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  1. Sir, you forget yourself!
  2. I'm going to try next term to have 4 computers in my room; a BBC Master, an Acorn A4000, and my 2 pc's.
  3. Heaven knows how it got there, it must have been attracted to the BBC Master.
  4. Pesky things aren't they. I had one in my garage, kept on eating all the food.
  5. Although having said that, Saddam's probably overheating what with the desert and all... if I give him my frozen dessert, he might let a few of the WoMD's he doesn't have desert to me.
  6. I'll hold Ben and Jerry to ransom with the nuke.
  7. Is it a big ice cream? I could keep half and trade the rest for a nuke.
  8. You could trust me to do something with a nuke. Whether it's responsible or not is another matter. And I likes ice cream.
  9. Of course, it depends on what you trust me to do....
  10. I'm entirely trustworthy. How am I not trustworthy?
  11. I'm the invisible man, incredible how you can, see right through me.
  12. In addition, the observable universe is expanding because we can see light from further away.
  13. Not really; we can't reach light speed because it would require infinite energy (the mass of something with a non-zero rest mass will increase to infinity at light speed) and we can't reach absolute zero because it would require an infinite number of finite steps.
  14. Well, I suppose this entire site is for the purpose of education; I would therefore imagine this would be for its discussion.
  15. The point I was trying to make was that General Relativity is a really really poor thing to compare Chaos Theory with.
  16. Well, not really, as chaos theory is a mathematical explanation for minor deviations in starting conditions causing large changes, and general relativity is about space/time curvature :|
  17. Lets see what M-theory gets us.... Until I graduate ofc.
  18. JaKiri

    Mars by 2010?

    We will only if they put in the required funding. Which aint going to happen. There's the wrong sort of culture at NASA, for a start.
  19. JaKiri


    He is actually correct about the possibility of real and hoaxes, but the question is why don't the so-called 'real' psychics agree to undergo scientific testing? The scientific method is merely a method to empirically verify the existance of phenomena and attempt to give an explanation for them, so if the real psychics did use the scientific method we would simply get better psychics. Unless they're not real of course, that might be an explanation of why they refuse.
  20. I thought it was 10 nowadays? Assuming we're talking about M-theory here. And don't forget Zero Point Energy, y'all.
  21. The speed of gravity paper is not getting a lot of respect from the scientific community. And it's not like we're 'putting all our eggs in the Big Bang Basket'; as soon as something else comes along that fits with current theory and can explain the red shift and make another verifiable prediction, then it will be evidence for that instead.
  22. JaKiri


    Read The Illuminatus! Triology by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson
  23. JaKiri


    Read 'Stupid White Men'. It'll all be in there.
  24. JaKiri


    Such as banning people without convictions from voting because they have 'a similar name' to convicted felons?
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