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  1. You've only asked about nuclear fusion, and nobody around here works on a fusion reactor. It's not so much a matter of asking the question better, it's about the available knowledge.

  2. You were the instigator, which is why you were called out. If you don't see why your posts were objectionable, your stay here will be short.

  3. We're a science site, so a media studies question isn't likely to generate much in the way of informed discussion. You can ask, though. I don't think there's a problem with that.

  4. You can use the search function to find older posts, and start new threads in the appropriate forum.

  5. If you didn't see insults from pykawit, you didn't look very closely. His insistence that everyone who challenged him was stupid and incompetent was inappropriate. He was continually apologizing for his rudeness, but the point is not to be rude in the first place. There were too many complaints about it to let it slide any further. And that's not the only reason he was banned.

  6. Congrats on your impending promotion!

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