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  1. there are 3 things you have to check:


    1. format of keys: String, Integer, ..

    2. hash function: compatible with the keys

    3. hash table size: depends on 3 things:

    a. hash function

    b. dataset size

    c. optimization factor (can be constant, or a function f(n) where n is the dataset-size)

  2. Your questions are very simple and easy to solve ...


    question a talks about the case of having a graph made of two sub-graphs which are only connected through 1 edge, where nodes on its sides are considered critical


    question b is not simple, but to find that critical node, you have to go over all nodes in the graph, then check if there exist a circuit,

    then it's part of a cycle, and breaking it won't disjoint any sub-graph in that graph by removing this node


    note: you have to check for all edges connected to every node, if there exist a node that has no circuit, then it's a critical node

  3. You know about Everything from nothing theory,


    given that we have a quantum creation operator and annihilation operator:


    1. when a matter crash into its anti-matter, they annihilate .. resulting in energy


    2. when a creation operator is activated, energy is consumed to create matter and anti-matter


    When all matter sums up, we get Zero, because for every matter there is anti-matter .. this is symmetry

  4. doing them in parallel is like two different people use each of these algorithms


    I think you should consider both of them in Analysis, to create a hybrid algorithm that consider the cons of both


    The only way using two different algorithms for an optimal solution, is to use two algorithms that for certain one of them is going to draw the short straw

  5. If you are not good at Programming .. there are other options, such as Creating this application using Microsoft Access, or buy the really-cheap Easy ERP software


    If you want the Programming choice, then here are elements you should consider:

    - Data Storage: Local or Online Database

    - Query Processing

    - Routine Procedures

    - Produce Reports

    - Data Backup

    - Printer Support

    - Email Support

    - Statistical Analysis

  6. I mean can we really write an algorithm to define life?


    By definition, no .. we cannot build an algorithm that represent life, but we can model life to some extent


    Check: Mathematical Modeling & Simulation

  7. If there exist a real hotel that employs Cloud System .. then you can live in the hotel, you have an apartment,


    but you don't actually have a fixed private space for you in the hotel


    What actually happens is that hotel spaces are considered as a virtual resource, so based on your contract,


    you may acquire a space as you're allowed to for given time, but in different place every time,


    and your storage is brought to you every time from the shared storage facility




    On the political system side, Cloud Systems are similar to Communism

  8. To remove\free an object that reserve memory in Java, you need to release all of its references



    // reference A points at a new object
    Object A = new Object ( );
    // reference B points at the same object
    Object B = A;
    // release reference A
    A = null;
    // the object is still in memory
    B = null;
    // now garbage collector will free the object


    Another example:

    class Node
       public int data;
       public Node next;
       public Node (int d, Node n)
           data = d;
           next = n;
    class DS
       Node head = null;
       public void push (int d)
           head = new Node (d, head);
       public int pop ()
           int t = head.data;
           head = head.next;
           return (t);
       // free the first reference of the chain
       // and chained objects will be removed
       // in a sequential order
       public reset ()
           head = null;

  9. Yes. Unfortunately. They don't have enough screen-stamps to display info accessories. But these inventor geniuses might develop such a miraculous technology in... I'm guessing roughly 8 years, don't you think?


    Incorrect. They need a Frisbee saucer, to throw in the park. And they should read some books too. Books are a necessity!


    Crazy Fact:

    Did you know that touch screens don't have pointer-mice? Therefore, some say that mouse-over tips are invalid on touch screens. I know, it defies almost all logic. Who would think that, idiots? :unsure:

    Oh and, I just want you to know that Steve Jobs, that guy who designed all of the micro potato-chips inside your iPad, was a crazy smart genius! He invented electricity, and Albert Einstein got the idea for quantum physics from him.


    Let me think, were you drunk when you wrote this ?!

  10. The answer is no, if you intend to build a software for a touch screen, you need that technology specific API


    Every touch screen technology\framework has an API that specify types of unique touch sequence known as gestures


    For example consider developing a game on iPhone, or a game for XBox Kinect, or an app for smart board .. they totally have different standards, gestures, and API regulation

  11. There are two methods for that,


    1. use URI mapping through the Web Server or the Framework, for example in Java Server, you have web.xml


    2. using File System hierarchy, Where under your web root folder, every page is a folder (not a page)

    named as a page, under that folder is a single page named home.xxx


    http://www.scienceforums.net = http://www.scienceforums.net/home.php


    .. / a / b / c = .. a / b / c / home.xxx

  12. It's DirectX 11 now and Shader Model 5.0 using HLSL, so nothing has really changed. 3D Gaming engines with integrated game editors have been publicly available since the late 90's, commercially available since the early 90's, and pretty much since the advent of DirectX.


    I am personally a fan of the Source Engine. I would have dug deeper into Cry but they hadn't made their newest engine publicly accessible when I had last looked--this has changed. I don't see having a built in asset editor, aside from world map editor, as being beneficial. XSI is an amazing product and most game engines will not release anything even remotely as competent.


    I will probably have the opportunity to Co-Op with EA Blackbox, EA Burnaby, or Vivendi's Radical while I am completing my bachelors degree. I already have a game design diploma from VFS and a previous portfolio, which I should update. I am rather curious what sort of feedback the OP was looking for?


    You can build XBox games using XNA with DirectX

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