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  1. As far as I know, no such equation exists. You'd have to discover one for yourself by experiment. It would probably be done by measuring X-ray emission (electrons emit X-rays when they're accelerated).

  2. cipher510 beat me to it. Collect loads of apple pips and add them to a solution of sodium bisulphate in sealed glass apparatus. This gives off HCN gas which can be collected into a solution of sodium hydroxide, which gives you your sodium cyanide.

  3. Please have a look at the attached image. What could be the reasons for the bulb not glowing? One reason is the use of a weak electrolyte.....what could be the other reasons?






    Could also be corroded electrodes.

  4. Have you compared the life expectancies and infant mortality rates too? If a child is born but doesn't live long enough to produce offspring, they'll be included in the birth rate but not contribute to a rise in the population. Does that make sense?


    I think a little more research is needed.

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