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  1. oh really? Well, I guess I won't be accepted then. My GPA is 3.42 and I don't do any extracurricular activities because the only ones offered at my school are like FFA (Future Farmers of America). You see, I live in Arkansas, and most people here are deer-shooting, bass-fishing hillbillies who take the attitude toward learning of "If it ain't on a feed bag, I ain't gotta read it." That's why Arkansas has so poor educational records. It's not because we offer lackluster education. It's because students are too apathetic to seize that education. Sorry for straying off topic, but I had a feeling someone would say "You live in Arkansas and your GPA is only 3.42? Sorry, dude, but you haven't got much chance of being an astronomer!"
  2. I'm a nerd. Can you give me a link to it?
  3. I'm a seventeen-year-old student in high school who wants to be an astronomer. Can you hook me up with a good, affordable college that would impress Nasa? Thanks.
  4. I'm a seventeen year old junior in high school who's taking the required Algebra 2 as his third math. I need one more math, but I get a choice as to what I get to take next year. I want to take pre-calculus and then take either statistics or college algebra as an elective. I want to impress my teacher with some knowledge of the class beforehand, but I don't have the money for a "pre-calculus for dummies" book. Can anyone link me to a website where I can get a little knowledge of Calculus before I take it this August? Thanks.
  5. can you help me find a school?
  6. Hello. My name is David Stebbins. I'm a 17-year-old student in high school who wants to go into nuclear physics as a career. I could have sworn that I joined here before, but my account was obviously deleted because of inactivity. Anybody remember me? Anyway, do you know of any schools that I could go to? I graduate in 2007. I'd like to go to an Ivy League college if I can find one that will accept me for an affordable price (I may go into the US Army to get aid). I think I have the intelligence to make it in an Ivy League college. I'm passing Algebra 2 with so much ease right now that I can get all my homework done in class, much less on the bus, and I never study for a math or science test (only English). I know it's only going to get tougher as I get into classes like Calculus 2 and College Physics, but I think if I stop not studying and start putting forth some actual effort, I can do it. My only concern is English. I just can't infer the message that the writer is trying to send to me. Does that sound like you? Good at numbers, bad at infering? Anyway, can you link me to some college websites that are really good with nuclear physics?
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