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  1. Began tapping trees for making syrup. Today we tapped five Silver Maple and eight Black Walnut trees. Later this week we'll tap about 10 Black Maple trees.

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    2. zapatos


      Haha. Yeah, it was kind of like Grease. And you had to pay per person (not per car) so we'd also sneak people in by having them hide in the trunk of the car as we drove through the gate. Alas, I am 'only' 61. The drive-in theaters pretty much went away shortly after my youth.

    3. koti


      They are having a revive in the last years, at least here. Hipsters seem to love drive in theaters.

    4. Moontanman


      I was aware that black walnut trees could be tapped, an amazing number of trees can be, I didn't think it was done much anymore! KUDOs to you! 


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