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  1. its the same with those "orbit" chewing gums , they contain sorbit and xylol which dont evaporate but they are moving and therefore they need energy which they "steal" from the warmth of your mouth then it feels cold.

  2. Uve got to calculate , products - edukts = energy that is needed to form this compound 02(gas) has no energy and Na(solid) too , if the energy of Na2O is negative then its exotherm.

  3. Not actually,maybe i didnt make myself clear , but im looking for any kind of experiments or synthesis where you use electricity as an catalyst except as an provider for energy (sorry if im not clear with my questions)

    I mean like any other catalyst e.g platinum or whatever.

  4. Yes , sure but are there any other applications for electricity as taking/giving

    electrons and the energy it's providing.


    Arent there any other reaction that can happen in order to speed up a reaction ??

  5. Ive been wondering if there has been experiments with electricity as a catalyst , i especially think of the enegry its providing ?

    Maybe there are other catalytic properties except providing energy?

  6. It always a sudden drop or rise if you use a strong base or acid , you see the 4th curve appears not to have a sudden drop or rise because there is a weak acid/base act.


    Addionally it has to do with the equivalence of acid and base , and when you add one more drop of strong base/acid it will result in a sudden rise/fall of your pH level.


    Hope i could help

  7. Interesting. Didn't realize that a mercury cathode produced that much of an overvoltage to allow sodium to reduce over H+ ions. (-2.71 to -0.41 is a HUGE overvoltage. Much more so than the one that allows chloride to react and form chlorine gas over oxygen).


    next time think and get your information before you try to play the wisearce ;)

  8. To my opinion it is plain stupid to play with your health like this. Here we are talking about short-term effects, but what are the long-term effects of repeated exposure?


    there are none if you do it right.


    It always depends on how you do it and if u can estimate the risks :S

  9. it's safe if you're well informed , there's a german page which clarifies poeple how to use it.

    Like not to much and they sell special apparates in order to not freeze the half of your face.

    But yes , still there's a danger , if you don't get enough oxygen , people can't estimate when you should stop.

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