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  1. isn't like all of this stuff illegal and all? i do download songs and movies cause i know that they are legal now in canada but im still unsure if roms and all are legal now. Anyone know?
  2. hmm...no one knows a thing about time i guess
  3. Hi Me and my friends have been talking about the possiblity of intelligent life on a diffrent planet than earth. I'm just wondering where ppl stand on this topic. Thanks
  4. man, can't belive that something as common as breathing is soo complicated.
  5. A case like that is very rare. No responsible adult would ever bring their 6yr kid to such a movie. I'm sure that no parent out there would wilfully put their kids in such a situation. I do have my limits though a 6yr old kid is too young to see such a movie, but not a 14yr old.
  6. i understand the points of what some of you are saying but i still dont see why it so bad. Most kids under 10 dont even want to see movies like dawn of the dead but would rather see movies like the crappy stuck on you. ( this is by the 10yr olds i know which are like 5). I just belive that by the time you relize that most of the stuff in the movies arent real and stories like the texas chainsaw massacre are very rare and all i dont think there is anything to worry about. I also think that ppl who say that games like GTA make kids get out in the streets with guns to be out of their minds, the only time a kid will go out in the streets with a gun after playing gta is if he/she had a problem before playing it.
  7. that chicken is live time right? no way can it be live time
  8. THIS IS A GUESS!!!!!!!1 Dosent it have to do with that when the lungs compress it pushes the air out, and when it expands the air outside moves in since it wants to go into a less dense area which would be your lungs at that moment?
  9. lol i asked the guy to do the chicken dance, man i wonder how much they are getting payed to do that
  10. I'm just wondering what people think about movie/game ratings. Do you think that kids aged 10 shouldnt watch movies like kill bill vol.1 or play games like gta? or do you think it's their choice? I personally feel as if ratings are useless. I went to R rated movies with "EXTREME VIOLENCE" labels and came out of the movie laughing. I've played gta vice city and have never went out in the streets with a bazooka in my hand. So i find ratings uselss and also the recent inforcments in my fav. movie theatre forces me to download movies ( from now in you need id to get in to A.A and R rates movies). So because of such stupid rules im forced to download the movies and thankfully since im in Canada that isnt illegal. I'd be more than willing to fork over my hard earned $7.50 but since they dont want it, ill keep it.
  11. hehe oops, it was just for amusement, poop would have been like some1 famous! When you reach the site click on The Composers' Political Compass.
  12. umm...by what ive been taught what you just said is the basic understanding of time. This is what i've been taught: Time: Describes the duration of an objects motion. (im in gr10 physics so they might have hidden something till later on in school)
  13. no1 knows anythign about the iq tests?
  14. i'm just wondering about something acordding to some of the iq tests i took i have an av iq of 129. But i dont feel as if its very accurate. My avgrade at school is a 92% but some of my friends who have a 95% av have lower iqs then mine so i dont really understand how that works. Can some1 shed some light? thx oh by the way if this is in the wrong topic feel free to move it.
  15. Economic Left/Right: -2.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.26 damn, soo close to being the pope P.s just found out im in the same spot as Schumann whoever he is. (better be good)
  16. I agree with you somewhat but i'm sure that there is something being done to stop something like that happening. You also must try to apply some thinking to what you hear/see in the news. If they start saying that the war is non-violent and that people are holding hands kinda thing then you should know that something like that wouldnt be real. Another thing is like when the group that claimed to clone a baby came on the news and all. Basically every single news station had it atleast once a day but that didnt make it any more realistic.
  17. well afcourse there are gonna be better games at other sites, this is a science forum but its still kind of nice to be able to get a little badge under ur name saying ur a so&so champ also if my parents ask what im doing i can always tell them im on a science forum site and i still would be telling the truth even though im playing a game.
  18. u do know that several ppl including me will make a useless post every now and there to get to the 50 post minimum right? This post included. (dont worry this will be the only one)
  19. personally i don't like carrots that could be a why it didnt cross my mind.
  20. How do i know what day it is if i lost my memory and no one was around to tell me. Oh also i have no watch, cellphone on me or anything that easily tells me the time. My sister asked me that and i didn't know an answer just hoping you would.
  21. man i ate mcdonalds twice last week and i had to throw up. How can someone eat from them for a month?
  22. i was also referring to any kind of pipe. A drain pipe perhaps or anythings else. i'll tell you my position so it might get easier to explain. I was walking around my neighborhood and there is a house that has a small pipe coming out of the front side of the house to the back (no idea whats it for) and i noticed that it had alot of ice built on it and that it had cracked. But the points that it had cracked in aren't the places where most of the ice is built up.
  23. I was just wondering due to the fact of the amazing wheather we had (-35celecius) and then a snow storm why frozen pipes don't break at the point where the ice is formed. Also any1 have any tips for making sure that the oil tank outside our house dosent get its pipe broken? Thanks!
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