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  1. thanks for the link, it is helpful. Also, what does this mean: a^-1 = 1/a2 or just a..?
  2. I've recently come across some equations for velocity and acceleration and they have at the end of them: dx/dt etc. and i was wondering if anyone could explain to me what they mean, because unfortunately i have no calculus knowledge and i have come to understand that its within the language of calculus. To do with derivatives i believe..
  3. So standard form is simply the expression in its most basic form...
  4. I was wondering what exactly 'standard form' is/means in the area of linear equations
  5. Hi, i've been playing singularity on ps3 and can't get past the scene/scenario where you have to go through the ventilation system which starts above the small bridge with the 2 boxes under it. Then after following the root, you come to the storage facility type place, where you walk into the smaller control room and have a witch in front of you, and when you push the switch the garage door opens up (in front of you, for which you can see through the glass wall, which is in front of you).. does anyone have any suggestions or know how to get past this particular bit... i do apologise if its hard to follow. i couldn't insert any pictures. thanks.
  6. No, that seems to have hit the jackpot. Thanks.
  7. So 1/a is just a. yeh sorry, thats pretty obvious. But what about: a^-1 = 1/a & a^-m = 1/a^m ? how does that work..
  8. ok, and can you also explain what: 1 over a letter means. e.g. 1/a or 1/a(squared) or something etc.. ?
  9. why is it that you can only cancel multiplied factors ?
  10. I have recently been studying algebra and came across this which didn't make sense - a(squared) + 1 / a + 1 and stated that it could not be simplified any further due to lack of common factors... however, can't the denominator 'a' be taken away from the numerator 'a(squared)', therefore just leaving 'a' with the two 1s being cancelled. Or is simplification (of algebraic expressions) different to solving them..
  11. ok, yes sorry, exponents. But what exactly does it mean or imply ?
  12. Would someone be able to please explain to me what the following means - a^-1 = 1/a, a^-m = 1/a^m I've recently gone over the area of scientific notation and this part in particular didn't make sense. thanks.
  13. virtual particles are basically particles which have measurable physical effect within the field of physics etc, but they can't be seen. They as steevey stated, do appear and disappear, hence virtual. They are in the category of force transfer particles within physics/quantum physics, such as a virtual photon etc. the vacuum of space is filled with virtual particle pairs which are constantly springing in and out of life.
  14. ok, but i was more so asking if the same rule holds for working out both of the expressions i have.. and if so, what is it and how does it work?
  15. I was wondering does the rule - a plus and minus equals a minus - mean/hold the same for an expression such as -2 + 6 and 2 + (-6) and why is it so..
  16. I was wondering how a particle could be massless, such as the photon. Because its energy isn't it and wouldn't that violate special relativity by means of the energy-mass relationship.. because since energy and mass are interconnected, doesn't that mean that any particle would have to have mass regardless wether or not its physically energy or mass.. and by the way how i a photons physical particle topology held together (if thats the right wording), since its only energy..
  17. I was wondering, in association with the predicted mass increase of special relativity, why does mass need to increase in the first place.. . why does mass need to increase when at speed..
  18. Hi, im wondering what the connection is in the dimensions between Einsteins special and general relativity theories.. Why did he use the dimensions he did.. Is it that the 4th dimension of special relativity accounted for the warping in general relativity..?
  19. Hi, would someone be able to give me the link to a full PDF introduction to loop quantum gravity... It will much appreciated.
  20. How so.. you can only have one sparticle for each particle can't you... please explain..
  21. Hi, im wondering how there can be multiple superstring theories... isn't there only one susy..
  22. One model of consciousness which may be of interest is the 'Hameroff-Penrose Orch OR model' - for 'Orchestrated Objective-reduction', put together by Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose.
  23. Thats just the thing, you couldn't because the reality of the game is the only reality and the most real reality that we know. However, certain levels of higher consciousness are perhaps in touch greater and greater reality to the real thing.
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