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  1. Gauging something wrongly isn't really gauging it- or the term loses any meaning.
  2. Imagine I post a picture of some man and say it looks like my brother. Would you this say to Et Pet Could he gauge it for himself?
  3. Are you deliberately missing the point?
  4. I tried. Google said
  5. How would you know (see above).
  6. I'm fairly sure that if you want to look at the science of racism (so far as that has a meaning the field you want to look at is psychology (rather than evolution- though that must have been involved too). I think the phrase you need to look for is something like "in group vs out group" because the problem of xenophobia isn't really related to race, ,colour, faith, sexuality, nationality, sports club or anything else in particular. It's down to "like me vs not like me". All I ask you to do is read at least half a dozen varied articles on the issues before you post- otherwise you are likely to get stuff monumentally wrong, and cause grave offense. The safe option, for anyone who doesn't want to risk a few reputation points. is "just don't go there".
  7. I was wondering if anyone was going to ram the point home.
  8. We really don't know what was going on very early in the universe, but we do recognise that, to paraphrase it, energy condensed into matter. Before it was matter, irt wasn't matter :so you have invented an idea of "the change of matter from state 1 to state 2". Was a brick caused by an earlier version of that brick? Or was it caused by a brick factory? You need to think carefully about what you mean by "cause".
  9. Yes, and the people who made those records can judge how realistic the programme is. I didn't make them. I still really can't judge. It's not complicated. It's like asking you if a picture looks like my brother, then saying
  10. That's either tautologically true (and therefore unhelpful) or made up nonsense.
  11. "Well, I emailed CERN" Try this; you might get a better response. One (among many) concerns with CO2 production from fossil fuels is the damage being done when it dissolves in sea water. So saying " I think we as humans ought to go ahead with the idea and implement it anyway" suggests that you are an idiot or a maniac. Which is it?
  12. That's particularly funny if you grew up in sheep farming country. We have a fairly good answer to "What was the early universe like?" going back to a time where the conditions were such that matter could not exist. So, the issue isn't that science has failed to answer it. The problem is that you failed to understand (even at the pop science level) one of the most widely discussed scientific ideas in cosmology. How hard had you tried?
  13. How would you know? It's not as if you understand science, so what possible qualification do you consider yourself to have?
  14. One of the major advantages to starting with an "acid bath" is that it kills things. So, if there were insects in that apple- who cares? They aren't going to be causing trouble for long. Pathogenic bacteria? Soon to become additional dietary protein.
  15. That's not an assumption, it's a definition. Why do you think your redefinition of the word is better than the one that's currently in use? Who are you that we should all suddenly change what the word means?
  16. I really can't gauge it for myself. I wasn't there at the time, so I don't know what really happened.
  17. As Ghideon said, if the draw is "fair" then no numbers are more probable than any others. Are you thinking of something like this?'s_fallacy
  18. I'm fairly sure that the saline used in storing contact lenses is 0.9% NaCl and is isotonic with blood (and tears) so it causes less irritation when you put the lenses back in. It's not, in any way, intrinsically bactericidal. However it's likely to have some bactericide added to keep it sterile. My guess is that the stuff being sold is a solution of salt in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Once the peroxide decomposes you are left with saline. It's also possible that some spore-forming microbes would survive long enough for the peroxide to decay, and then start growing. Ask your optician.
  19. Why? A few billion years of evolution has equipped us to deal with the amount normally present.
  20. You do not know what you are talking about. The pizza flour is mainly starch and it tuns into sugar (It starts as soon as you chew it)
  21. The body can, and will, make sugar (specifically glucose) even if there is none in the diet. It is also rather difficult to eat a diet that contains no sugar- starches are converted to sugar in the gut. Just about everything is said to cause cancer. Next time, try a doctor. Being devoid of sugar will cause your brain to die- pretty much instantly.