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  1. "Woah, she's a babe." *gets to work on answering your thread despite my tired state*

  2. Still a Master's student or Ph.D student?

  3. "...and nymphomaniacal..."

  4. Ate two large pizzas and downed a bottle of regular coke

    1. Genecks


      That was my spring break: The act of eating those pizzas and drinking that large bottle of coke.

  5. Neato. SFN is getting more and more co-ed.

  6. is using his sonic wave distortion device on blackbirds

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    2. skyhook


      Does it work ?

    3. ltd


      what dose that do

    4. dragonstar57


      does it disrupt their navigation?

  7. Because you're talking to serious people. If you want your questions treated with respect, you need to be serious. In general, because using a rhetorical vice destroys ethos, thus inspiring people to ignore your posts. Using informal English around academics ruins ethos.

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