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  1. The proof is in the pudding. Obvious what is known does not work very well with AIDS and has limited success with cancer. The modern approach is lacking something when it comes to the difficult problems. There is a logic to this stuff that empiricism can not seem to grasp. The logic is connected to equilibrium hydrogen bonding.


    Congradulation on your accolades. All that means is that you know how to work the beaurocracy. I would need a secretary to do that for me, because I could put my energies into looking at problems in new ways and don't take care of my creature comforts that well. I like to cut corners with logic because it is more effecient for applied science. Unfortuneately for me I move too fast and I don't get fluffy enough to grow roots. I wish I could slow down and satisfy the system.


    As for me I am not a biologist but a chemist. My strength is that I can look at an atom or molecule and know about it from its structure. My knowledge of the details is definitatly lacking because my approach is to stay simple so I can see the forest inspite of the trees. Don't mistake my generalist approach for ignorance only ignorance of specialty knowledge.


    Lets get back to AIDS. Has any work been done infecting other cells of the human body to see what happens?

  2. The computer could generate endless variations of notes and combinations of these notes and periodically it would come up with something special. Have it play in the background until sometime nice appears. The humans may start with these riffs and turn them into songs.

  3. Music is applied mathematics. If we look at a single note from any audio source, it can be defined with three mathematical parameters; attack, sustain and release. During the attack, the math function of going from zero sound to sort of steady state. The attack of a piano note is a different wave function than say that from a violin. The sustain is how the note propagates. It can be uniform or can even fluctuate like the human voice. The decay, is the note decreasing in volume toward zero volume. This can happen abruptly or slowly decay linearly or using other math functions. Using a wide variety of math wave functions and these three parameters, one can make any sound type.


    Beyond the single note, the musical scale is an octadecimial system of eight notes per scale. Each note on the scale sets the average frequency for the attack, sustain and the release. To get even more complicated, notes are often used as cords, where several notes are played together. When a band is playing, several sound types can overlap or even weave in and out to create even more complicated sound composites.


    What is sort of interesting about the math of music is that it appears to create endless variations, especially the more sounds that come into play. I am always amazed that music doesn't run out of songs, but just when it appears all the music has been made, a new classic is born. But at the same time, there is no indication that a peak can be achieved. Although some of the Classical composers came close.


    Music is sort of like a fountain of mathematics, but a finite fountain that can never quite reach the sky. The reason for this is that the theme of music is only a limited set of human experience, with the math of music setting the ambience for the limited scope. This puts a limit as to how high the fountain of math can pump but it also limites the flow rate so the fountain continues to pump for all times.

  4. If we look at the tax code, it is extremely complicated for the average person, with very little of it geared toward the middle class. The complexity is useful in the sense that it create a wide range of jobs, tax middlemen to help people make sense of it. Besides providing jobs for all the tax expert middlemen, the tax code is so large for two reasons. First, special provisions are made to stimulate the economy by giving special tax considerations to certain areas of the economy. The other reasons are kickbacks to lobbyist for their legal and illegal donations to our elected officials. It is not always easy to decern which is which, so simpliciation runs the risks of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.


    A two or three tier flat tax or a national sales tax could be used to raise the same amount of tax revenue and would spread the tax burden to eveyone more uniformly. But such solutions may affect the ecomony and the ability of our elected officials to distribute kickbacks.


    Maybe a precursor solution is to take a national poll to determine which tax breaks, currently offered, are considered most important. We then trim off the bottom end from 10-50%.

  5. If I was to predict what would happen if all tax payers, including business and corporations, were allowed to budget their tax dollars as a subset of the national budget, the special interests groups would put all their eggs in one basket to promote their cause. But since there is a spectrum of special interests it would sort of distribute out. The middle class, which does not lobby for itself would be more reasonable and would spread their money out to all the baskets with less drastic changes.


    The question becomes whether Congress, who is used to partisian politics and the influence of special interests would be gutsy and creative enough to stick to the guidelines.

  6. I would like to add something that came to me last night. This is more conceptual imagery than anything else, but interesting to ponder. If we look at a blackhole it expresses two reference features. On the one hand, we see a point in space of extreme gravity. Yet if one was on the blackhole, its extreme gravity creates a relativity affect, where distance appears contracted. What we see as a point, sees itself almost touching infinity.


    Picture if the blackhole got greedy and decided it also wanted to pull its near infinite perception into itself so it could be a point that would see itself as a point. Once it begins to reel in its infinite perception boundry, its point size within our reference will begin to expand, since this would mean it is losing relativity and is therefore losing gravity.


    Although a blackhole can not pull in its infinite distance perception, if a whitehole forms this can happen. By expanding from a point it is essentially reeling in the infinite view of the blackhole, since the gravity density and relativity decreases. If it expanded all the way to infinity, (hypotetically) it would become so sparse as to now define points in infinite space. One might notice an oscillation.


    Using these conceptual images, if a BB whitehole expanded it can never reach infinity because that would impy that its relativity reference would have to get smaller than its size. These two references can not reverse since it would require something like negative relativity. The oscillation is like a sine wave with the tops chopped off causing the whitehole expansion to reach finite size and then linger there before contracting. This linger time may be where blackholes form throughout the universe. When enough form, the oscillation enters the bottom or blackhole part of the sine wave

  7. One way to create the universe is connected to time. Everything in the known universe exists for a finite duration of time. Time that is not finite is either zero time or infinite time. In other words, there are no finite things that exist for zero or infinite time. The potential between infinite and zero time creates finite time. For example, the initial phase of the BB happened in almost zero time while the universe will last a very long time almost approaching infinite time.

  8. That is true. This is an important part of being president. But I guess I was trying to be more optimistic. I figured the collective training and coaching would open up the minds of the candidates. This process would isolate the candidates, somewhat, from partisian politics, since the coaching staff would be from both parties trying to work out a compromise platform for their champion, starting at the grassroots levels.


    Along the lines of idealized political change, I have another idea. The majority of the tax revenue comes from the silent majority or the middle class and they only have indirect say as to where the money goes. The political parties and the lobbyists divide the pie among themselves.


    Here is what we do. At tax time, the government sends everyone a one page summary of the National Budget. What the taxpayer does, is they take the amount of taxes they will pay and budget that money side-by side on the same form. For example, if one pays $5000 in taxes, they may give $1000 to defense, $ 1000 educations, etc. All these forms are added up and this become the budget guidelines for Congress. since the amounts reflect the acutal will of the people. If anything it would be a very interesting experiment to see how the two compare.

  9. I am using this to reintroduce another important variable within the cell called equilibrium hydrogen bonding. This is layer of potential, using coordinated hydrogen bonding, that integrates cells at their most fundamental level.


    Getting back to this basic precursor discussion of the two sides of life, if we look at a virus attacking a cell, for example a kidney cell, the viral protein and genetic material, will pertubate the kidney cell's protein grid. The kidney cell, theoretically, has the genes needed for an immune response, since it has the entire human DNA inside it. However, these genes are packed far away due to its differentiated protein grid, i.e, is a kidney cell, does not require any of the immune system genes being used. The protein grid of the kidney cell trys to form a new equilibirum DNA expression to the virus. But what typically happens is the virus's genetic material takes over the role of the genetic feedback. The cell is tricked into pertubating the DNA using the RNA or DNA from the virus.


    The immune system, also has our entire DNA inside it, buts its protein and DNA differentiation, allows it's protein grid to pertubate its DNA in the proper way, because it's DNA is differentiated to the needs of an immune response. The needed genes are on the top. If we look at AIDS, this virus will pertubate the protein grid of the immune system, however, the useable DNA does not appear to have any good genetics exposable to deal with the virus.


    This means one of two things. First, human DNA has no good genes that can address the virus. Or secondly, only the immune system has no good exposable genes that can be brought into play to deal with the virus. The first scenario would imply that human DNA will need to evolve some new genes for the immune system to overcome AIDS. Medications help pertubate the protein grid and may eventually alter the DNA in a way to permanently deal with AIDS. This will tell us something about how DNA evolves with time due to environmental pertubations.


    The second scenaio is actually quite intriguing; only the immnue system has no useful exposable genes. If we combine this second scenario with the observation that AIDS does not affect every cell, the needed genes to deal with AIDS may actually be exposeable via other differentiated cells. In other words, the immune system has this banquet sized plate with tons of ingredients from the salad bar, but none seem to work. Maybe a lowly cell, with a little plate of ingredients may actually have the correct genes needed to deal with AIDS. This may be why AIDS avoids certain cells. A simple experiment would be to treat other cells with AIDS and see if they are able to digest it. If certain genes work, but are usually packed away in the immune system, maybe we can splice these closer to the top.

  10. If you look how the sun's energy is stored within life, via photosythesis, it is the reduction of hydrogen. When life burns the stored energy within the hydrogen it ends up, if oxygen is present, as water. This thermal chemical gradient is within the range of hydrogen bonding. This path makes sense since the sun is also mostly hydrogen.


    All the important biomaterials of life like DNA, RNA and proteins, etc., have hydrogen bonding energyies within the range of this primary solar induce hydrogen gradient of life. The life molecules evolve by spreading laterally to help fine tune the hydrogen energy gradient, creating more effecient lifeforms that can store and process more and more solar energy. The human brain is at the top of the heap burning continuously at about 100 watts, triggering the muscles to burn even more.

  11. The immunity to AIDS is called education. It is fairly clear how its spreads and how to avoid it. The alternative to giving everyone AIDS to develop real immunity is to quarantene those who have AIDS. In other words, if there was an outbreak of out of space flu, the govenment would isolate those infected to prevent the spread, while working around the clock for an antedote. It would be an easier way to collect data and attack the problem since the entire effort would work side-by-side.

  12. The point is that the DNA is very important, since it determines the genes that are available. But environmental interaction at all levels, from the cellular, within the mind, and the physical environment have an impact on what genes will be expressed. That is why identical twins can assume wide differences in personality. It is not genes that decide, since they are the same, but the proteins interacting with the neural environment. The superfiscial differences are less under environmental control.


    A good analogy is that the DNA are all the ingredients in a buffet. The environment are the many combinations that form from these ingredients. One can not eat something that is not on the buffet or the DNA limits what is possible on a global basis. However, one does not have to eat all the ingredients to get a full meal. The featured items, like prime rib, may be found on most of the plates but flexible things like olives may stay on the buffet under wraps.


    This is an important distinction because life is a two-sided coin and not just a one-sided genetic coin.

  13. I am only offering an alternative. What wrong with discussing new things? What we currently have is a situation where the two political parties chose a handful of candidates for us. They chose who are the best one-sided entertainer, who will go along with their program and who will vote along pretermined and biased lines. The process, itself, is more connected to entertainment than education. The trump card is mudslinging, forcing us to chose exactly what is offered; the lessor of the two evils.


    It would be terrible if education was more important than entertainment. If ability was more important than a party parrot, if the common good was more important than onesided thinking.

  14. From what I read and hear most people assume the genetics is the primary cause within the living state all the way up to behavior. If one looks at genetic differentiation within multicellular life, it is easy to show that this is not always the case.


    For example, if one starts with any differentiated cell in the body, it is only using a fixed amount of all the genes on the DNA. Although all the cells of our bodies contain all the DNA, only a very specific distribution is being used to create the specfic proteins that define a cellular differentiation. In other words, the kidney cells don't make neurotransmittors because these genes are packed away in kidney cells.


    When any differnetiated cell enters mitosis, the chromosomes are condensed. These same condensed chromosomes (all the DNA) occurs within the cell cycles of all the cell differentiations. It is a very generic state of the DNA that is common to all the cells. As the daughter cells forms, each cell differentiation will end up with the same narrowed genetic distribution as the mother cell. This assumes steady state mother and daughter cell differentiations.


    The question becomes, how does the DNA know how to limit itself from the generic condensed chromsomes? It is not the DNA that decides. The proteins within the daughter cells, that parallel the differentiation of the mother cell, have a protein based feedback mechanism, that will mold the condensed chromosomes until the active DNA parallels the protein grid of that differnetiated cell.


    In other words, if we take a skin cell and a heart cell ready to enter mitosis, the condensed DNA is exactly the same. How these two cells differ is only within the distribution of proteins that have been built up, which defines the character of each mother/daughter cell. After mitosis the specific protein grid will mold the DNA so the final DNA state is able to parallel the proteins.


    The proteins are also the way cells interact with the environment. If the environment changes the needs of the protein grid, the DNA expression can be molded to the environmental change by protein feedback. When we start to talk about behavior, thoughts, feelings, habits, these can alter the chemical environment within the brain. This will alter the protein distributions needed to produce and absorb this chemical environment. This, turn, can alter the distribution of the DNA that is active.


    Nowadays, if one has a particular behavioral flaw, genetic thinking will say he is missing a gene or has an extra gene. Sometimes, the genes is not missing or even extra, but merely packed or unpacked due to the protein environment caused by the behavior. For example, if I think about food in my imagination I can make myself hungry. The hunger feeling is a complex neuro and biochemical train of events associated with proteins and with genes. I just manipulated the DNA with my mind. I did not make new DNA but at the very least I alterred the transcription rates that are occurring on some genes. If I did this long enough part of the DNA distribution that is active in many related cells within my body will begin to shift toward my routine behavior.


    This is not to say that lacking a gene can not cause problems but when it comes to the mind genes can be packed away or brought into action. Psychosomatic illnesses and placebo affects show how far the mind can go when it comes to manipulating the DNA.

  15. That is a good example, where the sex organs did not develop for the male yet he continued to be male. If this precusor guaranteed him of seeing himself female all the logic would be in place.


    Along the lines of homosexuality, the Gay bulls (topman), show all the signs of being male except their preferred mode of pleasure. The gay cows (bottom man) may actually correlate to genetic and/or hormonal levels, since their behavior is fairly consistent across the board.

  16. The overall observation of brain size decreasing with domestication and with culturalization (is that a word?) makes sense. The wild animal or the mountain man have to rely more on ingenuity for their survival. Adapting to a harsh and ever changing enivironment will require a lot more neural connections than rote learning within a comfortable fix environment.


    Culture is very important, but it can create the irrational illusion of being more than one actually is. So many things are prefab, including what to think. The path of exploration may take a dozen prototypes but will build a wider range of adaptation than just learning the most popular accepted path. What is easier building a computer or learn to use money buy one? Which allows a greater rate of adaptation?


    The idea of the brain shrinking and possibly becoming more centralized into the core emotional aspects of the brain, also makes sense. Rather than have to rely on logic and common sense to think through what we choose to believe, it is easier to rely more on an emotional perception, such as entertainment or prestige, to chose which ideas to call our own.

  17. This model for the primordial atom and the BB is new to me. It came to me over the past week. Personally, I prefer MDT cosmology because it is very flexible because it predicts six possible scenarios; two wave, two continuum and two discontinuous expansions, leading to both open and closed universes. Wherever the data goes the model can easily follow. What I decided to do was use existing theory, basic assumptions, the preponderance of the data to come up with something more mainstream. If anyone is interested in completing the model, they are welcome to it.

  18. There is periphreal awareness. Any good athlete is aware of things around them, even behind them. This sense may depend on other senses at the unconscious level such as hearing and sight. But there is also a sense of touch without touch. A good good test to see if you have this is to move your hand slowly along the spinal column of another person, from the back of the head to the base of the spine, without touching them. This experiment is based on the seven major energy centers along the spine, some of which can be felt without touching the person. It may be due to magnetic induction within the nerves of the hand. Periphreal awareness may also be partially due to magnetic induction into the nerves of the skin.

  19. The proof I have that current can flow into the eyes was connected to an eye exam I had. It was during a time of deep pondering about unknown things and I was not getting out enough but was in my imagination most of the time. My contact lenses begin to feel unconfortable. I went for an eye exam and found out my eyeball pressure was a little high. Once I understood the correlation I begin to take more time off, using my eyes for data input instead of imagination. The eyeball pressure went away and my contacts began to fit right again. The brain current was increasing the osmotic pressure in my eyes, especially my left one. The left is the conscious side of the brain, which I had been neglecting for the sake of right side creativity.

  20. Some good projects are called engineering estimation. I am not sure where you would find them but such projects make you look at the big picture, do some thinking, research, and then help you learn to use a little ingenuity to get reasonable results.


    For example, how many acres of forest would it take to make a Sunday addition of the New York Times (or other big local paper)? How much wax, that melts at 50C would it take to store solar energy as the heat of fusion (melting) to heat a 2000 ft2 house for two days during the coldest winter day. Want kind of panel design would maximize the heat transfer to the wax seeing wax is a very good insulator?


    This last one is more complicated than what you may know, but based on what you know, how fast must water flow through a 1 ft2 copper target (1in copper plate sitting on a 1in copper coil) to absorb a full heat blast from a 100 kilowatt lasar without damaging the target. These are all estimation exercises that can get as complicated as you want them to be, yet simple estimation can often get you within 80-90% of the answer.

  21. I would like to propose a better way to chose a president, based on the National Spelling Bee, called the National Electron Bee. The way it would work is that the process would begin at the voting district level. Anyone who meets the criteria for running for president can run. At this first level all the competitors posture their positions and ideas, etc., and a champion is chosen among them. After this first level of competition, all the people that ran for president but did not win, become coaches to their champion. In my experience, most people have good ideas about one or two areas but not about all areas. By having all these coaches, the voting district champion will have the benefit of their collective wisdom for the future competitions


    The voting district champions will then compete for the city district championship. The winner then has all the other city district champs as he or her coaches to help prepare them for the city championships, etc. Elected officials in office can enter the competition. They do not have to compete until the level of competition, parallel to their level of office. For example the governor does not have to compete until the state finals, although he could begin the process earlier, for practice.


    The final competition will be among the national regional champions each with their semi-finalists coaches. The person who wins is the president, second place is vice president, etc., the rest of the finalists will become members of the president's cabinet. In my humble opinion I would be satisified with any presidents who goes through this much training. The process would have to begin maybe one year into a presidency, since it would take at least three years of training to groom the best people for the most important jobs in the world.

  22. The generals and Rumsfeld are probably all being good soldiers and are setting up a smoke screen to buffer the President. Politics like war is the art of deception. Once Rumsfeld steps down, the policy will be able to change, allowing the president to change tactics without the demoncrats saying he is being wishy washy on his stand in Iraq.

  23. Although atoms could be used to store binary signals by placing atoms in reversable excited states, it is really not necessary when it comes to the brain. There are enough synapses to do the trick. Also the brain works in memory layers. Different emotional and instinctive potentials will affect the firing rates of all the neurons. The ones that fire at the rate the ego is conscious of will be the working memory of the ego. This working memory is scattered throughout the brain allowing full brain function at any brain potential, while narrowing down the associative memory.


    A very loose computer analogy would be a 3-D optical memory storage unit, where each light color will activate all the color coordinated memory stored throughout the unit. If one changes the color, another layer of the memory will be used. A futuristic example may be DVD's that play with both red and blue light. The red light will limit the data that can be read. The blue light will open up many more options.

  24. Culture makes us smarter than we would be without culture. It stores a collective memory capactiance. In culture it is half learning and half illusion caused by the other doing things for us. One can drive a car but few could build one from scratch, yet most people will take partial credit for sending a man to the moon.


    One can't teach a wolf to do math, but go in the wolf's backyard and see who is better at survival.

  25. There is a part of the brain that is a pacekeeper. I believe it is associated with the hypothalamus? I may be wrong and it may be in the brainstem. Animals also have this and it is used to control instinctive rhythms, yet they appear unaware of time, as we know it as a concept. A dog will know when the master is coming home or the time for its walk, but it not aware that time is passing between.


    Using those considerations it is probably connected to the frontal lobe and the imagination. This allows us to extrapolated from time standards such as days, seasons, stages of life, etc.

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