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  1. Working on a research titled "From Mind to Heart", Between Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, & Philosophy

  2. This might be late .. but, congrats on becoming physicist

  3. "a hippy?" .. well, if you think that you're a hipster.

    Nope, I don't bring love. I just gave an advice as a friend.

  4. Hey Xittenn, I have two words for you as a friend:

    1. Calm down

    2. Write what you really understand, not what you just know literally

    .. peace and love

  5. hey Xittenn, I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PS3 .. It's really interesting you know,

    It has the ideas of Quantum Theory, String Theory, Relativity Theory, in a game where

    you can travel through Space-Time, where changes manipulate the flow of Time and Events

  6. Working currently on a philosophical research to build a model that help people find their love in a good way, & help women raise their odds of getting married

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    2. khaled


      It's a complex issue, and I've go alot of feedbacks, surveys results, and negative opinions on some of the proposed tools .. but when I complete the research, everyone will understand what is the special thing I've built for everyone

    3. khaled


      I'll start posting in the computer science forum, once I start writing papers .. currently I'm collecting survey data

    4. khaled


      The research has been terminated, I started a more general one, check my last update

  7. you might no realize, but these positive push are bigger than any other factor in pushing me to learn more and research, and propose models ...

    I'm nowadays working on a long research in philosophy, it's a set of tools to help people find their love, it's a huge research because it combines philosophy, logic, psychology, mathematics, and computer sciences ...

  8. I've just finished working on a new statistical model based on binomial distribution & markov chain, and started working on a proposed theoretical machines in order to work under quantum theory later on ...

    1. Kowalski


      Way to go :) , wishing you success in your next project

  9. I'm good my bro

  10. Working on a research in Markov Models

  11. My picture shows the construction Greek Puzzles,

    unlike Athena Olympiads which was made to test their physical abilities, It was built to test the competitors' logic and wisdom ...

    Since in Greek, there were the state of Mind and the state of Power ...

    Greek Philosophers participated in its arrangement ...

  12. I am working on a personal research, Numerical Noise Generator Model --based on real-world noise simulation

    1. Xittenn


      Is it pertaining to Monte Carlo Methods?

    2. khaled


      nope, this model is aimed to generate a noise, not based on noise analysis, this model is made to make analysis impossible ...

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