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  1. The image is beautiful and it hurts me a bit to critique it because it's wonderfully done, but a couple notes on the evolutionary links.


    The thecodontia lineage to crocs should have biped ancestors. The thecodontia/euryapsid/squamata/etc. branch point is super cluttered where I didn't see squamates at first. During the amphibian evolution there is an animal that is lifting its head and another above it with a bend in its back. There may have been that neck movement but ventral/dorsal trunk movement probably didn't develop that early on.


    I apologize for critiquing because it is truly a beautiful piece of work.

    Hi Ringer,

    Thanks for the comments, there is no reason to apologize this is exactly why i put it on here, I had a bit of trouble fitting the reptiles in and I am sure there are a few mistakes, I was researching whilst drawing. I also remember that the line between thecondontia to crocs was huge but there was no chance of fitting much else in. I will make sure to look into the amphibian evolutionary line a bit more if I finally manage to make a new one.


    Thanks again and keep them coming


  2. One idea you might like to consider is to have only a partly coloured area, doing most of it but not all of it and make the total coloured area a solid progressive but flowing block running from the front, say possibly, the same sort of shape as your right hand picture above for coloured area and leave the rest as drawing. This might go over one shoulder and spread like it is at the front over the back. The contrast of finished against unfinished might add an interesting visual dimension and create relief. You would need to think about the shape of the coloured area(s) as it moves from front to back and how much area to colour in to create a sense of balance with the unfinished part. Fully colouring it all in might be overkill I'm wondering.


    Lovely job however you decide to do it. smile.png


    Thanks String Junky this is a good idea and easy to do, this is supposed to be a horse, it would look better when I get more of it coloured so I can zoom out more.



  3. It's a cool idea, really nice poster, for future ideas maybe perhaps make them into fractals, some kind of timeline, or a definite shape like a tree, like the base could be made out of fish swimming in water, mollusks and invertebrates could be crawling up the side and along with bugs they could form branches which birds and leafy plants sprout off of.

    From a distance on the T-shirt it looks like a bunch of flowers and vines just by itself, perhaps you could more definitely shape it into flowers and ferns with details of animals making up some of it's components in some kind of abstract fractal time-line.

    I have some ideas that are along these lines, the flowers I didn't think of, could be a popular image. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Wow! Once or twice a month, if I am lucky, I see or hear something that blows me away. That is awesome. Very well done. I know you were looking for comments on how to improve it, but I need to come back to Earth before I can start nitpicking a brilliantly executed concept.

    Thanks Ophiolite, they are available to buy if you are in the Uk otherwise it gets a bit expensive. I am currently colouring it if that is something you might prefer and also getting screenprints made but they will be a bit more expensive

  5. Thanks


    how cool the whole shirt would look; vague color pattern from far away, coming into glorious evolutionary detail as someone got closer to it.


    I wasn't sure about doing the whole image on a Tshirt but I mocked it up and it does look ok. I planned just to do sections, just birds, just mammals etc.


    post-26433-0-12551000-1359485372.jpg post-26433-0-17118400-1359485401.jpg


    When I spoke to the printers they said that if it is harder it is more expensive, but printing on the fabric before it is put together could be a solution. Thanks for the imput



    Possibly a little change in perspective as items diverge from the origen? Could give it more dynamics. But, again, totally amazing, and maybe it is as you like.


    Thanks, I did think about using perspective towards the edges, the sharks fish and crocodile are a bit bigger but I was really struggling for space by the end. I don't want the cells to be too small so perhaps I could do a rippling effect. Thanks for the input too.


  6. Yeah I went to meet some screen printers last week I only ordered some screen-prints but we talked about t-shirts. I'm planning to draw some specifically for t-shirts.


    I want to Improve the accuracy for example my pelycosaurs, therapsids etc are in the wrong place and because I was running out of space it looks like Cetacea evolved from giraffes, I am still in the early stages of learning about the evolutionary processes that occured so I'm hoping for some critisism on this image to help me improve any that I make in future.


    I have started to colour it but it has taken me a month to do just under half of it so it will be at least another month before I finish it.

  7. I don't have a scientific background so this is probably a silly question to someone that does...


    If in the reaction of a radioactive material decaying it releases photons is it ridiculous to suggest that electrons protons ect are just made of photons.

    when you heat something it releases light too, and like when you heat water the atoms gain energy and move around the extreme ones moving fast enough and far enough away from each other to escape the liquid state the 'photons in the electron' escape when heated too.

    I'm sure I heard that in billions of billions of years all the electrons ect will decay but what else would be released from them and so what else could they be made of?

  8. With the idea of the fabic of time and space they always describe it as a marble(mass)on a sheet(time and space), the marble bends the sheet like the earth or gallaxy bends space to cause gravity or bend time.

    Anyway imagine as the marble travels over the sheet it pulls up a wave in the sheet which eventually catches up and gives a slight accelleration to the marble before it slows down again. if this could apply to a gallexy travelling through space it could explain why the expansion of the universe is accellerating.

    I was thinking this the other day and already don't think this at all a possibility just wanted to check what other people thought

  9. I was thinking about how the expansion of the universe streches light waves so the most distant gallaxies appear red (the longer end of the visible light wavelengths). if a gamma wave (or any short wave) was sent away from a distant gallaxy would it be streched to the point that it turns into visible light? and so are we actually seeing a shorter wavelengh waves when we see these red distant gallaxies ... and to continue the radio waves that we recive from further back in our universes time.


    I was also thinking that without the streching of space would these waves even have a wave effect? perhaps the stretching of space makes the wave effect and without it stretching we would have a pure .. um ?stream of photons? is that right?


    anyway just a thought, I don't have a great scientific knoledge and just wanted to see if this was an interesting idea or a stupid one

  10. Hi, I don't know much about physics but I was thinking about black-holes gravity and antimatter. This will probably be easy to disprove but is it possible that a black-hole just contains antimatter and so stops feeding when it eventually runs out?(I imagine there is the same amount of matter and antimatter in a 'perfect' galaxy so when the black hole finally runs out of antimatter the galaxy is canceled out) Also this is a bit silly but could gravity be caused by antimatter and not matter, this would explain why it is so weak because there isn't much of it(apart from in black-holes).


    Sorry if this is just rubbish and I've wasted your time

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