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  1. They don't need a moral message, but they at least have to mean something. Not like hey yo mommah shake yer ass, shake yer fender benders + more crap = mainstream rap + 50 cent and snoop dog w/ their clones + whoever mariah carey and jlo double with in their videos...now that's rap trash. Heck I enjoyed Slim Shady/Stan/Cleanin' Out My Closet by Eminem. I enjoy a lot of senseless things, even to the down right stupid like Wild Boys in MTV. They're pretty dumb, or act like it, as though they were the missing link from the primates to the homo sapiens, but they give me a good laugh. But generally, I appreciate things with some sense in them. Like scienceforums.net for example. I do think the Simpsons have a moral message btw. Don't eat too much donuts or you'll end up like Homer.
  2. that is an erroneous statement. light and sound are forms of enery, as all of matter are. but light is in the form of photons which exhibits wave-like and particle-like properties. so light is the particle itself, whereas sound is only the energy/vibration transferred elastically from one particle to another such as gas molecules.
  3. Yes there are. A handful of which are my acquaintances. Most of them have light brown skin...and really black hair.
  4. Callipygous: Very well then, I think rappers are just adept at making a fool of themselves...the mainstream anyway. There! It is now officially an opinion! But in fairness to rap and as someone has said in this forum that we can't just junk it as an art form, I'm going to try to listen to more rap than the odd times when it catches me as I open the TV. (Reflex action: where's the Power button?) I'll tell you when I find some sensible crap and decide whether it's RAP. I know one rap song that caught my attention before. It was a rap song talking about how pollution was ruining what was beautiful. I know for certain I won't be finding much of that though. The only rapper I listened to was Eminem. And he was then called Slim Shady.
  5. I would guess, the denser the material, the slower c gets...somehow I feel I'm about to be rebutted:D
  6. As yt says sound travels faster more in solids and liquids. and the last thing i heard from school is that sound travels fastest in the solid medium. sound is transmitted through the transferrence of energy (vibrations) unlike light which is the energy itself, hence it cannot travel through a vacuum. However, I think we hear best through the medium of gas/air because air particles can enter our ears where the specific vibrations of the particles can be sent as impulses to the brain, and interpreted in the auditory area. It is possible because gases are fluid or have movement. Though if you try placing your ear against a metal chair for example and cover your other ear, if there is movement anywhere in the room, the sound would have been amplified. I often do this when I get bored in class, and feign sleep. Ever saw oater movies or an indiana jones film? don't they put their ears to the ground and listen for the sound of the galloping of their enemies' horses coming? this usually happens in cowboy movies...except for Brokeback Mountain of course.
  7. I think they do that to catch the female's attention alice. Because most of the girls we know think there's far more better things to do than attend to pompous boys who wore too much perfume it made us all swoon...and all for the wrong reasons. I think it's because of culture...
  8. Strange, but I don't do this "sniff" phenomenon. I only sniff when I have reason to I think, like when I have a cold. The "sniffers" that I know though are alice and my brother. I think they both do it because they have sinusitis.
  9. If I were the programmer, I would want my sims to live forever. I cannot make reall essences or persons, I might as well make whatever I can closest to it last. I would think death is cruel for a sim. It hasn't even lived, and yet it has died.
  10. sabbath

    Smoking Vaccine

    Doesn't the nicotine in the cigarette calm anxious-ridden people? Or is the anxiety a symptom of cold turkey? I think smoking should'nt be allowed, period.
  11. Is it safe to conclude then that all planets are spherical or oblate spheroid because that is the most stable shape/form that they can assume?
  12. The premise is why we lost hair and you're contention is that so we'll look hot. I don't think our genes or evolution thought along those lines. Whether or not we had hair or not, reproduction would still take place. The rabbits have more hair(fur) than we do and they're doing quite well. So your point that "so we'll look hot" just doesn't quite cut it.
  13. If you want an example of a gram positive bacterium's vf check this link out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streptococcus_pyogenes Toxins are virulence factors. I think the virulence factor varies relative to the specific strain, though there may be similarities in the virulence of gram positive bacterium, as there must be in gram negative. Some strains I remember with noteworthy virulence factors were Streptococcus pyogenes and Pseudomonas aeruginosa...ah I forgot the rest!
  14. Most vf of bacteria are proteins I think. I forgot the specific names though. I didn't pay much attention to our microbio classes this year. Try checking this link out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virulence ttfn!
  15. so I'm reduced to a classmate now huh? lol:D
  16. one cannot exist without the other...I'm obsessed with typos!
  17. It is fair, even beautiful people feel lonely. But really, in a more serious note, I think it is good that you are feeling lonely now. And that you're even angry about it. I've gone through it myself, that being lonely crap. I still get it sometimes. But as you go along, and get to feel it more often than you don't you'll get better at coping with it. Though it might not seem so at present. I don't know if it's a phase, especially for teenagers and adolescents. I don't even want to think it's just a phase. Some people will find comfort in knowing that it is just a normal phenomenon caused by the hormones blah blah. Trash that. I think people become lonely when others can't understand them. Or when there is nobody around who they can connect with intellectually. Well, that's the case with me anyway. I think it's good, however, to know what loneliness feels like. And though you might not think of it as a blessing right now, loneliness can actually teach you things about yourself you would never have known in the company of other people. When one is alone, one can become himself...or as close to it as he can possibly get anyway. I for one, certainly learned to laugh at jokes I cracked myself. I can laugh so suddenly or wear a grin as though out of thin air, and my friends just stare at me. Did somebody just say weird? As for me, I laugh my ass off about that certain joke or pun that was cooking in my head. I just laugh and laugh and laugh. My friends have learned to just shake their heads when that happens or laugh along with me. It's either they're as crazy as I am, or they've got no choice. I'll certainly laugh either way. I found time for intellectual pursuits too when I was lonely, and I realized that so long as I loved what I was doing I didn't have to be constantly dealing with people who are, on some days, worth my imagining them being clobbered to death, or their eyes pricked by a needle for eternity. And no, you don't have to tell me I'm insane, I already know. But..I think if you feel you have to see people and walk under daylight for a while, then do so. If you don't want to, don't force yourself. You're not entitled to. Draw those cave murals, I think the world would be better off if you did them...than to have another fraud. "...to thine self be true" -Shakespeare
  18. Can't be too sure about that. ...and no, let's not get to talking about nerves and nerve endings...
  19. then on to the next question...(after thinking how stupid I was for not getting that at all) I can't picture out a guy stuck in heaps of freezing ice being able to raise his hand and spit into it. there isn't much room as far as I can imagine.
  20. The fact that we're thinking bout it...the programmer out there must be on a roll! If we are just simulations...then why do we have to end? what is the point of death? If we are just simulations...death seems too cruel.
  21. But are you saying that such is also the case in humans as in trees? Does the transferred gene become a permanent add on to the human organism? Is this what they mean by parallel evolution? What if for example the host cell becomes destroyed? and all other traces of the virus for that matter?
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