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  1. Yep trees and trees and lots more trees! I live in the rural part of the city. It's not suburban, it's rural. The fields next to our property are farmlands...with cows and water buffaloes and chickens and pigs...the whole score. And we've got trees and trees and trees. I'd like to plant fruit trees especially. Yum! Food is best served fresh.
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    (Ok, I'll say something weird.) I would! Except for the fact that I don't date, so bummer. I don't agree herme3. That's no way to look at yourself. If you think you're a loser, how else are other people going to look at you? Thinking of yourself as a loser is in fact a loser's attitude. Please, for your sake, don't be like that. Ok, answer this question. What makes you think you're a loser? What have you got that makes you so worthless?
  3. sabbath

    Life form

    Ok will try my best since I'm good at crude explanations. First off, it isn't the chlorophyll that converts energy from the sun (I don't know if you can consider that as heat, but it's more precise saying it that way) into ATP which the plant can use in its everyday processes. Just about every living thing in the planet uses ATP or adenosinetriphosphate. Chorophyll is the pigment by which the plant absorbs light, or rather the different wavelengths of white light (blue, red, yellow, etc) except for green which it reflects. In photosynthesis the whole process can actually be divided into two: light and dark reaction. As the name connotes, light reaction happens when there is light. Now remember that photosynthesis is a chemical reaction...and chemical reactions do not happen without electrons. When sunlight strikes the leaves (we're somewhere in the chloroplasts) a potential difference occurs...let's just say an electron transport chain comes to be...This energy in the form of electrons is necessary to convert water (H20) and CO2 into sugar (maybe starch) which the plant needs. This energy is stored as ATP. I can't elaborate anymore on the light and dark reactions...I've forgotten the specific steps. The dark reaction happens through cellular respiration though. I think it's called Calvin's Cycle. Light reaction product is ATP which needs to be used in the Dark Reaction to convert CO2 into sugar. On your second question...I think the adaptation needed by your creature is the ability to store bodily fluids despite the heat. Think about camels. If it's a microorganism, it would have to have special cellular membranes or something...it can't reproduce or multiply that fast, because reproduction/multiplication requires lots of energy and actually raises the heat of the organism's environment....at least I think so anyway... Hope that didn't confuse you...
  4. I thought not bandaging it will make it dry up faster? Try ointments like aloe vera or plain aloe. It will speed up the drying but it stings a bit. But not as painful as your uhh...garbage crash. But most likely you'll have minor scars, the soreness will probably be gone in 2 weeks. But that depends on how huge the abrasion areas are. The more wide the area, the slower it heals. Airing it will make it dry up faster (at least I think so, that's what I do). I know somebody who kept her wound bandaged far too long, and it sort of gangrened....eew. and the flesh was eaten away. eeeew.
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    ah...this thread has become a bit frustrating...why are we still here? First off, there should be no question whatsoever about whether this girl is out of herme3's league or not, or that whether he should change for anybody. Many of us have been saying it over and over again. Herme3 must change because he wants to and according to how he wants to become, not somebody else's design for a "normal" and "cool" guy. Personally, I find average joes very trivial. There's nothing interesting about people who will risk to lose their individuality so they will look like the rest, which often is depicted as being mean to "losers" and the unpopular crowd. Who wants to be like that? I think its pretty stupid to judge people how cool they are by their lip gloss or their hair perm. Hello? That's retarded. In school I've never let other people bully me. The only people who get bullied are those who permit it. I fight (not literally), I show them I'm strong and that no matter what they do, they'll never be cool to me if they just copied it off somebody else. As for writing about death, suicide, darkness..I've been there, and actually I still find it hard to write about happy and light things. The fact that I've been writing about them, and trying to solidify the thoughts in my head has helped me cope with the turmoil and loneliness inside me. People think that's alarming. For me, it's just expression, and it helps. At least we're being honest to ourselves about how we're really feeling. We have no need for fear because we know our affliction, fear is the offspring of the unknown. It is so painful to have friends who don't understand you, maybe equally painful to having no friends and being misunderstood. I expected my friends to understand me, but they did not. It seemed to me that I had left them behind, so far behind and that I had grown up too fast. What they thought were important had become commonplace and childish to me. It's hard to feel like that, when nobody can understand your principles and point of view. But if you want to be a person of dignity and strong character, you have to stand by them no matter what. But what it really is in the end, is personal choice. You will eventually have to choose to blend, or to stand out. I chose to have friends and to be me. So what I did was I did not ask them to understand me, I tried to understand them. I chose to bridge the gap, I started the conversation going again. I shared to them how I felt instead of heading off to my gloom corner and sulking in my eternal darkness. I shared to them so that they could have a picture of how and what was going on inside me. Somehow, the burden isn't that heavy anymore, and light has begun to pour out of the shadows...and I can even say now, that I am almost merry. But let me point out too that just because you're having friends doesn't mean you're trying to be average already. You can have friends and still be you. I think that's when you'll discover who your real friends are. If they accept that you are like that without condoning your mistakes, then you have found a real friend. As to her being reluctant to show that you are friends in front of her clique or circle..that is understandable. She must probably be a regular adolescent. This however, reveals to us what her character is. She is still conscious of what other people think (and I think this must mean she does not have the confidence others might think she has). She is after all undergoing the "ravaging storms of adolescence" and all that melodrama, too. We also see that she is not perfect, and I don't think herme3 expects her to be. Herme3 if you still like her despite this, then maybe you're blind or you genuinely have accepted her for who she is. You decide. What she told you by the way is true, you still can be friends even if you'll not be going to the same school anymore, or if you're parting ways. To keep the communication open must be a personal effort. We don't have email for nothing. Cellular phones are there, telephones, mirc, chat...the whole of Communications Technology is on your side, no problem. I think it will even be easier for you because peer pressure will not be as daunting a force as it once was while at school. It is good to hear that you are happier now. My mom always tells me that if you look beyond yourself and live for the betterment of others, happiness is far more easier to reach. I do not know if that is true, maybe so. But I also believe that personal happiness is important. Search for what makes you happy, smile or laugh. When I play with my dog's puppies, I am happy. When I look out my window and see the leaves gently sway with the breeze, I cry, but I am happy. Happiness is relative. Find yours. And don't ever let others dictate you on your search for that happiness. But remember that these too, shall pass... Even happiness will turn to gloom. And gloom back to happiness. Just remember that everything passes...everything does, like the wind, like time, like age. If you keep that in mind, I think more or less, you'll survive. The best as always!
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    I think padren's the man to listen to herme3. What I can say is, based on personal experience, is that you'll never feel that other people like you/will like you if you don't like yourself first. I personally have many insecurities and because of them I often doubt people's sincerity in their appreciation of who I am. You said you don't know where to begin, however, wanting to change is a good beginning as any other. Not that you should change for anyone, even for the girl of your dreams. You should change, and only change, for yourself. I for one, am always looking for ways to enrich who I am intellectually, socially, and emotionally. That's because I want to. You see I dislike being so clumsy and committing errors all the time. I try to do something about it. There is always room for improvement because there is no perfect person and hence, as ecoli says "no dream girl". I think you should try to be more confident. Moping around won't help, but I understand when you say that you're just not the type to get out there and have friends (being chatty and everything). I was once like that, I almost always stayed at one corner of the room. Maybe you can start by smiling at people. If somebody tries to talk to you, don't drive them away. You have to take little steps, one at a time. Try lengthening a conversation with other people, like your lab partners or something. There is always interaction happening somewhere, don't let it fall short, try lengthening it. If first it fails, try again. You never know, there might be other people just like you. I was gifted/cursed with a strong personality. I almost always scared people away with it. I was a very talkative kid, but I felt that no one really understood me. So in high school I was much of a recluse after my former friends began to adapt into their social spheres. But I found people who were as weird as me or those who were intelligent enough to bear it and understand. I think for one, if ever I met you, I might have been your friend. Someone with sensitivity and frailty (I'm sorry, but somehow you seem that way to me) like you would interest me very much. My friends for example, are very intersting people in their own right, and yes, very very weird. But the good thing is, we let each other's idiosyncrasies run free. There is no loser in our group. You should find a support system. And you'll find that at this age, in your friends. I'm not saying that you should replace this girl you like. But don't get hung up on only her. Widen your world, learn more, get to know more people. Don't limit yourself on only seeing her beauty, look into other people (the real them) and get to see their beauty, too. If you still remain to be awed by hers, then maybe that will help you figure your feelings out. You have friends here on the net (we are guys aren't we?) but it is also essential to have friends in real life because those are more tangible, and these people are the ones who are really going to be there for you in the flesh. insane alien advised you to join clubs and organizations and I think that it's sound. Are you interested in red cross or community service? science and techies stuff? You should go and join one. As padren has put in one way or another you'll have to put effort into it. I don't think you can change on your own, you'll have to have other people's help on that. I used to limit myself and put restrictions on how I acted. When I realized that wasn't the person I wanted to become, I began to open myself to new thoughts and lines of thinking, to new choices, and different perspectives. Before I generally only wore white and black and blue. I told myself what the heck I'm going to try out green! I was boyish so I decided to be radical and went for pink. I realized that whatever I wore was okay, I could carry it. So now, I can wear any color I want because I am comfortable in them and with myself. I never became girly like the rest, but on the days that I want to, I can be. And on the days that I want to be just sloppy, I am. Though I think it's bad to just try and fit in with the norm, I think subconsciously we still attempt to do so. My advise is just go with what is comfortable, but try something new everyday. I hope you'll get more fun into your life through that. I surely did. My key to happiness is curiosity and unending learning. But I never forget my compassion for other people and I think that's important. And you already have that. Perhaps it may also be the cause of your hurts. You'll have to learn to shield and protect yourself without losing empathy for other people. Just don't build strongwalls between you and others or you'll stay inside your fortress forever. We all have to get hurt some time. And you know what? That was how I gained greater and lasting happiness. I had always felt that happiness was fleeting and it was my opinion that the happier you get, the harder it is when you fall and it is most likely that sadness follows bliss. I was of that opinion, and sometimes it still seems that way. Okay I know I'm being vague...perhaps I should tell you how it was with me. People say I take things too seriously and I guess I did. There was somebody who had always been around my circle of friends, and he was just that. But I don't know what happened, something did for sure though. I was just one day, convinced that he was "THE ONE". It was stupid, but I didn't know that then. And the thing was I was so happy. It was the first time I felt anything like it, I don't know if it was love, but it had felt as though it was. The thing was he told some of my friends that he felt something for me. And they told me. I wouldn't let myself believe it was true. I didn't think I was likable enough. Besides, he never showed any signs, never told me anything. I grew sad, especially because he began to be very sociable towards other girls. I was angry, I couldn't understand how I felt. I drew away. I became distant, I didn't want to get hurt, even though I was already hurting. It all seems so full of drama now, and maybe it was. But nothing happened, and I think that's what hurt me, because he didn't think what he felt was worth enough to pursue. And I thought I never could feel that kind of happiness again. But as always, I was wrong. I found other ways to be happy, and I realized I didn't have to depend my happiness on anybody. I could be happy just because I was who I am. Each day as I see a part of me grow up, I rejoice, and each part of me that still remains a child also makes me happy. It's wonderful enough to be alive and to be able to think the way I can, and see the world whether in its ugliness or beauty. That alone makes me happy. For me this is the profoundity of life, and this is what makes me happy. I hope you will find who you are inside and discover your true potentials. I hope you realize that you can be this kind of person that you want to be just because you want to be that way. And I hope that makes you happy, and sets you free from other people. It is so much better to choose to relate to other people because you want to, and not just because you need to. Though you really do need other people, but don't look for friends because you need their company but because you enjoy it. I've just rambled on like I usually do. I hope I've been a help. As always I shall continue to listen. Say what you want herme3, that in itself is a step you've accomplished here. You'll just have to bring it to real life. These were the wisest and most foolish things I could think up. The best to you!
  7. There is also a tendency towards handedness, left handedness and right handedness. Nurturing and culture plays a role in this. It may be that we are born with right or left tendencies but due to culture (for example, right handedness is the majority) these tendencies can be changed. It is also said that some people view the world with a tendency in the right, or left. Like seeing details more in the right side than in the left. Others are ambidextrous however, and have both sides of the brain more or less equally developed.
  8. I think however, that bone fractures heal much much more slowly in the aged. Sometimes, also, they don't heal completely. Some people when fractured severely carry a characteristic limp afterwards. My father is an example. Old injuries will also result to aches and pains in old age. Is it true though that old fractures/surgical wounds ache when it rains? Or when it's about to rain?
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    And yeah...why can't you be friends anymore? Is it a proximity thing, or is it because of the fact that you asked her out? Why'd I get sucked into this mess?
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    Feminists CHAAARGE!!! Leave no man alive!!! I think Callipygous is actually right on this one herme3. But then, what does a guy say when he LOVES somebody? The first thing you have to ask yourself herme3 is "What do I want to happen?" "What do I think needs to be done?" Weigh your feelings. I don't think there's a question here whether you love her or not. NO ONE in this world can be an expert on LOVE. I repeat, NO ONE. So you can't rely on anybody's point of view about it. We can't say if you love her or not, but YOU can. Yes, you may hear out what most of us have to say about it, but in the end, the decision is yours. YOU will be the one making the move, or not making it, whichever you choose. I hope you will not lack in courage. All paths we decide to take, all decisions that we make, needs even in the minutest amount, some measure of courage. May the powers be with you!
  11. All our days are numbered. Congratulations, for getting 365 and 1/4 days older!!! My gift...is an eternal free internet connection!
  12. Anybody here read H.G. Well's Time Machine?
  13. What then if you wanted to save someone else who did not survive his "time line"? Not that I think that we can go back in time...
  14. Well, if we don't consider an afterlife, that would be the case. Death would be indeed equals to dust. We would decompose eventually, and the consciousness, the electronic impulses in the brain all gone, lifeless, empty, barren, dead. If that be the case, I'd rather be thrown into the forest to rot than to get buried inside a coffin. I'd rather contribute to the environment. I would die thinking, a part of me, even if it did not have consciousness, but a part that simply constituted me, like amino acids or some rich nutrient continues on to propagate other life. To be a part of a tree. To be in the flesh of animals...dead, but a part of that which is life!
  15. The same still holds true in Islam. They do not have depictions of their prophets or Allah. They only have okir and patterned art. The Roman Catholics are fond of idols, depictions of Christ etc. They also have saints and everything. I should know, I was born one. But the thing is I never pictured God as the sculpture hanging from his cross in church. In fact I do not have a mental picture of him at all. For me, he is an entity. I think that's as far as I have discerned. I feel unnerved everytime I see a fellow RC kiss a sculpture of Christ or some other saint. That rock there is lifeless!
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    guys like you do exist? There's still some hope for the male species...
  17. I would agree to Bascule's post. I live in the 3rd country in the world which is most affected by the increase in oil. Seeing as I'm still off to college I have years to go, but I would include in my future plans to own land that I can learn to till on my own...or something of the sort. It sounds drastic, but I think I'll enjoy it. I can't bear smoke and exhaust fumes from vehicles anyway. The regulation here on vehicular smoke isn't that high...and going to the city almost always means a puff of soot-colored toxic fumes blowing into your face. It gives me nausea and makes me want to vomit. I'm aiming for stability in my financial status when I get out of college so in case the economy crashes because of the oil price increase I have other resources. I'm totally for alternative energy sources. I've heard of free lance scientists in the country studying on alternative fuel sources since petroleum has made the Philippines quite dependent on foreign import. The country doesn't even have its own refineries and the petroleum companies are controlled by the conglomerate and upperclass private sector. They totally control the price of petroleum products. Other goods have a tendency to increase in prices also when the world oil market price increases. I think some of you must have heard of water being alternate to petroleum? There's also vegetable oil...
  18. I haven't had a dream in a while...at least one that I can remember. Just blank. I think it's been going on for over a month, maybe two. But as far as I can recall I did have dreams where I can remember smell, taste, touch, visual and audio. But rarely. My dreams are often hazy and vague, sort of misty or foggy. But the distinct ones are those where the intensity of light is sort of surreal. In fact I remember memories in that way, sometimes. When a specific degree of light is present, my mind is suddenly triggered, and I remember a specific memory. It's sort of weird...but that's how it is with me. I also remember with smell. As for dreams...I used to have ones that I coudln't understand, the usual falling dreams that bring me to a jolt, dreams where I couldn't breathe and felt strangled, dreams where I felt that I was awake but couldn't move. I could see my room and everything in the dark, but I couldn't budge an inch. That was way weird and it happened two nights in a row. That's it for me.
  19. I would say physically touching.
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