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  1. This may seem like an irrelevant question...but are you a kinesthetic learner? Then palpation is a friend! I think that it helps to view a living body in front of you in anatomical position, and start with lateral and medial terms. I think that maybe if once you are able to palpate the difference between the right and the left side of the skeletal structure, you will have a firm ground of muscle memory that you will always be able to operate from. http://www.booksofdiscovery.com/ ...is a link to Trail Guide of the Body. Probably not as in depth as your texts at school, but might be hugely helpful if you are on the road to becoming a PT. Also, Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germaine. That book really explores tensegrity within the scope of everyday action. I hope this helps!
  2. divagreen


    I bet we've met. Or, rather than sleep, I hung on to your every word! I am 37 (b-day two days ago), a mother, engaged, and for money I rub on half-naked people. Haha, I am a medical massage therapist, going back to school to pursue a degree in organic chemistry. Why? I find it interesting.
  3. I echo the person who said that when they read the posts of others, they feel way behind (and for me, uphill to catch up). There are some forums that I would love to participate in, like the ethics forum, but cannot, due to my low posting count. It just feels intellectually disingenuous to pad my posting count with inane questions or responses such as "I agree with you" or "Tell me more". Asking questions about info that is covered in other threads and easily found with a thread search just seems redundant. I understand why the rules have been put in place. I am not new to forums, and I am fully aware how the actions of a few can control the participation of the many. This ensures quality, not quantity. Downside is...I can't participate as much as I would like to. But...even with the restrictions it doesn't discourage my enjoyment of this site, or of my learning something new, or seeing something from a different perspective. Haha, having said that, I am wanting to start a thread on Mitchell Joachim's visionary work. But where would I put it?
  4. They actually pay this guy to write this stuff? It doesn't make me angry, it makes me feel amused...
  5. This is an old username that I used to use on another forum a couple of years ago. I think I was watching the tellie at the time, while trying to create an account for that site, when Madonna strutted across the screen and I thought, "Diva". Then...I thought about what I am most passionate about and that would be sustainable living, and well...g r e e n. I use it on this site because I learned so very much with that username, and I hope that I may learn as much with it here.
  6. When I saw the title, "King of the Elements", thought oooh! oooh! I know this one! Hydrogen. And there it was in the original post. So I thought oooh! oooh! Helium. And then I read further and there someone posted it. So...in order to keep this discussion alive, maybe a little lateral thinking is in order? Helium3.
  7. I have been wanting to read that book! I always lend out The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Socrates to Sarte: A History of Philosophy by Samuel Enoch Stumpf. Two of my favourite.
  8. I think I see where you are going with this, and while I hate to answer a question (especially one where I don't know the exact answer to) with a question, I do ask this...can the galaxy that is moving away from us still be emitting light that we would be seeing? Wouldn't that cut down on all of that travel time? Wouldn't that mean we are just seeing light from that galaxy that is 10 billion light years away, mean that we are just seeing light from that galaxy that is 10 billion years away? Isn't there a point where the space curvature intercepts or even supersedes expansion and general relativity with regards to time? I am a novice when it comes to cosmology.
  9. I know that this is old, but gawd it was such a fun read! And true! (insert rolling on the floor laughing emoticon here.)
  10. I just tried to post in the philosophy forum, and I could not do so. ('Twill be my second post, after the intro.) Can I not reply to a sticky post? (It was the thread about philosophical reads.) Anyway, just wonderin'. Thanks.
  11. Hi, eye am gnu hear. Just kidding. Divagreen, here. I like to study science and philosophy when I don't want to have to think too much. Cheers.
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