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  1. I was wondering whether someone would be able to solve this equation by getting the maxima and minima and show the working: -3cos(4x-pi) I would attempt it, but i'm not quite sure how to go about it...thanks.
  2. Ok, in-fact i've never considered the interaction of the wave functions for QE. Thats a really interesting idea. Of course though, it makes sense in terms of the particles becoming overlapped in hyperspace while remaining separate from our limited point of view. Because their probability functions would overlap and become entangled rendering their potentials and hence characteristics - onced measured/observed - mutually shared in a way.
  3. QE is still not fully understood. Its a very weird force of quantum mechanics. Some call it the god force because of its such strange nature. When 2 particle like photons come together they seem to interact somehow in which information of both particles is shared and kept even over large distances. in fact distance doesn't seem to have any effect. This phenomenon gave rise to the famous EPR paradox and einstein called it 'spooky action at a distance'. Basically when the spin of particle is measured the other is instantaneously reduced to the complementary spin etc. One theory to explain the effect is the holographic universe theory, which for QE says that instead of dealing with relativistic paradoxes and so forth, both particles are actually the same thing (particle), whereby there is no actual 'objective' seperation - which stems from our 'observer' point of view, but intact at deeper or holographic level of reality, the particle is fundamentally the same. Therefore there is no need for 'instantaneous' information transfer because both are one. Like the a fish in a tank being look at from the point of view of 2 cameras without the knowledge of the technology (in such a situation) and seeing that when the fish moves its image from 2 different angles through the cameras moves (in different ways) instantaneously. therefore without the knowledge that what is thought to be too separate fish - from 2 different points of view - is just one fish from 2 different angles, paradoxes automatically arise. So in summary, no one knows. But another theory is that information (of the spin etc) is travelling backward in time - to the point where the particles are together. Somehow, excluding the holographic idea, information is exchanged via energy etc and some sort of link is maintained. Conscious processes cannot be ruled out - also a holographic idea.
  4. ok, i got: x = ln(2/10)... ok, i got: x = ln(2/10)... but my answer doesn't give me 6 when subbed back into the equation.
  5. Would someone be able to solve this equation for me: 3e^-10x = 6 i just want to see if my solution is right... thanks.
  6. also, it may seem basic, but what is the derivative of x/2 ?
  7. sorry, one more thing, with u substitution, why exactly do you bother in the processes of differentiating u when the end product requires the integral form ?
  8. yes sorry, i understand now. i was looking at it upside down... cheers.
  9. so in the situation of no multiples of the reversed power (x^n+1 instead of x^n-1 for the derivative) to equal the base, you just leave the base and do it to the rest of the term..?
  10. sorry, to be clearer, i meant, for a term like 15x^3 or 8x^2, how do you integrate them when the only way - to my knowledge - is using the antiderivative of the power rule, so adding 1 to the power instead. As there aren't any multiples of 4 or 3 which give you the bases (15 & 8)...
  11. I was wondering how you integrate - with simply the integral of the power rule (n^x)' = nx^n-1, when the equation, such as (15x^3 + 8x^2 - 5/x) doesn't have any multiples for the antiderivative of 15x^3 or 8x^2... do you just leave them or something...
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows wether PS3's are region code restricted or free (all region codes)... and if restricted, can you and how do you change it... is a system update required etc
  13. I was wondering if noetic field theory contains or is integrated with chaos theory... and if not would it be possible to fit it with chaos theory.
  14. Im still not sure what you mean by different frequencies.... I know that its thought that quantum universes are on different frequencies, but other entire universes, i don't see how you've related them to frequencies. unless your relating to quantum cosmology of the sorts, where each universe has a particular quantum state. also a wave function probability. and yes, the universes do stay separate from each other, hence dark matter. and why its centred around galaxies, due to it still being gravitationally bound - assuming the other universe has similar laws - such as gravity - at least... Also, the prominent theory of dark matter being non-baryonic is accounted for, since its well established in theoretical physics that other universes can have different realities, in terms of subatomics (particles)... As well as the established phenomenon of dark flow, which is simply the other universe... Therefore in my theory, universes like ours - with the same or similar laws of physics, with gravity - normally do slow down. But amplified space-time expansion rate from interference changed this... hence, dark energy is simply the effect of accelerating space-time expansion, but its not actually causing the expansion. Its an illusion perhaps like free fall.
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows how to clean in-ear sennheiser headphones (MM70 headset) ?, because their not like apple ones, where you can just unscrew the little speakers and let them dissolve in warm water...
  16. I was wondering why exactly QG failed at being described by standard field theories and even QFT. Where exactly do the infinities come from/arise... or is it that each QFT is unique to the force which it describes..
  17. yes, but think of when waves in water move, they interfere/merge but they are still individual... so the universes are still defined... gravitational signatures etc...
  18. Actually, your correct in that we live in all dimension regardless of wether we can feel there effect in degrees of freedom in life. Its really a matter of accessing them in terms of quantum physics. Because if advanced beings can inhabit them then perhaps its a matter of consciousness. Most likely we are all multidimensional beings who simply haven't yet figured out to use or access them. This might sound like I'm going out of this topic but its perfectly reasonable.
  19. I was wondering, when considering the existence of the multiverse, is it possible for 2 or more universes to collide or more so interfere with each when expanding in proximity to one another ?, and could this be a possible explanation for the rapid expansion of our universe, in terms of gravitational/space-time waves from multiple (universal) expansions intersecting with each other. Thereby producing some sort of constructive amplitude in space-time and causing an increase in expansion rate. Also, could this explain dark energy in terms of some sort of energy produced from inflatory processes at difference points in space-time and in a sense leaking some sort of external energy into the universe and also possibly explaining how universes come into being in the first place from spontaneity quantum sea/foam in the void (which encompasses all the universes)... So, similar to how sound waves amplify if they are in phase, the universes involved in inference with each other would simply increase in amplitude and hence their expansion rates would become greater. perhaps like in m-theory where universes are thought to be dynamic membranes and when universes intersect they either increase or decreasing in expansion whereby they if they aren't in phase discrepancies will occur in the expansion rate, possible effecting space-time geometry and even effecting the fabric of the universe(s) involved..
  20. Thanks janus, that definitely makes sense in terms of hyperspace being far too small too to be apparent to us everyday, however they still may very well have some magnitude of effect. However i don't think you can relate this to pseudo-physics because although we do not yet know definitively wether these dimensions exist and are not accustomed to them in our daily lives. Simply means 'we' have not yet made them available to us by any means, not that there some false realism wrongly brought into formal lines.
  21. I was wondering, like sound waves are vibrational waves of particles. How exactly are gravitational waves related. So are they vibrations of atoms ? and if so are they transverse or longitudinal vibrations ?
  22. This question may not belong in this section and may belong more so in quantum theory. however since this Q involves higher dimensions i thought this was probably the most appropriative section. But i was wondering, when its suggested that intelligences such as other intelligent beings, which are very advanced, live in higher dimensions... If quantum theory says that these higher dimensions exist only as tiny internal spaces literally smaller than an atom, then how exactly would advanced beings of any description be able to inhabit them.. My personal theory revolves around actually observational difference in terms of quantum histories etc, however this isn't important so take no notice of this for my question.. thanks.
  23. I was thinking, in terms of schrodingers cat, if there is some sort of ultimate observer, would that mean that no alternate realities 'apart from ours' could exists since the quantum state in terms of their wave function...? since all other quantum states would be collapsed.... Or would this mean that the other realities would actually be stabilised due to an ultimate observer ?, as each reality, like a river breaking off from the mainstream and becoming a separate river, becomes its own continuum.? These realities are however still part of the original realities just different in there continuum states...
  24. Never mind, figured it out, however what does it mean (on a mac) when a it says - your files name - could not be handled because numbers cannot open files in the "numbers document" format.. I have numbers on my computer (the one which gave the above message) and i expected it open like the other files i had which were in the same database type format.
  25. I was wondering which way RNA is fed through in protein synthesis... is it from the 5' too the 3' or the other way and what is the RNA strand called which is synthesised in the nucleus before being carried to the ribosome..
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