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  1. of course genes might have something to do with it...as it is, there is currently no research that can prove this. but it doesn't mean that genes have nothign to do with it. take you and me for example. we're twins but we're different. relatively, we were conditioned/brought up similarly. but we have different personalities, biases, or what you may call subjective inclinations. and the interesting fact is that we're phraternal twins. that makes our genes different, and hence, different personalities. though i know that conclusion is quite crude. but you get the picture.
  2. nope we aren't. if we measure our age based on our present existence, we wouldn't be. our cells can attest to that. some of us have been exposed to a longer time frame, some less. that is, cellularly. if we base it on atoms and molecules, there is no time. time becomes relative. and to which body will you relate it to? when shall you appoint the standard as 0 time?
  3. I'd much rather walk. What I really think is a futuristic world is when walking becomes a convenience....and teleportation stations are as common as bus stops are now today. bus stops in the future: nonexistent, and so are cars.
  4. The subjective magic of objects...let me rephrase that. The subjective effect which objects evoke in the human mind. On the question whether it is the effect of conditioning or sole human subjectivity I do believe that it is of both. It must be. And that's the only support I can give that statement. Yes, perhaps it is an issue of nature vs. nurture in a different suit. But the question is whether we are born with biases or inclinations towards a certain object characteristic. Are we born to like red, or blue, or black more than we like other colors? Are we born with a preference for plaid or plain? These biases or inclinations, if we are born with them, may be what you call sole human subjectivity. And as ecoli said we don't know enough yet. We don't know if there is a gene responsible for these biases. Until we know this, no one can answer your question fully. What is certain though, is that conditioning does influence the subjective effect of objects to man. In fact conditioning affects human subjectivity entirely.
  5. sis! you didn't have to go spilling the beans!
  6. that explained a lot...but that must mean i've revealed much too much about me. so is that why i am trusting? i really am quite gullible though. but i don't think trusting people is a bad thing though, just quite painful. well, my risk to take. thanks for the enlightenment. will surely check out sfn chat and the rest. why don't you try out yt2095. wasn't a success with that one:D
  7. You like logic but you trust your intution. that's a definition of a snake in chinese astrology isn't it? i'm a snake, and yes, that definition is correct. you're specifics on my academic achievement is correct. but i am puzzling over how you know that i dance around in the honor roll but never topped it? in fact i only topped during kindergarten and first grade. and i went downhill from there...lol. the highest rank i ever placed in high school was third place. i wonder...is this really the first time you encountered me in the net? i've had numerous sabbath accounts in other forums...??? if you guessed it outright...i mean just by looking at the username and avatar..please explain how you did it. i would be a willing listener...erm, reader. still bewildered.
  8. yup i'm new here. only five posts in history and this marks the sixth. i'm sabbath, and that's not my real name. but then again it might be in the true and ancient harmonies...i'm only one year old. nah kidding. i'm actually sixteen, and currently reanimating my interest in science. sadly, it was a passion lost...not entirely, just sort of blurred. hope to learn and find humanoids wackier than me.
  9. well ok yt2095 is certainly a challenge...first off, i don't know what yt2095 is in the first place...forgot what he posted explaining what yt2095 is. but lemme see what i can pull through. hmmm...yt2095. perhaps he's a guy who likes numbers or is more mathematically inclined than most people. not everybody likes reading out numbers you know. and especially not one's name. umm...hope nobody gets offended...probably likes order too, a bit too much though...like being named according to a number. imagine: female android 00001 or something of the sort. but it could also be quite the opposite. he could have picked the numbers randomly though. (i should have reread whatever that post was...too late) his avatar tells me that...he probably doesn't have a bubbly personality...lol. but really. maybe he's the serious type of person? just wondering...he might be sarcastic. whew...pretty tough nut to crack. let me think a bit more...i'll stare at that avatar as long as i can...heheh.
  10. and oh btw... an interesting thought though is that i was only able to interpret kenshin's avatar because i was knowledgeable about his avatar. i knew who kenshin himura was. i am also a fan, you see. perhaps i judged him in that point of view and not as an analyst, except for the association thing though. i think i read somewhere that in play therapy or something they see kids who have psychological problems unable to associate... like relating the word house to a picture of a house. but i think the assessment must go beyond that. it also reveals what kenshin's personal values are...not only values morally but also in what value he associates with things...he values order or something to that point. any thoughts?
  11. let me start off with kenshin then... i don't know if this is a prediction or more likely an assessment. ur name to start off tells me u like kenshin himura, an assassin turned into a wanderer set out to protect the helpless and oppressed without the spillage of blood. of course this tells me that you like anime because kenshin after all, is an anime character. it also tells me in a psychological aspect (in a way) that you are capable of association or whatever trait related to this (ask the experts on what it is specifically) since you could relate ur username with ur avatar. personalitywise that is you are mature in this aspect. you relate kenshin with kenshin's picture whereas some people will be unable to. a crude example would be if a person's username was cat and he had an avatar of a dog. this choice of relating your name to your avatar also shows that you may have an inclination towards order rather than disorder, toward association and relation rather than randomness or meaninglessness. or it may also be that you think like most people, or that you value meaning relation. since your username is kenshin then your picture must also relate to it. i hope i made some sense. well digging further...since you chose kenshin this goes to show that the anime or the protagonist himself has left an impression on you. you like the idea of honor and justice and fighting for the oppressed, but giving others second chances and not taking away anyone's life. in short, you perhaps, believe also in what kenshin believes in. perhaps, you see kenshin as a sort of hero. let me take a wild guess...does this mean that you're a little on the youth side? since you like anime and are exposed to kenshin himura. but you may be not too young...maybe around 15 and up but below 30 years old? i'm guessing this span because kenshin is not too new an anime series and the age range from 15-30 is the more likely generation to be exposed to kenshin himura. umm...so how did i go?
  12. an example of 16 bit buses i think were the old pcs run on windows os such as 98 and down. the new ones such as pentium 4 run on 32 bit buses... and as to the cpu...to understand how it works one must study both the hardware (physical) and software (program, etc) aspects of the cpu. in a physical standing the cpu is nothing but highly miniaturized logic circuits mounted on an IC specifically Very Large Scale ICs. It's nothing but electronic circuits, that serve as pathways and relay stations were electronic pulses flow. but with the BIOS, the CMOS, the RAM, ROM and the POST and the OS this piece of metal comes to life and processes data into information. How the CPU works is through the integration of software and hardware.
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