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  1. You know these questions when they ask you to find out how many triangle are there in the diagram? Well, is there an actual formula that can be used???
  2. But, is it possible that once started, can run on its own, without loosing or gaining heat. It may be what you just said, but , since i am very young, I can't understand what you are saying
  3. But recently i heard that atoms decay eventually!!!
  4. so... can this be counted as perpetual motion
  5. Can electrons orbiting a stable atom e.g oxygen (that is not radioactive) be considered as perpetual motion. If no, why?
  6. Is there a reaction that does not produce or absorb heat? In other words, is there a reaction that isn't exothermic or endothermic in where the bond energies on both sides aer equal? If yes, what is it?
  7. Whoa. Thanx. That was REALLY helpful. Just the information i needed
  8. We all know that solids, liquids and gasses are states of matter. i have two questions: 1. What exactly is plasma and is it a state of matter. I heard plasma was a 'soup' of electrons and atoms nucleus's. Is this correct. 2. In what state of matter is jelly classified as. The jelly that you eat.
  9. I actually wanted a very strong permanent magnet
  10. Is there a way of making a VERY STRONG magnet, probably saturated, at home. If there is, please give complete details
  11. I looked at all the different forums and found this one to be the best. I have 1 question on light When light enters through a prism and bends, it is actually slowing down, now where on Earth does it get the energy to speed up again after it exits the prism
  12. Is it possible to say electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom is a perpetual machine
  13. I have looked at all the different forums but this is the best one to post these questions. These are the questions: 1.Does exposure to magnets cause damage to the body. If so, in what way? 2.Is it possible to make a saturateed magnet that can stay permanently saturated unless being banged, etc. If so, how?
  14. I really need it urgently. And don't worry, I won't be chasing you around with a shotgun :flame:
  15. Thanx alot. I think this is the answer, because when i asked my teacher about it, he said the answer was very, very simple and that the answer wasa practically in the question
  16. The question goes like this: The measured activity of a radionuclide was taken at 3-day intervals. The Following readings are uncorrected for background radiation. Time(Days) :0 3 6 9 12 15 Count Rate (Per Minute):145 100 71 52 39 30 The count rate was measured again 2 months after the first reading and foungd to be 12 counts per minute. ESTIMATE THE BACKGROUND COUNT Well........How do i work it out
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