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  1. I don't quite understand you wanting me to rearrange the subject matter. Not once did I mention the word Jew, yet you injected the word 7 times in your reply. Might I ask why? While the holocaust may have been a scheme to get rid of a particular ethnic group, several other nationalities supplied much of the cannon fodder during the cleansing. As far as elaborating further, I don't know what else to tell you. My thoughts were not so much on the fact that 17,000,000 innocent people were murdered outright, but rather how easily it was accomplished.
  2. Loved Rita, Gene, Fred and The BGs. Someone spent a lot of time putting this video together. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=mz3CPzdCDws
  3. On a train ride between Bremerhaven and Zweibrucken (about seven or eight hrs) at that time, and a few just days before my 21st birthday and Christmas of 1953, I was a naive hill billy kid struck by how similar the German countryside looked much like it did back home. So peaceful, beautiful and well manicured, I never once gave a thought to the guys who had just eight short years before, stormed the beaches at Normandy, or even why such an attack had been necesary. While it did take me a couple months to become acclimated and begin looking around, I soon found good reason to realize that ignorance only grows more pronounced if one allows themselves to be duped. I won't go into detail, but even after eight years, the Concertration (Death Camps) I had the privilage to visit still permeated with the smells of "HELL". Wish that little perverted Iranian bastard, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other disbelievers could have been there with me even 8 years after the fact to witness such stinking atrocities. Got this email today and thought it might be a good topic to discuss along with gun control. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=2972691n Listen to the bit about shooting victims. Didn't take long for the nazis to realize that a little sarin gas was less expensive. !7,000,000 people murdered and none of them with guns. How many might have been saved if firearms had been available? Perhaps none. Sheeple are simply sheeple until things get totally unbearable. But partisan guerilla tactics sure played hell on the Nazi economy once they got into high gear.
  4. But when a negative is given just for spite, there should be at least a bit of expaination to go along with that negative, If only to be constructive.
  5. You get a green +, enough said. But a red - should require a short explination, but not to divulge the poster.
  6. rigney


    Religious people don't even try looking below the skin into the first layer. In their heart and mind, they know without question, it is an onion..
  7. rigney


    No! Just saying, it has taken years of analysis, theory and research to amass the knowledge and expertise of the different fields getting us to where we are today. While most religious people utilize those advantages, they also believe in "something" to be far more powerful than medicine and science.
  8. rigney


    I can't and won't argue science vs religion with you Moon. But let's say that you and I have a $ buck each in our pockets from finding and selling empty soda pop bottles using the empirical method.. Now we run across a buddy who has been searching all day without finding a single bottle. Do we mock him for not looking in the right places where we found ours? What happens if after weeks of keeping his nose to the groung and finding no bottles, he comes across a diamond ring worth mega $$$? Believe me, I still love and believe in those little green leprechauns.
  9. rigney

    Yay, GUNS!

    Quote Moontanman: I think we should stop calling these weapons assault rifles or insinuating they are more dangerous that other semi auto weapons... they are not. They are not military weapons either, no military would arm their men with these rifles. I think the real problem with these guns is the false bravado that comes with them, protect the proletariat from the government, horse feathers... home protection... this is critical, no one should ever fire a high powered weapon inside a building, it's simply not fair to your neighbors who could be killed many houses away with a high powered rifle... Hunting... I have called these assault rifles high powered weapons but compared to a real hunting rifle they are not, a 30.06 packs much more fire power and kills much cleaner and if it is semi automatic can be fired just as fast as these pretend military riffles. That leaves these "assault" weapons with only one real use, they are toys, collectors items fun for target practice but not much practical use for anything else... That is, until they get into the wrong hands. Then, even a .177 air rifle can be lethal at close range. A .22 cal. or larger bore projectile fired from a rifle can travel over a mile and still be deadly. Guns are only guns until they are in the wrong hands and then they are killing machines. Mac Davis wrote this for Elvis more than 40 years ago but there is as much or more truth in it today as when it was written. Psychopaths seem to kill as if locked in a dream world closet filled totally with exasperation. Desperation and anger best describe this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ5EEdEehm8
  10. 1/28/13 Ran across it this morning A good old Texas boy named Mac Davis wrote it more than 40 years ago and passed it on to Elvis. Give it some thought. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ5EEdEehm8
  11. rigney

    Yay, GUNS!

    Wasting your time with that explanation Iggy. Illteracy can be corrected with help and time, but stupidity goes clean to the bone and forever. You might find this link interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKpLhNiC8zg
  12. Even with the best of scientific knowledge, chances are earth could slip back into a "dark age" again, given the wrong set of directions. That would be on the order of world disorder in the form of; "Anarchy" Can't happen? Think about it! 1
  13. rigney


    Anyone can make a case for just about anything they choose to endorse. But what really pisses me is when someone says: "It's only what I believe to be a fact that really matters". Such a statement, whether coming from a religious or scientific source is ignorance bordering on stupidity. Me, I like to think there is a supreme entity of some kind responsible for the creation of this universe or universes. Will we ever know for a fact? I doubt it..But I would really like to see one of those wee little green leprechauns.
  14. Well bless your heart! Being 88 years of age and believing in "anything" today is risky business. Myself, I'm 80 and quite vulnerable to conjecture at every crook and turn. But as an Agnostic, (com ce com sa), my glass isn't half empt, but half full. At least give yourself a break before breathing your last.
  15. I'm not working on the mistaken premise of expense, nor do I recommend "Stopping the space program". Read my words, not what you think I wrote. http://news.cnet.com/8301-19514_3-57377062-239/nasa-budget-boosts-manned-space-cuts-mars-exploration/
  16. I know Moon, and shortly there will be even less money available for space science. And our GNP! Got to keep big government fattened up and growing, you know. And the ITT thing, you're pulling my leg; right? You do believe in string theory, don't you?
  17. Sounds a bit like Shangri-La the way you describe it. Thing is though, I would never want to see Americans to go through again what they experienced in the 1860s or what Europeans suffered from early history up and through the mid 1940s. Beginning with bow and arrow on to lance and sword, eventually culmiating into a bunch of "Gun Nuts" that literally butchered Europe. Unless you are a history buff It can be quite easily forgetten what got you to this now Eutopic state you've settled into. The rest of the world had best pray America never gets so complacent. While I am not for the indiscriminate killing of a mouse, ant or carp, I believe each person has a moral and legal right to protect their property, family and themselves. If you think that makes me a gun lover, so be it.
  18. While this isn't pertinent to the discussion at the moment, it may shed some light on the problem. Amzingly, none of these people even look remotely like a nut case. But since most things get glossed over, I suggest you use your own judgment. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=fGaDAThOHhA
  19. I'm not for a moment saying we should get out of the space program entirely. But, at this point we have amassed a tremendous amout of knowledge that can be built on by science, leading us into the future. Thing is, we can't be throwing mega-bucks into the well again. As much as green energy is distasteful to me because of the way it has been handled thus far, I would rather we push that game plan to its limit trying to help this planet, rather than looking for aliens or a new home????
  20. As I previously stated, we've been into modern rocketry science since Von Braun first built them during WWII, with little to show for it monetary wise. Think of what might need to be spend on just the idea that this pipe dream has a remote chance of working? I'm not saying this theoritical physicist Kaku is "full of it", but it sure sounds like a bunch of hyperbole to me. http://curiosity.discovery.com/question/warp-speed
  21. Electricity is a fact with literally millions of applications and increasing daily. Warp speed, if there is such a thing, is still in its infancy. I hope someday it and ITT will be possible.
  22. And to think! I used the phrase "Instantaneous Transcendental Teleportation" a couple years back, applying it to the series, Star Trek, for which you gave me a hefty portion of crow to eat. To me, "warp speed" is as nonsensical as conveying the notion that ITT is an answer. Even adding the ancient myth of Icarus, to the fifty+ years of our latest rocket age, we're still skating on iron wheeled roller skates. Since neither of these programs wii ever likely come to fruition, we might as well spend a few trillion bucks more on "pipe dreams" while the earth is settling itself into hell. Thought this might be of interest while looking at warp speed. http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/einsteinlight/jw/module4_time_dilation.htm
  23. And to think, after all of the dark and satanical information about gun killings, many people actually spend tons of bucks buying and enjoying them. Check out the other available link attachments. Some are enlightening, others just plain stupid. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=OQnU1t7UzgM This one is a Lu-Lu and shows what some people who are supposed to be responsible, don't know.
  24. Perhaps discussing pedofelia as a subject may be more to your liking? I'm looking at what seems to be a distinguished gentleman who is given 30 to 60 years in prison for "punking 10 and 12 year old boy" because in doing so it gave him a happy face and best of all, he didn't even need a gun. Sadly, he brought these young boys to their knees with gentle persuasion and in many ways ruined the balance of their lives. Yet, after all of the testimony given by these once innocent juveniles, defense attorneys swear there has been a miscarriage of justice. Well, kiss my ignorant ass. Only when we have finally determined how to corral those with such a mental illness, can you have our guns. After the final verdict on this sicko had been reached, the "son of a bitch" should have been given time to shave, take a good bath and then the rope. Without a better understanding of how justice should be meted out, we are wasting our time on gun bans and gun control. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57528616/jerry-sandusky-receives-30-to-60-year-sentence/ http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/01/sandusky_defense_team_rates_ch.html
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