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  1. People are currently building and using thermal energy stores.
  2. And what you said was that you were not going to answer my point. WHERE IS THIS INFORMATION STORED, IF IT IS NOT IN THE GENOME?
  3. "How do we can prove that an infinite set exist?" Well, when we are teaching schoolkids it goes something like this: Teacher " what's the biggest number?" Kid" a thousand" T "what do you get if you add 1 to a thousand?" K "A thousand and one" T "Is that bigger than a thousand? K "Yes" T "And if you said you thought that a thousand and one was the biggest number and I asked you to add 1 to it... then what would happen?" K " you would get a bigger number" T"Now do you understand why there is no biggest number? K "yes" T "So the numbers must go on forever, right?" K "yes" Well, that's pretty much defined an infinite set
  4. "Can anyone believe Hillary Clinton was supposed to loose the election according to Bible?" Well, if they believe that the Biblical God would think Trump is "good" or "right" then they can believe anything.
  5. If I get a bunch of matchsticks and cover them with glue, put them in a box, shake them up into some random arrangement and let the glue dry then they have "self assembled" into that shape. But it's almost certainly no use. If I want molecules to self assemble into something useful, I need to "choose"- and specify- those molecules very carefully. And the way I do that is via the genome. You seem to be persistently ignoring all the points I make. May I remind you that the rules of the forum say that you have to address them, otherwise you are engaging in soapboxing, rather than discussion.
  6. You don't need gluten. What you need is food. Your DNA (albeit helped by gut bacteria) knows how to make the enzymes that break down the food to components that get reorganised into "you". However, it's true that we need, but lack the enzyme(s) to make, vitamin C. We also can't photosynthesise. Well, where is it then?
  7. That's pretty much the opposite of what I said. I'm saying a tadpole is the expression of information that is internal to the egg and that the place where that information is stored is the genome. It can't get access to any external information. As I said; it hasn't got an instruction book. True, but if I want to specify making a hexagonal structure the instruction I might give is "burn hydrogen and cool the reaction product until it freezes". If I wanted a cubical structure I would say " burn sodium in an atmosphere of chlorine then carefully cool the product." The ice or salt crystals self-assemble, but it's the instruction which defines what shape you get. If you make the wrong molecule, it doesn't work, because it doesn't self assemble into the right thing. How did the body know to produce component parts that would assemble into an eye? It's possible, in principle, to screw up the DNA and get a "mutant" eye. How would that be possible if the DNA didn't control the production of the eye? Shortsightedness is, to a fair degree, heritable. How could that happen without the information being carried from parent to child? Are you saying the mother's eyes wander off to the womb for a bit "to show the foetus how it's done"? And the father's contribution? Your idea just doesn't stand up to serious consideration in its own right. And you still need to say where you think the information about, for example, an eye is stored for the growing offspring if it's not stored as part of the genome. That's not going to cut it on a science page.
  8. If this is right then black polythene absorbs 93% of the incident light. You can only hope to get another 7% If the paint isn't cheaper than using 7% more pipe it can't be worth it.
  9. "But they pointed to an experience about a wired up beating heart which was placed in water, removed and then a non-wired up heart being placed in the same water and began beating. They credited to a documentary called "The Memory of Water"" I would credit it to epinephrine left behind by the first heart. Once that "kick starts" the second heart, it will beat on its own. That's fine, but you should be very clear about the range of issues it can actually treat At best "The UK's National Health Service says there is "limited evidence" that osteopathy "may be effective for some types of neck, shoulder or lower limb pain and recovery after hip or knee operations", but that there is no evidence that osteopathy is effective as a treatment for health conditions unrelated to the bones and muscles." At worst "Others have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to suggest efficacy for osteopathic style manipulation in treating musculoskeletal pain." Both from Then they ae, at best, misguided.
  10. Yep, that's part A of his problem- it's a non sequitur. Part B is that he's unable to say where the information is stored (since he says' it's not in the genome). If he ever gets us beyond that, we can look at the other strange/ impossible claims he's made. I am not holding my breath.
  11. And the thing that "knows how" to make the bits which self-organise (whether it's at the level of lipid bilayers or limbs) is DNA. The information is essentially encoded into the genome.
  12. Sanding black plastic, not metal. But I think using a pipe that's 2% longer would be easier.
  13. Given that the stuff is "black" the absorption of light is probably well over 50% so you can't do better than doubling the efficiency (on that score). Using two sets of pipe would get twice the energy. What's the price of vantablack compared to another hundred yards of pipe?? You need to put a box with double glazing over the pipes to keep them warm. I gather the usual use of such a system is to pre heat water, before a more conventional system gets it hot enough to shower with or whatever. You might be able to use it as a source for a heat pump. In any event, you have a choice of problems, either clean water runs through the pipe in which case it will freeze in winter or you have antifreeze in the pipe and some sort of heat exchanger which adds enormously to the complexity A big advantage to plastic pipe is that it doesn't have any joints to leak. Good luck to anyone constructing a closed box which will hold water for a few years.
  14. Some sort of hour glass that, if he doesn't keep turning it over, runs out of sand and trips the gunpowder. Not sure it's possible but it meets the " criterion for any given definition of "quickly"
  15. I'm sure I am not the only one looking forward to the evidence for this (along with some evidence for your other claims). Incidentally, it's an acceptable shorthand within the scientific community to refer to " a gene for" when you actually mean (some set of genes which interact...."
  16. What do you mean by that? By whom was it inferred, and from what?
  17. Not if you want building bricks or wires or TV screens or engines or shoes or chairs or... well most things.
  18. The crime rate is low, but not zero and it must, at some level be cultural rather than due only to law enforcement.
  19. On the whole, in those circumstances I try to work out why they are being dicks. It's often because they have been misled. "Should I leave because I think the law should punish "minor things" worse? They already punish it but its not effective. " So, you think we should do more of the ineffective thing... OK...? Do you see why others might not feel that's going to help as much as tackling the actual cause?
  20. Then, to be consistent, because this site is tolerant, you should leave.