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  1. It must be something like that. People have compared Trump and Johnson before. Boris also announced a solution to the brexit problem in Ireland. It's one that was already rejected. He announced the building of 40 new hospitals. It's actually just 6- and they aren't new. He's on record as lying to the population, the police, his wife, his mistresses, his party leader, his editor, his readers, parliament and the Queen. Many of his supporters are probably only worried about the last of those. Boris is really good at promising good things. He's not good at doing good things.
  2. As long as you are at exactly the correct humidity. Otherwise it gives you a small but approximate weight (well... mass)
  3. Not to mention, I suspect, a fair fraction of the members of this site. Interesting aside about people with autism. Good luck trying to get them to act. It doesn't generally go with the condition (I'm not saying it's impossible- just think about Daryl Hannah) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daryl_Hannah#Political_activism So, the claims that Greta is working from a script controlled by the (inevitably mysterious) "others" seem a bit fishy. Not sure how that squares with the forum's rules on abuse. (Unless it's personal testimony- which seems... unlikely). In any event, it's not relevant. Yes there are prostitutes who are under 16. They are pretty much definitively not in a position to make their own decisions.
  4. The source impedance of a thermocouple is, literally, that of a bit of wire, so 100 ohms doesn't load it significantly. But it doesn't meet this criterion.
  5. Just a quick reminder to those quoting psychologists saying that Greta's got mental health issues. There were plenty of them saying (with clear evidence) that Trump is mad- specifically that he's a psychopath among other things. To my mind, the significant difference is that one wants to save the world, and the other wants to own it. I know which one I trust.
  6. If the 1st op amp doesn't load the circuit, doesn't that imply a high input resistance with a corresponding high noise?
  7. In practice, it's likely that, if there was enough carbon containing fuel on the Earth's surface, before we run out of oxygen we would die from carbon monoxide. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
  8. All the free condoms you want don't reduce the birth rate much if people still want lots of children. So, in a country where there is no welfare state and the only people who will look after you in old age are your children, your free condoms are not going to get used. That's not to say we shouldn't provide family planning. (And, while we are at it we need to hold the religious nutters who oppose it in check). But it's really not the whole story. Oh- you get an impression! Well, that's it then. No need to go looking for actual evidence. Of course she rehearses- people do. So what? WTF has the White house got to do with it?
  9. Well spotted. The Times was edited by Jacob Rees Mogg's dad. The most frequent guest on Question Time is Nigel Farage. It's true that much immigration is from outside the EU. But the Brexiteers told the lie that "Brussels won't let us stop immigrants". So being anti immigration was till being anti EU. What are the systems like in, for example, France and Germany?
  10. In principle, you could arrange for them to happen on separate planets (No, I don't mean separate plants) Did he also say we don't need to worry about a plague of unicorns (which nobody was worrying about anyway).
  11. OK, if it's ridiculous, it should be easy for you to show how the status quo causes more harm (than the status quo). Good luck...
  12. No, though they have got the same linguistic root. So has "politician". And your pronunciation is not the issue. Why illustrate dishonesty? It's not as if anyone here is unaware of the concept. Incidentally, in the UK the armed forces swear allegiance to the Queen- not the government or the people. The police are controlled and funded locally. If they were on opposite sides there's no doubt who would win. We don't have a constitution. It might work better if you talked about things you actually know about.
  13. They are, and the police + prisons will side with them.
  14. Water is pretty nearly transparent to visible light- as used by plants. So plankton a few metres down are not troubled by the absorption of light by water; they are, however shadowed because the plankton above them soak up the light. A thin layer of concentrated plankton will absorb the same fraction of the light as a thick layer of dilute plankton. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer–Lambert_law But supply of nutrients may be easier in a less crowded environment. Of course, there's also other stuff in the water which absorbs lioo.
  15. If I wanted to implement that I would need an amplifier with a well defined gain "A". In practical terms, I'd do that with an op amp and two resistors. In order not to load the rest of the system, those resistors would need to be reasonably large. What's the effect of those large resistors (with correspondingly large noise voltages) on the overall performance of the circuit?
  16. In the presence of air, those acids attack copper. To some extent the copper sulphate and common salt also does. Sodium hydroxide will dissolve aluminum, but not copper. It is, however, more corrosive to skin.
  17. Are we talking about the one whose banner says "Lifting Global Consciousness Raising Our Vibration and Expanding Our Capacity to Love"? Because I don't see any science behind the use of the word "vibration" (or, indeed, anything else they do).
  18. Sufficiently large DC voltages can be detected - because people's hair stands on end as in the pic here https://spectrumscientifics.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/making-electricity-van-de-graaff-generators-and-tesla-coils/ However, the idea that a small battery would produce a notable effect is unlikely at best.
  19. You missed the fact that the same "mechanical" failures will still happen. Having a remote driver doesn't stop the brakes failing You just add more things that can go wrong, so the odds of something going wrong get worse.
  20. Your idea should work fine. My first thought would have been to remove the aluminium by dissolving it in sodium hydroxide solution. Either option may damage any patination. Also, in either case, wash the piece thoroughly after treatment before letting it dry.
  21. Somewhere is "technically a desert" if it doesn't rain or snow much. Nothing to do with nutrients. "Why aren't the oceans covered in floating seaweed?" Much of it is, but they are rather small. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phytoplankton#/media/File:Plankton_satellite_image.jpg from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phytoplankton
  22. I believe that people can, and do, achieve all those things. It's called "driving". It's important to recall that a self driving car doesn't need to be perfect- it needs to be better than a (typical) human. The most interesting issue (to me) is a moral one. You need to persuade people to buy a car which will be programmed to kill them in certain circumstances. Another interesting issue (already raised) if it goes wrong, who is responsible? The driver? The manufacturer? The programmer?
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