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    Banned/Suspended Users

    The Operator has been banned for violations of our rule against slurs, and even more posts that hinted at such tendencies. We are just not interested in entertaining those conversations.
  2. swansont

    The concept of distance in quantum mechanics

    Of course distance applies. If you have some electrostatic interaction, the interaction energy (Hamiltonian operator) will have a term that varies as 1/r What you don't have is the notion that a particle will be at a specific point, so the useful solution you are getting might involve integrating over all space (depends on what you are calculating) The result (e.g. the energy levels of the hydrogen atom) might not specifically have any dependence on distance, but you could also take the wave function and solve for the most probable value of r for the ground state, and you would get the Bohr radius. For radioactive decay timing, I'm not sure — it's possible that there is some correlation, if one decay could induce another one, but then we'd notice the half-life varying with concentration of the material, and I am not aware of anyone noticing this. For excitation, this is definitely the case, and is how lasers work — an emitted photon from one atom induces another excited atom to release a photon (in phase), and so on.
  3. It's humpback whales, according to legend.
  4. swansont

    anti-Semitic remark by Congresswoman

    ! Moderator Note Take your bigotry elsewhere.
  5. ! Moderator Note I've put this in the Lounge, since it seems a very informal conversation and little to do with science. It lacks the rigor we expect for speculations. Funny how sighting have not increased, or the quality of them improved, despite this huge increase in the number of people carrying cameras around with them wherever they go.
  6. swansont

    De Broglie relation

    They are waves. That's how waves act. Any kind of slit acts like a quasi-point source, so you get a half of a circular wave emanating from them.
  7. swansont

    Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Not everybody disagreeing with a point wants to jump into the fray, and/or anything they might have to say has already been said, so there is no point in responding. But it's still a way of giving feedback. Personally, I tend to do one or the other, but not both, if I have an interest and also disagreement.
  8. swansont

    A theory of everything. The truth about creation.

    How is it ideal? You require that it spin. Is there any evidence that this is feasible? Why a pyramid? Is there something special about using a pyramid to do this? Obviously there must be, otherwise why would you specify it? But you do not explain anything about why a pyramid is required. How fast is this magnetic field spinning? How strong is it? In what direction does it spin? Is it really needed, if the pyramid itself is spinning? The is the first mention of the genesis particle in your experiment. There is no explanation of what's going on with it. What spheres? Why do they collapse? What, specifically, is reciprocating? How is this interacting with the air vortex, and the ions?
  9. swansont

    anti-Semitic remark by Congresswoman

    ! Moderator Note We are not going down this rabbit hole. The topic is the congresswoman's comments being allegedly anti-Semitic
  10. swansont

    The theory of space /time

    The thing about the light clock is that it does not rely on any mechanism that one can argue is affected by the motion. One of the recurring misconceptions is that somehow time dilation is a mechanical effect on the workings of the clock. The light clock suffers from no such confusion. The effect is solely due to the limitation that photons move at c in all inertial frames. So if you think there is a flaw in the model, point it out. But let's dispense with silly guessing games.
  11. swansont

    Motion of an electron

    Full-blown QM is a lot to handle, when all you've done is classical.
  12. swansont

    The theory of space /time

    The tick rate changes if you change L, as well. But since we know this, we would not be so silly as to keep the gearing the same on the clock. We would have a one-second swing tick off one second on the display, and if the swing took 2 seconds, we would have it display 2 seconds. The same thing applies if we drastically change g. similarly, you can have a clock count oscillations of the mains electricity. In some places it's 50 Hz, and in others it's 60 Hz. You adjust accordingly. Nothing mystical is happening with the time. There are no external forces. There is no motion in the last dimension, so this is irrelevant. That's the crux. What's moving depends on which frame you're in, but the photon always moves at c, regardless. That's not how things work around here. If you have some model, you need to present it. It's not up to anyone else to figure out what you're thinking.
  13. swansont

    De Broglie relation

    Yes, they do. What we call particles have been shown to diffract and interfere, all in accordance with deBroglie's idea.
  14. swansont

    Hypervelocity Supermassive Black Hole

    The merger likely converted much more mass into gravitational radiation. I was only looking at the magnitude of asymmetry needed to get the BH to the speed it's traveling.
  15. swansont

    Motion of an electron

    The picture of circular motion of electrons stems from the Bohr model, which is obsolete, That view has been shown to be incorrect.
  16. You can't easily do a measurement like this, inside of a solid, but a weak field will not re-magnetize a magnet, so you would have to explain what magical thing happens when the field is suddenly able to penetrate. Do you just not understand what I mean by superposition? Which is what I said It's what we calculate and what we measure, so I don't see how you can claim that it's not what happens, since an experiment is the only way to confirm what happens. And what we measure is the vector sum of the fields. But feel free to propose an experiment that would confirm your assertions. ————— You might be able to explain something — how do magnetic shields work? Some material with a high permeability, surrounding a volume, so that the field inside the volume is very small. But it does not "re-magnetize" the shield. Standard physics says the field goes inside the shield but you seem to be claiming that the field doesn't penetrate the material. Here's a site that shows that they think magnetic fields penetrate magnetic materials, but what do they know? https://www.mushield.com/magnetic-shielding/how-magnetic-shielding-works/ One of us has PhD in physics and I'm pretty sure it's not you. I do wish I had the confidence of someone who watched a youtube video once, though. This is irrelevant to my argument. I never claimed they intersect. I said they add as vectors.
  17. swansont

    The theory of space /time

    You can actually analyze it either way. The kinematic dilation, or looking at the acceleration as giving you an equivalent gravitational potential. You get the same answer, as you must.
  18. That doesn't necessarily re-magnetize the magnet. "Overlap" is to add, as vectors. The field at any place only points in one direction. If all they did was divert, you could never have a situation where a field becomes smaller by combining fields in two directions. And, as I have pointed out, I have done this. It is not an unusual situation. The solution to the wave equation is a sinusoid, which is a scalar. Amplitude is a scalar. Which you just finished saying was impossible. Which is it? IOW, they add as vectors. They obey superposition. You have contradicted yourself a number of times. It doesn't matter what the quality of your sources is if you don't understand what they are saying.
  19. swansont

    The theory of space /time

    Then how does one differentiate your idea from the theory of relativity? (BTW, the centrifuge experiment exists, though not with quartz clocks. It uses Mössbauer spectroscopy, and is one of several experiments which confirms relativity) But you seem to think time dilation is from the forces. What forces are in play for a clock moving at constant velocity? i.e. not undergoing any acceleration?
  20. swansont

    Is subspecies a vaild concept?

    ! Moderator Note This would be off-topic in any science discussion. Don't go off on any similar tangents in any other discussions on similar topics.
  21. swansont

    Redundant Expressions in Science

    The dictionary is not a technical resource, but even so, the dictionary does not agree with you. The selection criteria are not the same, so this is not so arbitrary.
  22. swansont

    The theory of space /time

    Clocks in orbit can run faster or slower than clocks on earth. It depends on the orbit, since there is kinematic time dilation slowing the clocks down, with gravitational dilation speeding them up. GPS clocks speed up. On the ISS, they run slower. (Scott Kelly spent almost a year on the ISS and is now an additional 5 milliseconds younger than his twin, Mark, as Scott's clock ran slower than those on earth) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_time_dilation#/media/File:Orbit_times.svg What is your prediction? Is it different than what relativity predicts?
  23. What do you mean they never do? Here's an experiment you could potentially do. 1.Get a coil and run a small current through it. It will produce a magnetic field. It's an electromagnet. 2. Bring a stronger magnet nearby. See how the field changes. (With a probe, or even a compass). Watch the field reverse, inside the coil, if the magnet has a much stronger field. These aren't the same thing. Waves aren't vectors, and magnetic fields have to obey Maxwell's equations. Wave amplitudes add as scalars. Magnetic fields add as vectors. But if you think you can't cancel out a field by adding one in the opposite direction, I have to tell you that you are sadly mistaken. It's a standard practice in my kind of work where you use trim coils to zero out the earth's magnetic field, and use coils in a Helmholtz configuration (a pair of coils with current in the opposite direction) to give you a zero field at the center, because the fields obey superposition. I have years of experience demonstrating what you claim doesn't happen, so you must excuse me if I don't believe you. You need to look at better sources. Anyone expecting interference doesn't understand the physics well enough. That there is no interference shouldn't be a surprise. But there is superposition.
  24. swansont

    Entanglement Spin Direction

    No. They are undetermined when they separate. They do not have a state until one is measured. You must also not be able to tell what state the particles are in. One way of entangling photons is parametric downconversion. Two photons are emitted from an atom, with a definite polarization correlation, but the only ones that are entangled are emitted in the same direction. If they aren’t, then you can tell which photon has which polarization.
  25. swansont

    Time traveling usage for immortality

    This is science fiction, so it can do pretty much whatever you want it to.