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  1. If this process defined some type of logical progression, it would be a speedy path for early evolution.
  2. In the scenario, one does not have access to anything not found in nature like condoms, STP medication unless one can find a condom tree. The gays are very wise today. It was not like that in the 1980's when the closet was open and 90+ percent of the first 100,000 cases of AIDS created personal losses for almost all the gay population. Anyone would get smarter with all that tragedy. If everyone started the experiment with a global clean bill of heath, maybe the percieved risk assessment would change. In the first few months, everything would be without risk. You are correct that the permiscuous would have the most children. These are the children that would have no fathers and maybe part time mothers who have little time for them due to the large number of children and the number of hound dogs. The discussion was which group or groups would be using the sexual instinct in a way that would help the survival and even the progression of the human species. Picture the experiments future is say ten years. Cultural has changed sexuality from being a collective instinct for survival and progression into a social instinct for personal gratification. It can be personally gratifying and natural at the same time. But it role is attempting to change from a collective to individual instinct. That is sort of what makes much of fringe sex behavior unnatural. Eating until you puke is unnatural but some people get their jollys that way. Personally, I believe in live and let live. I am more concerned about social labels being use to alter perception of reality. If smoking is unnatural and one decides to do it, let them do it but give them the knowledge to keep at least one eye open to the potential results of this unnatural behavior. Respect for both worlds.
  3. One possible way is to have a glass or acrylic tube for the light saber that full of a gaseous material, through which, the laser will create light emisions, glow, and reflections. Lasar displays in the sky use water vapor in clouds sort of a similar way. The laser can be reflected at the end of the tube. Reflection will recycle more laser light for the glow.
  4. This may shed some light with respect to natural and unnatural. Almost all our instincts are geared around survival of the individual. For example, breathing, drinking, eating, shelter, clothing, etc., are all needed for individual human survival. One can go maybe 7mins without breathing, maybe a week without drinking, a month or so without eating, maybe 1/2 hour to a few days in cold exposure, seconds to days in heat, etc., Sexuality is different in that it is connected to the survival of the species. It is not centered around the survival of the individual. One can go a whole lifetime without sex and they would not die. They would miss out on one of the exteme pleasures of life, but it would not kill them. Because it is not inidivudal life treatening or life sustaining it is not part of our individual survival instincts, but is a species survival instinct. Let us run an experiment. We take a million people, all with a clean bill of health, and place them on an island. We allow them to do whatever comes naturally or unnaturally in terms of sexuality. Without providing medical assistance or technology to create an artificial situation, the odds are STD would result in a relatively short time, especially among the permiscuous bum blasters. Sexuality would eventually become associated with survival of the individual, not due to individual pleasure but due to fear of death. If we let the experiment run the course, without artifical medical help, only the monoganous or limited relationships will continue to thrive. All the rest that are infected might produce mutant offspring, or would go the way of dinosaurs. Mother Nature would weed out natural human sexuality from unnatural. I am not saying we should run such an experiment, but how confident is everyone that their cphilosophy of human sexuality would survive under this natural and nonartifically supplimented experiment. Medicine is creating a means for unnatural/artifical to survive alongside natural instinct. If one wanted to constantly jump into ice water to the point of unconsciousness, but had doctors to constantly revive them, this might become socially acceptable behavior, that has nothing to do with our natural instinct. It would be a new artifical instinct made possible by modern technology.
  5. The next major pertubation may actually lead to something progressive. The next logical move for humanity is one world, one culture. If we are one big moderately happy family, it becomes easier to deal with things that threaten the common peace. As long as we have to maintain social differentiation between countries, the breeding grounds of discontent remain fertile. As a family problem, the breeding gounds will change due to the overlap. This will alter the nature of the discontent.
  6. Mass extinctions are sad, but it always seems to be followed by something that is new and improved. Human influence is sort of interesting. We create all sorts of natural manmade disasters all over the world making some species go extinct. But we are also leading the charge toward new and improved food and domestic animals.
  7. One of the things about chemical engineering, especially today, is that it offers the most diversified science education. One needs to know a lot of math, chemistry, physics, biology, computers, economics, fluid dynamics, mass and heat transfer, thermodynamics, chemical reaction kinetics, process control. I am sure I missed many others. This makes one extremely well rounded and flexible. It also allows one to fit in anywhere from pure research, development, design and production. There will always be a need for so many skills.
  8. I am going to shift directions a little and talk about multicellular differentiation control within higher animals. I will come back to the inside of the cell a little later. If we look at the most of the cells within our human bodies, there are three tissues almost everywhere near most cells; circulatory for the blood, lymphatic for the immune system and nervous tissue. Nobody has a problem with the blood being connected to cellular differentiation control. One can inject things into the blood to get the cells to change. The lymphatic tissue places the immune systen everywhere to help get rid of foreign invaders like bacteria, virus, etc., that could alter our cells. The circulatory system and the lymphatic team together to regulate cellular differentiation control when we inject medicines into the blood. The nervous tissue has not yet been given a prominent role. Maybe it has no direct role. Its pupose may be purely decorative. Maybe the DNA likes to wraps its cell membrane in the rich luxurious feel of "nervous tinsel". It is not important that the nervous tinsel has the highest external positive charge per unit surface area of all the cells and the blood is alkiline (negative). Maybe it is purely cooincidental that the external cellular membrane surface charges of all the other cells remain differentiated within this nervous/blood charge range. Part of the problem of using nervous tissue as the third aspects of the cellular differentiation control system is philisophical. Consider the implications. Cationic impulses, from local nervous memory and even directly from the brain, could theoretically alter the local cell membrane potential of cells via the local nervous branches. This would not only affect the engine associated with active membrane transport, but it will also impact the internal charge gradient between the membrane and the DNA. This could hypothetically cause the DNA to pack/unpack to balance the affect of the nervous potential. Where philosophy comes in, is that the DNA is no longer the king wrapped in decorative nervous tinsel.
  9. In another forum topic, I talked about the three levels of personality software that make up the human personality. In a male, the lowest level, connected to instinct, is masculine, the middle level, which is cultural, is feminine and the highest level, which is creative, is masculine. For women the ordering is opposite; female, male, female. The cross gender component of males and females comes from genes. We are composed of male and female genes. Higher brain potential activate the lowest levels and lower brain potentials active the highest levels. Natural sexuality and all our natural instincts stems from the lowest level. If sexuality became somehow crossed wired within the middle level, instead of the lower level, it would in deed create homosexual tendancies, since the female side of a man or the masculine side of a woman would be attracted to males and females, respectively. I heard somewhere about a study of the sibling ordering of brothers in a family. It turns out that the youngest brothers have a greater propensity toward homosexuality than the oldest. This does not imply all youngest brothers become gay, only that more gays are younger brothers among sibling than older brothers. This data is consistent with the above theory. The older brothers usually becomes the alpha males and the younger and brothers will tend to be more submissive, due to love, force and respect. This makes the younger brothers tone down masculine impulse becoming more submissive feminine and more likely confuse their middle level female side output for instinctive sexuality. Other studies correlate male hormone levels within boys with adult sexual preference. The higher levels of testosterone increases the brain potential shifting sexuality toward the lowest level. Less male hormones, will lower the brain potential and will shift it toward the middle level. Homosexuality may be the result but it is a cultural layer impulse that has nothing to do with the lower level natural instinctive personality software.
  10. The creation of life is important, not so much because it would be a hoot, but because it will tell us how cells are layered, starting from base layers. Currently the assumption is a random series of events. I worked under the assumption of an orderred sequence of events. Whether this is true or not, it makes the cell much more logical and less empirical. Let me give everyone an analogy. If we never saw an automobile before, we would take it apart and analyze all its parts. Before long we would know how it works and realize that the motor is the center of the auto. Because of its important position one may assume that this was the first thing that was developed and the rest built up around this. The reality, the first thing that evolved was the wheel. Then the axile. Then the chassis, carriage, seats, stirring, springs, etc. The motor didn't come in until very recently. These are boring things and are not as key as the motor so they must have come later. If one insists the motor came first because of its central role, then the theory goes something like this. The cavemen spent millions and millions of years pounding out the first engine block with their stone tools. I don't not mean this as a criticism. The life science are the least logical of all the sciences, because they are far too dependant on empiricism and statistics. Thats makes anything possible as long as the data correlates. One can find broken stone age tools. This is valid data to justify the cavemen building the original engine block, especially if one run tests to break stone tools and can demonstrate the fragments are similar within the range of statistical error. I realized, when I was in college that this approach to science not that too far from modern alchemy and it came down to access to resource and not common sense. I just proposed something logical like a simple negative charge repulsion between the membrane and the DNA. There is not enough logic associated with the life sciences to see even this simple connection. One actually needs to run experiments to see this? Pitiful.
  11. I agree with you. This was intended as a thought experiement to show how cellular placement of materials reflects equilibrium positioning. Also, if one had some dinosaur DNA, this technique would provide a way to could grow a real dinosaur instead of mutants. The original analysis is actually more complex and was used to introduce all the equilibrium layerings within cells, starting with proteins and then building from there. What I would like to do is start very simple, without using any hydrogen bonding considerations, to give one a feeling for the foundation layer of cells. I will start with a cell membrane with ion pumps, and some DNA. The sodium pumps, in particular, will set up a membrane potential with the inside becoming negative due to the three to two pumping of sodium ions out and potassium ions into the cell. The DNA double helix is full of negative charges along its length due to the phosphate residues. The result will be that the DNA will need to repel the cell membrane and will find a posititon, sort of in the middle, so it can minimize the affects of negative charge repulsion. These are the two structural poles of all cells. All the rest of the large materials will assume equilibrium positions, between the membrane and the DNA. Next, if we add some histone packing proteins, which have positive charges, these will pack part of the DNA, neutralizing some of the negative charge along the DNA's length. If the sodium pumps are tuned to repel the entire unpacked DNA, packing part of the DNA, allows other sources of negative charge to collect near the DNA to get the same charge balance. This allows RNA to collect closer to the DNA, since the negative phosphates residues on the RNA will also repel the cell membrane. If we look at nervous tissue, part of its activity is based on the movement of sodium cations along its surface and out of axons. In the human body, nervous tissue is near nearly all the cells of the body. Essentially, nervous tissue helps maintain and can pertubate the celll membrane potential and tereby change or maintain the gradient to the DNA using sodium cations. It is more complicated than this, but this is the base layer of potentials.
  12. I was using generalities with respect to males and females. There are always exceptions to the rule. Men look for completeness so they dwell on the 1-10% exceptions rather than consider the majority data. Woman will tend to go along with the consensus 90%, because the majority opinion is the most secure path. These ideas may be original or may already exist. I developed them independantly by using a little common sense and logic. There is survival of the individual which is connected to our individual needs. Survival of the species is based on reproduction and sexuality. Since culture is an evolving aspect of the human species, the way culturally knowledge is processed by males and females should have a connection to male and female sexuality. For a female the whole nesting procedure is needed to provide a secure place for herself and children. She is vulnerable during pregancy and her child is vulnerable until it grows up. This security need benefits by a fixed nest of knowledge. This is reflected by good memory of fixed data. She does not need to be exploring when she is vulnerable. instead it is natural for a woman to seek perfection, i.e., the perfect data (and behavior set) that provides security. The male's sexuality is more connected to the daily (more or less) production of sperm. This daily production of sperm alters male hormone levels around desire almost daily. The natural impulse is sexual desire with many females. For the progressive needs of culture it is also sublimated and directed into all walks of life. Climbing Mt Everest is not driven by a need for security, but a desire to do something new. Explorers are not primarily motivated by concerned for life or limb, but are driven by desire for fame, fortune, altruism, knowledge, etc. Male cultural desire is not suppose to be dammed up into a fixed structure of perfection because perfection is impossible to reach. Things will always change to the future. Men are meant to gather data for completeness allowing them a better ability to adapt to inevitable future change. This desire for completeness is a buffer layer around the female and children. It better allows the male to better control the ever changing environment to meet the security needs of his family. Fixed data is fine if the environment remains fixed, but becomes a handicap if the environment begins to change. Men trying to think via the female nesting instinct is responsible for the suppression of knowledge. They may try to force things to stay the same. A lot of reseach on memory is trying to keep things the same. Female's will adapt to the environmental adaptation that males provide. For example, females and children are the first to follow the latest fads because this provides cultural security. For the nesting male it provides insecurity and will be resited. For the natural or adaptive male, it adds to his completeness, allowing him better control over the future. He still may not go along if he is already looking beyond the present into the future.
  13. I would like to propose a way to make a viable cell sort of from scratch. This is predicted by my hydrogen bonding equilibrium theory. It has never been done and we may not yet have the needed capability, but here goes. Here is what you do. First we start with a DNA double helix. Human will work just fine, since it has the most sophisticated genetic repetoire. We put this in beaker one. Step two, we make two long RNA strands from the DNA double helix to reflect the exact template relationships on both DNA helix strands. If the RNA breaks that is OK, because it will help the cause. We put this in beaker two. Next, we make two long stands of protein from the two strands of RNA to reflect all the template relationships. We put this in beaker three. To beaker three we add some lipids to make a cell membrane. Equilibrium hydrogen bonding should result in a protein gradient forming. Hydrophilic proteins will group anjd hydrophobic will find the membrane. We may have to help by adding some cleavage enzymes and by encouraging the ions pumps to reach the outer membrane. At steady state, we add some mitochrondia and all its needed resources so they can make ATP. The ATP will cause many of the ATP active sites along the long strands of proteins to sort of fire, helping to break the proteins apart and maybe even helping to assemble some of the enzymes around their ATP active sites. When steady state is reached we add the RNA. The negative charges on the RNA will alter the hydrogen bonding gradient. It will also cause the RNA and protein to combine. Remember we have all the RNA and protein needed for a human cell and it will find each other due to equilibrium hydrogen bonding. When a new steady state is reached we add the DNA. The DNA and RNA will also find each other. While the packing proteins will find the DNA. With a little prodding a simple viable cell will form.
  14. The RNA coming first is probably true since its single helix nature would make transcription easier by requiring less prep steps, such as separating the DNA double helix. Duplication of of a single strand of RNA would also be easier than duplicating two strands of DNA.
  15. I think one of the problems within many memory studies is equating memorizing data and trivia with intelligence. The memory of details is important but it is not how the brain handles data over time. Using the example of the carpenter, the details of each nail or customer are not extremely important to him if they are lost. If it is important, he should keep good records. The forward integration of his carpentry trivia creates a long term common sense for carpentry, allowing him to improvise from his experience. The most important fixed things stay fresh via repetition. The problem with memorizing trivia is what kind of the common sense results if it is forward integrated? Such data is scattered across the boards and does not really integrate to anything specific. Maybe the common sense of all this learning is knowing how to research and find the data at the library, internet, or personal records, if it is needed again. Females appear to have better long term memories. They remember all the birthdays, special occations, etc., better than men, over the long haul. Before writing and books, females were probably the cultural memory capacitance who taught traditions to the children. This stronger data based memory is an aspect of a female's need for perfection. The perfection need, in turn, is connected to providing security for herself and her children. A man's natural nature is based less on perfection but more on completeness. The sexual drive of men is less based on creating security as it is on satisfying desire. His brain is suppose to forward integrate a wide range of exerience to create wisdom and ingenuity from all his desire impulses for experience. This data provides the matrix for the ever changing needs of environmental adaptation and for progressive change. The lion's share of inventions stem from men because of this forward data integration working in conjunction with the desire impulse. Innovation removes the old and brings in the new.
  16. The two parallel sets of archetypes, above and below the natural, can make their progressive/regressive affects less clear-cut, if the shadow side of a higher-level archetype begins to overlap the progressive side of a lower level archetype. For example, a progressive social influence on the lowest level archetypes can move these to a higher thought dimension than would be purely natural. This is common in modern times, where our instinctive needs are much better expressed though the variety within culture. The shadow aspect of the middle level archetypes can move these archetypes down to a lower level than is natural. For example, cultural priorities, such as marketing, can cause one’s middle level archetypes to move from the full balanced spectrum of reason/common sense, working in conjunction with the collective subjectivity of social prestige, into just the subjectivity of social prestige. For example, even though a pet rock is totally illogical, cultural prestige can make this important to culture. One is required to put aside their common sense and get with the program or suffer the social consequences of not having one. A possible result can be an overlap of the progressing lower level archetypes and the regressing middle level shadow archetype to create a hybrid archetype. This archetype will create the feeling of instinctive progression via a social prestige affect while being rationally regressive. For example, the practical computer needs of most people, i.e., e-mail, Internet, music, software, can be adequately served with technology from several years ago. There is an irrational desire, in many, to always have the best, even though they rarely utilize the full capacity of the latest and greatest computer. They feel, what appears to be a progressive instinctive desire for the new and improved based on a cultural prestige affect. From a common sense level it makes very little logical sense for most people. A similar hybrid archetype can occur via progressive middle level archetypes and the shadow of the highest-level archetypes. The highest-level archetypes extrapolate reason via intuition to create new rational relationships. The shadow of the highest-level archetypes extrapolates a very limited rational data set to create new rational relationships often leading to a spatial image. The two hybrid archetypes work together and essentially convert the three levels into two hybrid archetypes. The need for new and improved computer equipment not only stems from the feeling of progressive desire via an irrational prestige affect, but also from the higher-level hybrid, which will helps one rationally justify the irrational impulse with a spatial image of the importance of all this new capability. In other words, the new capability is indeed important for culture, this is very true. But in practical reality that capacity may never be utilized, which is the other half of the full truth, which the spatial image will ignor due to the shadow. These two hybrid archetypes are the current state of modern western culture. Nothing is considered clear-cut because of the wide variety of spatial images due to the shadow of the highest-level archetypes. If one wants to pursue any irrational desire impulse, culture can provide a spatial image to help one justify it. This situation is actually a blessing in disguise. Consciousness of the shadow of the highest-level archetypes is a precursor to consciousness of the progressive side of the highest-level archetypes.
  17. The power of weather is connected to the condensation of water. If the earth had no surface water, but only a nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere, there would only be the clockwise high pressure circulations. The condensation of water into rain, snow or ice crystals, pulls a vacuum due to the rapid loss of gaseous water from vapor space. These lower pressure circulations pull in high pressure air to balance the pressure. This makes wind. Ocean warming and even surface warmth, heat the air allowing more water to enter the atmosphere. In other words, the partial pressure of water vapors increases with temperature. This implies warmer air temperature means more condensation, more vacuum, and more energy to drive hurricanes. The ocean temperatures can be affected by the earth itself through sub ocean splits in the crust and magna flows. It can also be affected from above by greenhouse gases heating the atmosphere. Both increase the amount of water in the atmosphere. The extra water in the atmosphere, that can now rise higher in the atmosphere, will convert greenhouse gases like CO2 or NOx, into aqueous acids which have a lower vapor pressure. In other words, greenhouse gases are self correcting because of their affect on the atmospheric water. They make more atmospheric water and scrub themsevles out in the process. The heating within the oceans is also dissipated by the water. The warmer oceans mean more water within the atmosphere. This means bigger storms that rise higher into even colder parts of the atmosphere. The rain provides a quicker chill to help restore thermal balance. Cyclic cooling implies less water in the atmosphere and weaker storms. Less water means droughts and more forest fires. This creates more greenhouse gases increasing the temperature again. The warmer temp mean more rain and new trees to restore the oxygen that was used by up the forest fires. Personally I would prefer a warm-up part of the cycle to the chill down. Thats only me.
  18. sunspot

    Abortion Survey...

    We do not currently have a consensus opinion as to when life actually begins. However, there is a logical way to determine this. Most religious people assume a continuity between life, death. and rebirth (life) into heaven or wherever. If we use this assumption, than the definition of death should be the reciprical of the definition of life. In other words, when people die, their brains and hearts stop, but things like hair and fingernails will continue to grow. Death is not measured by biochemical events still occurring, but only by the integrity of the heart and brain. If the biochemistry of a fertilized ovuum defines life, than burying a person with their hair still growing should be considered torture. It is not torture because biochemistry alone does not constitute life. When the unborn's heart begins to beat and they begin to show brainwaves this is the reciprical of our definition of death. I would be satified with this. It also allows some flexiblity during difficult situations like rape, etc. The girl should not be rape twice. i.e., once by cultural guilt, if she works within the parameters of life/death.
  19. The neurons and the synaptic memories that they create are living things. The neurons can grow branches and they can shrink back their branches and/or make them grow into other directions. The shape changing has to due with the surface charge and surface area. In other words, the more branchings a neuron has the more surface area it has. As such, movement into more branching defines a higher potential neuron because it has more surface area and more surface charge. Losing branching defines a lowering potential neuron state. This can occur at both the single neuron level as well was via clusters of neurons. The focus of the ego helps maintain the higher potential needed for memories to last longer. If one stops thinking about certain things, the memory potential gradually lowers such that the diminished branching often creates a type of summary of the original more inclusive memories. One of the things that I do is on certain occations, like birthdays and near New Years, I try to review everything I can remember over the past year in terms of my life's experiences, trying to recreate the emotional valance along with the memories. I am essentially giving these memories a little extra dose of ego focus so they last a little bit longer. Another reason memories fade is that they become forward integrated into the wisdom of experience. The memory branchings can also increase from the narrow range of branching assoociated with the original memories into more complex orhanization. The carpender does not need to remember every nail he hammered or every job he did, but all these memories become integrated into the wisdom stemming from years of experience. It is a little more complicated than just surface charge. The biochemicals involved are equilibrium phenomena that add a little extra capacitance so they neurons do not change so quickly.
  20. The three levels of archetypes are a genetic part of each human. They appear at birth and have evolved over time from the natural interaction of the nuclear family composed of children, parents and grandparents. If one were living within a loving and respectful nuclear family the natural hierarchy of the archetypes would be more obvious. In fact, the core family unit still provides programming within the natural archetypes. Culture changes the dynamics within the three levels of archetypes for the better and for the worse. On the positive side, culture brings with it a wider range of experience and variety, allowing all three levels to progress. Culture also brings with it a shadow side, which causes all three levels to regress. This can split the three into six. If one lived in the little house on the prairie, with only one's core family, there would be differences due to the ego, but the needs of life and survival would make everyone work as a team and everyone would be grateful for the wisdom of experience and happy with the simple things of life, i.e., like a good crop. The result would the gradual progression of the natural archetypes over many generations. As a second scenario, after many generations of isolation, other groups of nuclear families move nearby. These new family groups will not be carbon copies of each other. Rather each will have developed certain skills and a somewhat unique family culture due to the affect of the ego and environmental experience. One family may be better at growing food than all the rest. Another may be better at construction, etc. If they work together they can bring all these specialty skills together, thereby improving the performance of all the family units. The children would play together and learn new games. The parents would share stories and efforts to make each other's lives easier. The old timers would gather and share their experiences to help guide the families. This is the ideal world and would allow all the archetypes to evolve for the entire extended family group, at a much faster rate than with only one family unit. The real world is not one big happy family, but rather individual differences, needs and limited resources keep us farther apart. In this third scenario, the families units are also settled nearby but do not share their experiences so freely. One may notice their neighbor's house is much better built. That neighbor may notice your crops look much healthier and more productive. The women are typically perfectionists and attempt to perfect the family world, i.e., her house and family. Because the women see some of their neighbor's stuff looking better, they may begin to feel less than perfect. This imperfection stress can spill over to the husband increasing his stress level with nagging to push him to do better. Alternately, the women may love their men and appreciate their good points instead of dwelling on their shortcomings. But the men may wish better for his family, increasing the stress level of the family with irrational moodiness. He may become more competitive with all the neighbors. He may secretly watch the neighbor to learn his secrets, with the neighbor trying to hide his advantage. He may decide to sabotage his neighbor to lower the bar. He may even begin mudslinging to lower the subjective value of his neighbor’s strengths, so he and/or wife feel less insecure. To help stop the community strife, because it is regressing all the families due the higher brain potentials resulting from the stress, they may decide to trade and barter their skills. They may also set up community laws for peaceful interaction. But this too is not perfect, because it is very difficult to balance worth, such that no one is totally happy with any deal. Also laws of good and evil will feed more data to the shadow side. To help the cause, maybe the illusions of showmanship and diplomacy evolve to help create the illusion of more balanced scales so there is less perceived strife. Religious or civil authority will also appear to help settle disputes. In this third scenario, rather than the core set of natural archetypes evolving via the cooperation of the extended cultural family, they split into two parallel sets, with one set below the natural due to the shadow, and the other set above the natural due to the positive affects of the social interaction. The net result will be the slower progression of the higher archetypes set, with the shadow set inhibiting progress since it will prevent the families from integrating and will even cause internal strife within the families. The next installment will describe modern cultural where the shadow side of a higher-level archetypes begins to overlap the progressive side of lower level archetypes. Things become gray or neutral and relative. Things are no longer so black and white because the lower progressive and higher regressive sets overlap.
  21. Didn't Einstein smoke a pipe. It didn't seem to bother him. Most of those studies are there to support political correctness. I don't fully trust any study that is even partially motivated by politics. Those studies are for entertainment purposes and are as trustworthy as a politian's promises.
  22. The first component is H2O. That is 80-90%. The remaining 10-20% is mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. After that you have lessor amounts of phosphorous, sulfur, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium. Then a bunch of trace stuff.
  23. Things like bi-polar disorder is actually a blessing disguise. It does not make it easy to function in modern culture, because culture is not sure how to accommodate it. This state of mind reflects the cyclic nature of creativity. If a bi-polar person had a creative outlet, the down cycle would be worth the up-cycle. Culture does not provide any good intellectural understanding or useful outlet. Under the circumstances this poses a difficult problem for those currently affected. It is like buying a corvette for funeral processions. The limitations of culture is sort of self forfilling, justifying a push toward a lower common demoninator via drugs. For example, some childern are disruptive. But if one took the time to show them new things, read to them, bring them new places, etc., so they have an outlet for their energy, they would settle down. Instead because that takes a lot of effort, we stick them in front of a TV or computer and give them drugs to calm them down. The problem is an artifact of the limitations of cuture leading to a psychological epidemic. Such, as these, are signs of culture not keeping up with the progressing needs of the evolving human psyche. What is considered important is just not enough for the evolving human mind. If we go back to the 1960-70's, the youth were mobilized for social change. This was deep philosophical stuff and provided a positive outlet that unfied the youth and led to social change. Such as these are now the leaders of culture. They are stuck at the desert of life and culture assumes this is a full and balanced diet for the modern psyche. One can teach a trained monkey to put on designer clothes or choose the bigger TV. Desert is an important part of the meal of life, because it brings joy to life. But it can never replace the entree's of life.
  24. I comes down to social perception of the norm. But the norm may not be the optimized state for all, but a lower common denominator for some. If someone is different, that might unset what is considered the norm, making leadership more insecure. Vincent Van Gogh and other great artists would be considered bi-polar and dilusional and would be drugged out in an attempt to make them normal. Imagine the lost of world class art by forcing artists to conform to the norm. Art often looks into the current state of affairs and even projects into the future trends of culture. Such works of art come from higher areas of the brain that are not the norm. The impressionist movement in the early and mid 1800's showed clarity of thinking getting fuzzy. The abstract art movement in the early 1900's, reflected the inevitable change of culture from these fuzzier social values of the previous turn of the centruy into something statistically random and relative. One could have predicted the world wars from this trend in art. Ironically, these changes parallel the development of psychology and psychiatry. The artwork of MC Escher in the 1950's appears to reflect the trend of today http://www.worldofescher.com/gallery/A35L.html. Many of his works shows multiple stairways going in odd angles to each other. If one looks at just one stariway it appears to reflect a reality reference with all the rest appearing to be illusions due to improper references. This is modern physics and areas of modern science where too many opinions exist. This is no one valid reference but a bunch of random references. In the link above, one may notice the only valid reference is placed at the bottom by culture.
  25. There are three basic levels of thalamus eddys or personality software within humans. I will refer to them as archetypes in respect for the work of Jung, who helped inspire my interest in collective psychology. I was not so much concerned with abnormal psychology, but with which it considered normal psychology, i.e., socially acceptable but not 100%. The lowest level archetypes are connected to the highest brain potentials and are associated with our animal instincts. These are slightly different in males and females. The male's lowest level archetypes tend to use higher brain potentials. In child development boys are usually more active, while girls tend to learn quicker, on the average. This is an artifact of the higher male instinctive brain potential. The lower instinctive brain potential of the girls allows her access to more complex neural branching for quicker learning of the rules of the game. The higher brain potential of the male, sends more thalamus current into the body to meets the needs of evolving muscle mass. In terms of thought dimension, the cerebral output goes from 1-D to 1.5-D. The second level of archetypes is cross gender in nature. In other words, males and females are both composed of male and female genes. The cross gender genes are not suppressed but impart female characteristics to males and masculine characteristics to females, via the middle level archetypes. In an intimate relationship, especially one that has gone on for some time, the female is often considered the "boss". The male learns the power of the words "yes dear", as a way to a less stressful relationship. The masculine side of the female leads the female side of the male within intimate relationship. Sexuality is a little different in that the brain potential increases so that the lower level archetypes become induced. This is where the male is male and female is female, usually resulting in the male leading the process. Some females will attempt to retain they masculine middle level archetypes, so she can be the male. This is where the battle of sexes begins. If the female retains her middle level masculine side, the male will be induced into his female side and may become irrational and moody. This can often spark a hybrid of the lower and middle level archetype. Its expression is connected to the range of behavior from romance, to illusions, to lying, to forcefulness, depending on how high the brain potential goes. This middle level archetypes typically go from 1.5-D to 2.5-D, within the range of material and rational prestige. The Roman goddess rationalis was female since it was intuitively understood that reason stems from the female side of men. Rationalis or reason produces brain children for culture, which the masculine side's of women take care o,f like they were their own childern (women maintain most of the traditions for the family). The saying behind every great man is a women is due to the masculine side of female's creating nagging need or necessity within men. The female (her masculine side) impregnates the female side of a man to produce brain children. The highest level archetypes return to gender normal. This level of archetypes is associated with the wisdom of experience and includes the extrapolations associated with ingenuity. For the male this often associated with at least some mastery over the physical environment. For the female it is associated with wisdom connected to human relationship. As an example, the lion's share of innovation in culture is created by the male's highest level archetypes. Women are usually the glue of the family. Women often extend this wisdom (glue) to the neighbor's children and even to the social family through charity work. This level of the archetypes is associated with thought dimension higher than 2.5-D. To give an example of the highest level archetypes helping the ego, if one was a carpenter doing a rehab job, nothing is clear cut. Any type of rational procedure will meet with snags. One has to think on their feet to meets the needs of unforseen problems. It is blend of the wisdom that comes with experience mixed with ingenuity. The same is true of the highest level archetypes of women. Her children are growing and culture is changing. She often needs to adapt herself to maximize the ultility of her circumstance with chidren that have different needs and personalities. Often mothering is not given the credit it deserves. To help put it the proper perspective, picuture if one was a computer programmer, with an intelligent computer that can think for itself. You want it to run a program but it has its own agenda that day. Picture if the intelligent computer was battery powered and had mobility allowing it to leave the computer room when it wants so it can explore and learn. Next, put a bunch of these in a room under your care. One would have their hands full. A mother's love for her family sets the brain potential for her highest level archetypes. A father's love is connected to his female side. He can self impregnate his lovibg middle level archetypes using his highest masculine archetypes to produce, say a legacy for his childern. The historical basis for the three levels of archetypes is the historical traditional family unit that has been around for thousands of year. This is symbilized by children, parents and grandparents. The symbolic child is the basis for the lower level archetypes. The symbolic parents are the basis for the middle level archetypes. And the symbolic grandparents are the basis for the highest level archetypes. These archetypes were/are sort of a building process. The child will have the influence of the parents and grandparents. These prime the next two higher levels of archetypes, The child then becomes a parent. The parent is primarily focused ar the moderate brain potentials of the middle level archetypes, centered on culture. Their children allow them to be a child again by pushing their higher potential buttons. Their own parents teach them their calm wisdom of age to prime their next higher level. When one is a grandparent, the two younger generations allow one to freshen the lower two levels of archetypes. After many many generations these three levels have been defined within the brain. People are more than the nuclear family, they are also social. Social influences teach and program the various levels of archetypes. This orderring is also the basis for social organization. We have the newbe's who are just beginning to get their feet wet, the middle managers who control the newbe's, and the grandparents, who through their wisdom and experience stir the organization. This basic schema is holographic within culture, from within the independant individual, all the way to the entire cultural organization.
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