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  1. What does this mean? "It is possible to model the cell in terms of one variable, i.e., hydrogen bonding."
  2. Steam engines ran on water too, but I don't think many people would have overlooked the need for fuel as well.
  3. What does this mean? "It is possible to model the cell in terms of one variable, i.e., hydrogen bonding." I suspect the answer is no because cells are really very complicated. I also think that most of the species he has talked about like H2O, OH- Cl- and so on are non-magnetic. And, I think the idea of electrons in nice circular orbits at 1/14 C are a rather simplistic way to think about orbitals in atoms and molecules.
  4. "Can you use sound of any frequency or amplitude for example to induce a chemical reaction?" Yes, it's called sonochemistry.
  5. "One needs to look at the tetrahedral system as a specialty tool." One thing this tool seems unable to do is answer the equation I posted earlier, i.e. to find a square root of minus 1. Since that's the thread's topic, this failing wouuld seem to be pretty catastrophic. "If we assume a type of symbolic parallel between God and reality" I have a better (or at least, more scientific) idea, lets' not make totally unjustified assumptions about the existence of God, the accuracy of the trinity and the idea that Western religion has got the will of God right, even if He does exist.
  6. Look at the original post. It says " Idefined a vacuum to be 'the elimination of space between particles.' " The point I was making is that a vacuum is more or less the complete oposite of that. It is what you get when you eliminate (to a greater or lesser extent) the particles from the space. Let's make this clear; every post I made in this thread has stated that the vacuua that people talk about are not, and cannot be, absolute; they are always partial. So what's the point of telling me that "people who do experimental physics talk about vacuums all the time, and none of them are discussin
  7. Bacterial dedgradation of urea (present in urine) will give ammonia. Ammonia is alkaline enought to disolve fats so it can be used as a cleaning agent. After using this detergent you would need to rinse the cloth very thoroughly.
  8. Incidentally, when you have finished rewriting all the vector geometry books to make them more difficult, please tell me what will be the value of x that solves the equation x squared plus one equals zero.
  9. "That's one definition of vacuum, and I already stated I wasn't using that one." Thanks Swansont, but I was actually thinking about the original poster who started talking about particles in a vacuum. Anyway, its not so much one definition of vacuum, it's essentially the definition of vacuum, for example here's Wiki's version "A vacuum is a volume of space that is essentially empty of matter, such that its gaseous pressure is much less than standard atmospheric pressure. The root of the word vacuum is the Latin adjective vacuus which means "empty," but space can never be perfectly empty"
  10. The thing about particles in a vacuum is that there aren't any. OK QM makes that impossible in theory and real life makes it impossible in practice, but the idea of a vacuum is that it's a space where there are no particles.
  11. I'm noot sure but I think he means use 4 coordinates. Take a point in the middle of a tetrahedron and draw lines to each of the points.You get something that looks like a caltrop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caltrop label the 4 points a,b,c,and d. Now you can say that the vector corresponding to -a is composed of b+c+d (with some constant, possibly even 1, to account for scaling. I don't doubt that this coordinate system could be used, but I'd much rather use 3 orthogonal ones. The "resolution of forces" in mechanics would be ugly, to say the least, in this system.
  12. Well, I got in without doing the entrance exams. I'm not sure if the system still allows students to get offered a place on the basis of an interview and the school's recomendation (and, technically, the matriculation requirement of 2 "A" level grade E or better and "O" level English). One thing to think about is that, unlike most universities, it's a 4 year course. Great if you like it but an extra year of slog if you don't. I gather that they have the biggest chem dept in Western Europe (it was only the biggest in the UK when I was there) so they must be doing something right. This
  13. You can't talk about difference with only one example (a glass ball or whatever). That's the basis of the joke about the duck. Difference between what and what?
  14. The traditional aproach is a water jet type aspirator. Cheap, easy and almost impossible to kill.
  15. Last tme I checked, tetralin had 3 double bonds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetralin You might want to look at the decalins. What's the aplication you are looking at?
  16. "Very few people get taken to hospital for 'startled'." Actually I think quite a few may be, but it gets labeled as taken in for observation. The purely (well, OK, mainly) psyhcological effect of a suprise like a car accident can leave people in no fit state to look after themseleves- not least they may overlook reletively severe injuries. I that case it makes perfect sense to take them into hospital to give them a chance to calm down and re-evaluate things. Anyway, as I said, the truth is that the word "shock" has more than one meaning. "Clinical shock" is another matter.
  17. I have got a bit muddled up here. Are all atheists agnostics in the same way that all Christians are? I'm convinced there's no God (simply because I have no evidence to support the idea that there is one). I presume that most Christians have a similar belief that there are no fairies, again since there's no reason to believe in them. In the same way that I'm agnostic about God (because I can't prove he doesn't exist) and have a "faith" in his non existance most Christians must be agnostic about Fairies. So the atheists have faith and the theists are agnostics.
  18. Sorry to have to tell you allmee, but there's no way this is ever going to work. If it did then you could connect the output back to the input and have a perpetual motion machine. Perpetual motion machines don't work so your machine doesn't.
  19. I'm not in the habit of assuming that the media can make a medical diagnosis so I assume they mean "shock" in the non technical sense. What word would you like them to use?
  20. I don't see this thread changing many people's minds (a few perhaps) but I'm not sure that's likely to be its biggests achievement. I hope that it provides some ideas for those who are not sure about religion. Anyway, I say I'm an atheist. Some people say I that means I have faith. I say that my "faith" in the absense of God is comparable with my faith in the absense of fairies at the bottom of my garden. There's no evidence for either of them so I don't believe in either of them. Perhaps someone would like to tell me what exactly I have faith in? And why they think it is comparable to t
  21. In what sense do you think this enhances power? As far as I can see it just uses a bunch gears (rather more than neccessary) to transfer rotation from the handle to the bottom shaft. So what? A simple shaft and bevel gear would do a better job.
  22. "Shock as in surprise is a massive missuse!" Err, no. The use of the word shock for a suprise is the original meaning derived from old French. When they wanted a word for loss of effective blood pressure etc they were too lazy to make one up and they started to misuse a perfectly respectable word. Or, more reasonably, like may words "shock" has more than one meaning and you need to sort out from the context which meaning applies in any given circumstance.
  23. Why not accept that those 17 are responsible for the lung cancers?
  24. It's probably important to realise that there are lots of different venoms from different snakes. They have different properties and therefore different potential uses.
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