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  1. You can see the list of member titles and how to achieve them here:


    It's automatic and based on post count. Just a note, though: not many people will see comments posted on your profile unless they specifically come looking. Status updates (posted above) are displayed on the right of the front page, though.

  2. Regarding your post in "So you've got a new theory": I believe it's here:


    The confusion may be because there are two discussions with the same "So, you've got a new theory": one in Speculations and one in Other Sciences, where you posted.

  3. The Joy of Stats: For those who missed Prof Hans Rosling's excellent programme on statistics a few years ago it ... http://bit.ly/oLbsMC

  4. I'm afraid we've never done a large role-playing game on SFN before, but you could certainly organize a round in the Lounge. Just start a thread asking for participants.

  5. Regarding politics, philosophy and religion -- it's not that we believe there is a different level of thought that goes into them, but that they very easily devolve into anger and rhetoric. We were forced to remove our original philosophy and religion forums years ago because of this, and the restrictions are an attempt to prevent that from happening again.

    I hope you enjoy SFN!

  6. blike started the forum, I just joined in on the fun :P

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. 81kg


      why you moved my topics?I don't think I break the rules.

    3. 81kg


      This topics is my original.

    4. AHMAD786



  7. My apologies. Looks like cabinintheforest came back.

  8. Hey, if you could let me know if you hit that weird HTML problem when making a post, that'd be great. I just upgraded to the latest version of the forum software and I'll have to file a bug report if the issue's still there.

  9. My walls are buzzing.

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    2. mooeypoo


      You're too sweet, honey?

    3. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      I think wasps aren't in it for the honey. They're in it to eat your babies.

    4. dragonstar57


      they make cannisters of bug poison that once opened releases insecticide until the pressure equalizes

  10. I just wanted to let you know that your reply to gentleman-farmer's Eye of Horus thread was awesome. Posts like that are why I love SFN. Sure, we have physics experts... but a surprise Egypt expert?!

  11. There's a surprising amount of stuff that has to be fixed when you convert forums.

    1. rigney


      Have a couple problems Capt. I have a problem with keeping contact with the forum. How long time wise do you have before needing to log on again?

    2. rigney


      "Wow", Man, my question was ugly! I'll try the next one when this is resolved.

    3. Cap'n Refsmmat

      Cap'n Refsmmat

      I think you get an hour before you have to log in again.

  12. Well, things are actually running smoothly. I'm amazed!

  13. It's definitely me. Surprised?

  14. Fixing bugs! This should be fun.

    1. DJBruce


      Great Update! Have fun fixing stuff.

  15. And egotistical gibberish is still gibberish. Look at what you write. To anyone who is not you, it looks like utter garbage. Learn to write and explain yourself.

  16. Scientific-sounding gibberish is still gibberish.

  17. Nah, it's definitely a problem on vB's side. Do you see it now?

  18. What do you mean? You can delete your avatar and user information yourself if you so desire.

  19. The reasons for the closure of your thread are here: http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/showpost.php?p=524860&postcount=6


    iNow is not killing your discussions. He is not a moderator. He is simply an active member who reads most threads on this forum, and so he notices your threads and happens to disagree with primal therapy. So he responds.

  20. The old username was simply "Zolar V". You can try logging in under that name; if you don't remember the password, there should be a link saying "forgot my password" that will have it email you a new password to your @aol.com email address. (If that address is no longer functioning, I can change it for you.)

  21. Testing for a vBulletin bug. &   blah blah blah ablahdfajelf ^*$

  22. Done. You'll need to remember to log in under the new name now.

  23. If you don't mind your title being "Formerly yourdadonapogos", sure.

  24. When you visit someone's profile, go to the Friends box on the right and click "Befriend (name)".

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