thing. But I'm pretty sure I was gone longer
  7. I'm so sick of hearing phrases like this. Dying does not suddenly make everybody a good person.
  8. When I was experimenting with lasers I always used sparklers to create smoke to make the beams visible.
  9. Okay at first your post mildly irritated me, but I DO like beer. Let me think about it.
  10. First of all it's kind of hard to video tape myself going through a combat course after being peppersprayed. Second yes I do have videos of other people but it would be a breach in operation security for me to post videos of Army training publicly. I will post a photo of me immediately after having passed the combat course. Notice I'm not rolling around on the ground in pain. DoD grade OC spray is also around 4x as concentrated as what civilian police are allowed to carry.
  11. You checked with Snape but you won't tell us what he said on the matter?
  12. Lol. I'm sure. The glass is also around 4" thick. There's a running joke that when an up-armored Humvee is hit by an IED and completely destroyed the windows are the only thing left intact.
  13. I have had a substantial amount of training in less lethal weapons. I have been on both sides of the weapon. I have also been exposed a Level 1 DoD OC contamination then passed a full combat course(with no firearm), so what makes you think OC spray would take down an armed attacker either?
  14. I have heard a LOT of crazy statistics about HPV. Do you have a source?
  15. No it's not fictional. Well yes, the name is. It's actually called OC spray. I have also had training with a paintball gun-like weapon that contained OC oil. A devastating weapon but I would think twice about using it on somebody holding even a pocket knife. The irony is your last statement is that police still carry pistols. The escalation of force allows a police officer to use lethal force on somebody carrying a baseball bat if they feel life is threatened. Have you ever been tazed? The neat immobilizing affect you see on TV wares off in about 0.05 seconds flat. Range is limited to about 15' with no real accuracy, and if you miss the first shot you're screwed. Movies are a poor base for scientific discussion. Tazors are almost always reserved for unarmed opponents.
  16. Should we honestly use the needless deaths of soldiers as a slap on the hand to prevent future abuse? I don't even see this a political decision. This is 100% military. It's called operational security.
  17. Define an assault weapon. This is a common belief among civilians but the problem is none of them can really define what exactly an "assault weapon" is.
  18. I saw a humvee window hit by a rifle round. It didn't really shatter but it created these sort of permanent waves in the glass around the impact site.
  19. Does that uber bump merit some type of award or something? But I would like to point out that my views on the subject have changed quite a bit from my transition from a student to a trained killer.
  20. Depends on the neon bulb. Are you talking about actual neon or a neon-like discharge lamp. Neon indicator lamps can be lit by mains voltage (120). If your talking about the colored non-neon discharge tubes they are probably powered by an 12v inverter.
  21. The question is will I burn more calories by running three miles at my top speed or slowing it down to a light jog assuming that I have to run the three miles. The reason being is I have been told that to gain weight with my body type I should be doing very little cardio at all. Especially considering I won't have any problem passing the run on the PT test anyway. But some people have neglected to do individual PT so we are being forced to run as a squad twice a week rather than go to the gym on our own.
  22. Because in the US it's illegal.
  23. I was getting credit card offers before I was even 18...
  24. I have been shocked MANY times and when I really think about it its hard to really remember what it feels like. Being tazed was one of the most painful but the only part of the sensation that's really memorable other than the extreme pain was the clicking noise inside my head. And whats the point of drinking non-alcoholic beer. The chow hall here serves it but I really dont see the point.
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