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  1. I would like to commend you on proving that you know NOTHING about the american political system.
  2. the angular momentum is defined by the referance frame so at the bing bang the ere is a frame where the angular momentum is zero. This means that the universe as a whole has a net angular momentum of zero constantly. If you chose a frame in which the net angular momentum is not zero than it would still be constant it just wouldn't be zero.
  3. The atmospheric pressure would have an effect on phase changes and PV=nRT would be an equation you could use. If you look in books on thermodynamics you can usually find a three dimensional graph for a substance which relates P,V and T.
  4. It depends on the equation you're looking at, the units for ct is meters or some other unit of length. so are you using length or time?
  5. basically you study momentum because it is conservative in some systems and so it makes the mathematics easier.
  6. the tweaking of the sample to get a "smoothish" line doesnt change the fact that heat and temperature are diiferent concepts.
  7. Heat has to do with energy of a substance. Temperature is the average energy of a substance. Proof that these concepts are different can be seen if we look at a graph of temperature versus time for a sample being heated. The graph levels off at the temperatures where phase changes occur. If these two concepts where interchangable then the graph would not level off, it would be a smooth line.
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