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  1. All a lot of fuss if you ask me (not that anyone is). People get all riled up because influenza mutates so rapidly. It contains 8 pieces of nucleic acid, a cell can be infected by two strands, and the resulting particles cab be a mix of the two strands. But if one of those virus particles is particularly dangerous to humans it still has to infect a human. It may not multiply well in its current host, a human may never come in contact with it. It will eventually happen, but I believe we'll have the time necessary to prepare.

  2. Yeah thats exactly what I've been looking for, I've never seen chimps protrayed as hunters. It would be interesting to know where the primate evolved from.


    I'm sure that's because you're used to seeing the baby chimps that hang out on people's heads and with michael jackson. When they grow up they get a little hard to handle... you know, hormones and such.

  3. Most med schools will require math through calculus. You might not work with a lot of calculus problems as a doctor but it's going to make you more well-rounded. In my opinion make sure you have an advanced biostatistics class, it will be much more useful to you.

  4. The longest I have gone without sleep is 21 consecutive days. Nobody believes me but it's true. I was pretty well gone by that time - brain not functioning' date=' hallucinating, seeing my dead relatives round the foot of my bed. Not a nice experience.


    I have had serious insomnia for over 20 years and have been on benzodiazepams all that time. I now take 10 temazepams a night, although they're not working, as I haven't slept in 6 days and counting. My doctor thinks thay may be having a paradoxical effect - sometimes you can get so used to them that they actually start to keep you awake, so he's trying to cut my dosage down gradually.


    As to why I can't sleep - I have an extremely active mind that just won't shut up day or night - I only need it to be quiet for 5 seconds and I will fall asleep, but can I manage it? - no way.


    I'm going to pursue meditation next, as this can lead to a better control of the mind and could be the solution.


    Keep you fingers crossed for me.[/quote']


    Maybe you have fatal familial insomnia. What a downer that would be. It's a prion disease. Usually happens all at once though.

  5. I just read an article that talked about using bacteriophages instead of antibiotics. Seems like it may be the next wave. Apparently it was first done by some soviet doctors when an unsuspecting man slept next to a discarded drum of nuclear waste because it was warm. He recieved major burns. His wounds became infected and the doctors applied bandages filled with bacteriophages. The man survived. A professor tells me that some companies are working on dressings designed to release bacteriophage into a wound at a constant rate.

  6. I'm curious if anyone knows specifically how PrPsc causes cellular damage and death in Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. I gather it has something to do with myelinated axons. What specifically is it about the misfolding and accumulation of PrP that causes cells to die? I realize this is a rather hypothetical area but I'll settle for the prevaling theory.


    Prion, this should be right up your alley.

  7. Asking any question relating to abortion on the internet is like poking a hornet's nest. For the record, I'm pro-choice. Reproductive rights go both ways, the right to have children or to not. Just because it looks kind of like a person doesn't mean it is.

  8. I somehow doubt that a "homosexual gene" would be a recessive trait. That usually refers to the production (or lack) of a protein. Fatal genetic conditions are passed on when the person is a "carrier" and still produces the protein in question. It's like saying you are gay if you have two bad copies of a gene and don't produce your "straight proteins".


    edit: NPK posted while I was typing... kinda what I was getting at.

  9. Before the invention of antibiotics some doctors advocated the practice of inducing high fevers in people with late phase syphilis. Malaria was used because it was easily (kind of) cured with quinine. The idea was that by prolonging a high fever the bacteria would be slowed. This was dangerous because the strain on the body was significant. Modern drugs work better and are less dangerous.

  10. I think the concept of a "homosexual gene" is preposterous. Most prevalent genes afford the individual a reproductive advantage. Having a gene that causes someone to have little if any sexual contact with the opposite gender makes no evolutionary sense. I know that some gay people reproduce before they realize they are gay, but not nearly to the degree that heterosexual people do in their life times. It's like a creature that's not quite as good at living in a certain environment as another... one's more likely to win.

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