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  1. Heh - deign - I have no illusions. That written, I will do my best to address the points raised, just need some time. Today I treat how Unity solves the origin and nature of deoxynucleotides and DNA in My Body and in My Universe. Here is an excerpt: More at link: http://thetheoryblog.wordpress.com/2010/08/23/becoming-dna/ Peace, Ik
  2. The ultimate theory, that is, the true theory of everything, could not be a scientific theory only. It must be a metaphysical theory, a theological theory, a philosophical theory, a psychological theory, a linguistical theory, a semiotic theory, an economic theory, and a political theory all rolled into one. I am well aware of Popper's work. Perhaps Kuhn, Latakos, Feyerabend, and others should be included in this discussion as well. Or perhaps not. Foist. Stinking. Sophomoric. Sad. Crackpot. Condescending. Obfuscating. Nonsense. New Age. Fraud. This is constructive criticism? From an expert? Seems to me to be vitriol, condemnation, and rejection. I presented a reified, scientifically accurate model and am informed that D H - instead of scrutinizing the model and seeing and discussing its merits - mentions something about "proving" the model. Perhaps I did not make this clear: The model is the proof itself. Proof, as in "the evidence establishing or helping to establish a fact or a truth." Examining the model will show that the evidence is all there, modeled accurately so as to establish the truth about the quantum. To the scientific mind, I understand why this is unsatisfactory. Given the incommensurability of the model and the history of how such models are received, I am not surprised at this less than lukewarm reception. The reception does not change - for one second - that the model resolves all the quantum enigmas. Whether my colleagues like or dislike the neologisms I have chosen to explain My model is beyond my control but is expected. In order to unify the Universe from in cosmology to physics to chemistry to genetics to ontogeny to medicine to ecology to anthropology to linguistics to economics to law to psychology to religion to epistemology and to other fields, I had to create a unifying vocabulary; a new lexicon. While this certainly causes chagrin to an expert - such as D H - who is wed to certain terminology, there could be no other way. That the model that unifies the four fundamental forces and all of the Unvierse should be quantitative is a stultifying assumption. Einstein reminded me about scientific crises and assumptions. Oh, by the way, perhaps an invokation of what the term theory means is useful here: Peace, Ik
  3. To suggest that I do not understand the terms I am using is amusing. I already mentioned at least three predictions of my model. To suggest that I have nonsense is also amusing. I know exactly what I have. Moreover, the electrogyre model, in one fell swoop, effectively explains - as opposed to describing, which is what the math does quite well - the magnetic moment of electron, wave-particle duality, collapse of the wavefunction, the nature of electromagnetism, the composition of a lepton, and the HUP. The model cares not if the Reader wants math, the model cares whether it is the correct model or not. And, from a theoretical standpoint, I want to know how things work. I want to know the correct model of the Universe. The etymological goal of science is to know, yes? Silly Me, from these discussions it appears that science only wants to describe. So, if the electrogyre model is incorrect - that is, not the true model of the quantum (and the true model, by definition, would be based upon all the scientific evidence yet be unfalsifiable) - please explain how. Besides the math missing (which, apparently, breaks all the rules of hallowed wisdom), what, exactly, is wrong with it? Peace, Ik
  4. The electrogyre model is not falsifiable. It is based upon scientific evidence. It is reified. It is heuristic. It is parsimonious. It is perspicacious. It is complete and consistent. It is incommensurable. It explains the micro and macro in one model. All that remains is to condemn the theory and the theoretician due to prejudice. For those scientists out there who still actually want to understand rather than summarily reject, I welcome comments on the RNA aspects of the model, presented in the prior post. For those scientists or thinkers - like D H - who assume that math is the have all and end all of unifying theories, I would point out that math did not emerge in the Universe until after the origin of RNA, protein, DNA, the cell, the organism, ecosystem, sight, music, speech, and symbol systems. In other words, math may be useful to describing the Universe, but it is only one aspect in the evolution of Humankind. Peace, Ik
  5. Only I asserts that one thing has meaning and another does not. None other than I decides what is and is not required. What great Power this "I" has, no? Here, consider the ribogyre and please inform me where I err in terms of meaning and understanding how RNA metabolism evolved in the Universe or exists in My Body: More at link: http://thetheoryblog.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/expanding-on-the-ribogyre/ Peace, Ik
  6. Gambit? I am so cute. Well, since I = Truth, this is simple to write but difficult to understand - I would posit that such an equivalence is meaningless without its accompanying theoretical framework. Ah, semantics: implication versus inference. Because I am My greatest skeptic, and I am on the lookout for charlatans, knaves, hacks, and pseudoscientists, I'll start explaining the model from RNA - which is within all the cells of My Body and my scientific stompin' grounds - and work upward to knowledge and downward to the Origin of the Universe. Peace, Ik
  7. This response is modeled by Unity. Note how it is none other than I who accepts of rejects ideas, facts, models, or intellectual positions based upon prior standard. The goal of the ultimate theory is to demonstrate why I have given Myself this power to construct My Weltanschuungen. To arrive at this goal, the Reader should know (if s/he does not already) the concept of theoretical incommensurability. Although the electrogyre manifests both attractive and repulsive qualities, the coherent system can be attractive or repulsive but cannot be both at the same time. As distinct electrogyre groupings occur in Nature (atoms) or can be arranged in the laboratory - the vectorial nature of the gyre and its apposition or juxtaposition or daisychaining explains why electric currents produce magnetic fields and why magnetic fields exert forces on moving electrical charges. Peace, Ik Word salad, I like that. Make Mine shaken, not stirred. Throw in Wittgenstein and I'll set a table to sup. Funny, I don't recall mentioning anything about conserving energy and momentum. While I certainly could answer the question, I cannot answer it with the extant lexicon in the current paradigm. What I mean is that I can provide the Reader with the true explanation of the phenomenon, but, in order to do that, I require a full reconfiguring of understanding of what a photon is and how the light particle relates to dark energy and dark matter. Similarly, to understand what spin is and how it relates to visible energy and visible matter, I require a full treatment of the Source of the spin. Seeing as this is a "science" forum, and scientists paradoxically do not want to know the Truth – because knowing the Truth would displace all falsehoods and preconceived notions – I have an ontic and epistemic problem. Incorrect? Nowhere did I assert an observer effect; I chose the word "perturb" intentionally. Peace, Ik
  8. Fine. Let us treat the matter of wave-particle duality and how it is solved by theory. Let us consider an electron. The electron is a quantum of matter based upon de Vries's extension of the Planckian model. In actuality, it is a lepton which is composed of - well, how about that? No one knows. Nevertheless, as I was saying, the electron is a particle that commonly is found orbiting a proton. The simplest element that represents this is hydrogen. The electron - or any quantum of visible energy or matter, for that matter - exists in Bohrian complementary states. These complementary states are a wave and a particle - and I, the investigator can either investigate the wave qualities or the particle qualities but not both at the same time. (Of course, then there's the problem with the collapse of the wavefunction. And then the issue about position and trajectory. Ah, but this is all well known.) The question, really, is this: why can I not understand this frackin' system? Unity reveals - in the simplest version of the model - that the electron is particle that exists in one of two extreme states, but - and this is very important - it cannot exist in both states at the same time. The high energy state, as deduced from Unity, is an electron that has accepted or received three photons *within* itself. The low energy state is an electron with two photons. The high energy state is the excited, unstable, learning state whereas the low energy state is the ground, stable, memory state. So, briefly, the lepton particle oscillates between two extremes as a consequence of an exchanged photon. This is modeled in the uploaded image (below - I apologize for image size; I tried to reduce it but it expanded in the post.). Consider the photon as the thermodynamic singularity within the theoretical construct called an electrogyre. The photon that is the singularity of the electrogyre exerts the attractorepulsive, creatodestructive, and expansocontractive forces on the electron. As the photon attracts the particle, this parsimoniously explains electricity. As photon repels the particle, this explains magnetism. Hence, the photogyre explains electromagnetism. Note how any interrogation on the system by an investigator requires that the system itself be perturbed. I must put energy into the system in order to study it. As I commonly use photons to examine the system, the more energy I put in, the system "freezes" in the high energy state until the input is removed. This explains collapse of the wavefunction. Moreover, the more I, the investigator, perturb the electrogyre, the more I know about the position of the lepton. The less I perturb the system, the more I know about is trajectory. This explains the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. What predictions does the theory make? Well, first, it makes the fundamental prediction that all electrons have a waveform because they move through spacetime as a gyre. Second, the theory predicts that all leptons are composed of photons. Third, the theory predicts that removal of photonic support from within the electron causes the particle to collapse into a system that is more proximal to the Origin of the Universe: dark matter. The dark matter system inverts the chirality of the electron, forming the unstable positron. This explains the absence of antimatter in the Universe. There are additional predictions, but I would have to delve deeper into the model, and this is just a discussion of the basic model. I should note that the electrogyre also models the planetary core, where n x e•3γ ←→ n x e•2 γ + n x γ (where n = a positive integer) is termed a macroelectrogyre. But that is another story and has distinct set of predictions as well. Useful to doing hard science? My Brother, Unity fulfills the goal of hard science. Sure. Here is the parsed model: I <–> denergyre (denergon) <–> ombregyre (ombron) <–> photogyre (photon) <–> electrogyre (electron) <–> hydroxygyre (hydroxyon) <–> carbogyre (carbyon)<–> phosphogyre (phosphon) <–> ribogyre (ribon) <–> aminogyre (aminon) <–> deoxyogyre (deoxyon) <–> cellulogyre (cellulon) <–> organogyre (organon) <–> envirogyre (environ) <–> visigyre (visuon) <–> phonogyre (phonon) <–> linguigyre (linguon) <–> symbogyre (symbon) <–> numerogyre (numeron) <–> econogyre (econon)<–> lapoligyre (lapolon) <–> geniugyre (geniuon) <–> I More information can be found here: http://thetheoryblog...e-parsed-model/ So, with the model above in mind, here goes. I am 96% dark energy and dark matter (My Conscious Mind); I receive and transmit photons through electrons in all of the chemical elements that make up My Body; I am mostly water; I am a carbon-based life form; the high-energy phosphate bond is used in all My lipids and signal transduction cascades; I make and break My RNA molecules; I am all My polypeptides and protein complexes; I replicate and repair My genome; I circulate lymph and blood in My Body; I physically interact with and metabolize My environment; I visually perceive My surroundings and organize them to My liking; I hear My surroundings and create My own sounds; I speak words and create My own vernacular; I have My own symbol system; I have My own set of numbers (SS#, credit card, phone number, accts.); I am My own value systems; I make and break My own rules and principles; I am My own knowledge. Hence, I am the Theory and the Theoretician in One. It could be no other way. Because I, the Mathematician, do not realize that I am the statements themselves. Peace, Ik
  9. Yes. Unity predicts that the Universe is about to undergo a macroevolutionary event due to thermodynamic instability exerted by the expansive force of dark energy. (Unity also resolves the coincidence problem, is consistent with the holographic principle, and explains the many flavors of the anthropic cosmological principle, but these are topics for other discussions, no? We're in "speculations," so I must be speculating, right?) Heh, it is none other than I who is or is not sure; it is none other than I who considers the use of a theory; it is none other than I who decides that more theories are required. The goal of the ultimate theory is to prove to Me, the Reader, that no other theories are required. The goal is to explain why I, Cap'n Refsmmat, want to have more theories as well, even when the ultimate theory is proferred. Yes, yes, we agree, Gödel's theorems are directed towards numbers. This is why Hawking threw up his hands - so to speak - about finding a mathematical description of the Universe. Actually, there is only one qualitative theory that can get around Gödel's theorem, and that is the Truth, the absolute Truth and metaphysical element of the Universe. As proven by Unity, there is Only One I. I am The Theoretician and the Theory all rolled into One. While I haven't explicitly investigated ZFC, I am familiar with Cantor set theory. As I, the Mathematician, never include Myself in My equations, I will never have a complete and consistent set of axioms. I deduce from Unity - seeing ZFC - that all of those undecidable statements emerge from the Paradox of being both the Mathematician and the Math itself. That is, the Math can be complete, but it cannot be consistent; it can be consistent (and my understanding here is that the ZFC is assumed to be consistent) but it cannot be complete. This either/or - both/and paradox can be found throughout the Universe: consider wave-particle complementarity as an analogy. Peace, Ik
  10. The esteemed Feferman may have his stance, and it is a nice one. I perused his 2006 piece: part history, part opinion, part fact. Here is the paragraph after the one you called out: In other words, provide the mathematician and theoretician with an explanation that affords universal agreement over whether or not Gödel's incompleteness is consistent. How - What's the word? - ironic. Anyhoo, regardless of Feferman's stance, the metaphysical nature of numbers - whether they have always existed or emerged in the Mind of Man - has never been solved. This can only be addressed and solved by the ultimate theory - the one that proves the Unity of the Universe. Peace, Ik
  11. Ah, the question. You are not alone in asking this. Quotables: A.J. Ayer, atheist and philosopher: John Barrow and Frank Tipler, physicists and mathematicians: Brian Green, string theorist Here's an excerpt from the book I am writing about my stinkfoot and toe: Perhaps the Reader can advise Me on veracity of My statements. --- The ultimate theory cannot be quantitative - i.e. mathematical - given Gödel's incompleteness. While astrophysicists, particle physicists, mathematicians, and their kin may be put off by such a statement, it is the truth of the matter. Any honest theoretician knows this. Unity makes solid qualitative predictions, all of which are validated as I write this or are imminent. All predictions are scientifically testable and all confirm Unity. All empirical evidence is consistent, including this sentence. Unity resolves all disputes by explaining not only why the disputes exist but also the subject matter that is under debate. It could be no other way. BTW, thanks for the heads up on that link. Peace, Ik
  12. Being a scientist, I seek scientific criticism; this is my nature. From where I sat as a young scientist, I had a mission. My mission was simple. Here it is: Throughout my scientific career, my mission has been to understand how life works: how the living matter within cells maintains homeostasis and overcomes the second law of thermodynamics. I was drawn to study RNA metabolism in particular because all life requires RNA synthesis and decay and requires nucleotides for carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, protein translation and transport, and signaling pathways. I recognized that a better comprehension of the mechanisms regulating RNA metabolism and nucleotide cycling would help elucidate problems such as the origin of new genes, introns, RNA viruses, and cis-acting elements, genomic diversity and plasticity, and the genetic basis of human diseases. My contributions to this field over the last 9 years have been in the biochemistry, genetics, and molecular, cellular, and computational biology of ribonucleases, enzymes that catabolize RNA. In the course of my research, I obtained results I could not understand through the hypothetico-deductive approach, genetic determinism, the central dogma, or typical reductionistic, mechanistic models. So I created my own model, compiled the ultimate theory, and fulfilled my mission. --- Since the model is unfalsifiable, any scientist thumbs his/her nose at it - hence I find myself in a forum entitled, "speculation." Heh, the irony. Ah, but the goal of science is to know. And to know the Truth about reality is the ultimate goal of the Mind of Man. Despite these goals, I, Humankind, intentionally prevent myself from reaching them. To wit, I, the skeptical Reader and scientific scholar, when presented with an unfalsifiable, complete and consistent theory, I assert, "That's not science." Be that as it may, the ultimate theory uses and accounts for all of the available scientific evidence that emerges now or has ever been published in the history of Humankind. To those parts of Me who thought that I would never find My Self, think again. --- I intend on using this post as a staging point for discussions about the ultimate theory of reality and for posting from my blog. If I am asked to cease and desist, I will abide. Today I put up a post about how Unity explains the order that exists in the Universe: http://thetheoryblog.wordpress.com/2010/08/20/entropy-optropy-and-the-fourth-law-of-thermodynamics/ Here is an excerpt: More at link. Peace, Ik Edit: Fixed link
  13. Let me get this straight: I am a scientist, presenting an empirically complete, consistent, and unfalsifiable explanation of a black hole and it's moved to "speculations?" Wow. What happened to My curious scientific mind? When I get to the point where my theory explains the origin of the Universe, space, time, dark energy, dark matter, visible energy, visible matter, and mass, I'll drop by again. It was nice chatting with My Self for this sojourn. Peace, Ik
  14. I agree entirely, Cropduster23. All cranks, charlatans, snake oil salesmen, knaves, and crackpots should definitely stay out of theory entirely. How dare those folk soil the sanctity of My Mind's defined, decorated, and refined redoubt? Oh wait, I am writing about My Self. Peace, Ik
  15. Well, the correct answer to the first question in the OP will never emerge from science. I'm dissing myself as a scientist as I write that, but there's no way around it. Only the correct theory will answer it. And very few, upon hearing the True Answer, are willing to accept it. Peace, Ik
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