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  1. ^assuming that is correct^



  2. And it does have one use: I got an offer from a uni based on an interview where I had to prove that (2^0.5) was irrational' date=' and I used that proof :D .




    How exactly did you use this proof because if you use this proof for 2^0.5, then in Fermat's last theorem, n=2, which doesn't contradict Fermat's last theorem.

  3. Does anybody have any ideas on how to work out [imath]\sqrt{0.9}[/imath] without a calculator (to approx 10 d.p.)?


    I know there are a few methods for working out for working out square roots by hand, but i was wondering if there was a cleverer/easier way of doing it.

  4. why does women = time * money and not women = time + money?


    - that's true. I originally saw this proof for 'teletubbies', for which it worked, because they were the PRODUCT of time and money (hence multiplication)...

  5. i was wondering if somebody had any ideas about this:


    the gradient of a horizontal line = 0

    the gradient of a vertical line = infinity


    but the product of the gradients of perpendicular lines is -1


    so does that mean that 0 x infinity = -1 ???


    ... or is there something in the proof for the product of the gradients equalling -1 which excludes it for these values?

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