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  1. It is a hot day in Denmark. Some people enjoys it, and some people just wants to cast a curse on days like those. I had been outside in the beautiful nature and now I am enjoing a fresh cold pepsi max cola. The warm day also means that I have sweat a lot. My skin has a taste of salt of course, however I wonder why the foam in my cola disappears faster than normal when I touch it with my salty fingers.


    Could someone explain what happens and why when I touch the foam? I have a basis knowledge of the structur of foam.

  2. We had an experiment about enzym activity and hydrogenperoxid fission to H2O + O2. When we're adding the enzym, we should obersevate and make a note of the foams height. In a question related to this experiment, we're asked "What is the foam made of?"


    It isn't a hard qeustion, but when I was thinking of it, I can't define what foam is.


    I'm asking now: what is the defination of foam?

  3. Yesterday one of my friends told me that some science people had discovered a perfect empty square inside the Ayers Rock, and of course they had no seriously chance to explain this phenomenon. He read it in a International science magazine, he say.


    Anyone who can give me an article or just tell me if this is true or not?


    Another thing which is connected with the empty square in Ayers Rock should be a testement of something called "the pain profet" or something similiar to that. I have tried to search out the Internet with many different way of writing this, but can't find anything. I'll hope some of you may help me.

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