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  1. Neurology and psychology... How about the study of what makes our minds enjoy music as opposed to just noise? Harmonies in sound have an effect on our minds somehow and that is science, its neurology and psychology. Just what is it that makes the great music by Mozart and Brahms and countless others so great; how does it have such a profound effect on us and our emotions? How is sound as in music related to our emotions? Science is everything, music and art included.
  2. Ok two things, First off about black holes. Ok so go back to idea that space-time is a fabric and heavy objects make a dent in the fabric and distort it. So say you take something really heavy and drop it onto this fabric, It could fall straight through and the fabric would break (especially if its small and heavy), there would be a hole? Is the super massive and dense objects created by collapsing stars too much for space time to handle and therefore it just breaks a hole in the fabric, or in the p-brane we sit on? Is that an accurate conceptualization about black holes? So now onto string theory and such… The way I understand it is that there are strings that sit on a p-brane and whose vibrations generate subatomic particles. If they generate particles then that means they are responsible for particles like the Higgs boson (if it exists) among other theoretical particles that are responsible basically for space and the ability to have space and matter and mass and such right? So space is just our perceived result of generated energy by strings sitting on a p-brane? These are just concepts I am trying to grasp, let me know if I am accurate in my statements… Thank you
  3. Oh, well I got that info from wikipedia: "A flame is a self-sustaining oxidizing chemical reaction producing energy and ionized gas (plasma). " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire#Science_of_fire It could be wrong though, so don't go by it if you know better.
  4. flames from fire are plasma... just so you know
  5. flames are plasma and theres flamethrowers... so thats about the closest you can get right now
  6. After a negligible amount of sleep the previous night due to going out and drinking etc… added with some acetaminophen (Tylenol) for a little headache and during the day I didn’t get my normal nutrition, so by the end of the night, I started getting some minor “hallucinations” which were no more than just objects etc in the corner of my eye or in the dark appearing as something else for a second. But when I closed my eyes to go to sleep that night the real fun began… After a couple minutes of lying in bed, which is a place a normally use to collect my thoughts before sleep, I noticed that my overall mentality wasn’t normal. Then people’s faces started appearing vividly in the darkness of my closed eyes… and then fully rendered people. But they were not just images, I could feel and perceive their presence. If one of these people were close to my face it would feel completely as if there is a person close to my face. At one point if my eyes were half open the people would blend into the subtle dim geometrys of my room (window, shadows etc), so much so that I thought for a second a ghost or angel was hovering over my bed because I couldn’t make the hallucination go away even with open eyes (and I don’t even believe in ghosts or angels). The shadows wouldn’t appear as shadows even though I wanted them too, they would appear as people or the image and it took me at least couple seconds to snap back to reality. That was scary so I didn’t explore open eyed hallucinations like that anymore. Now for the interesting characteristics of the hallucinations of these people with my eyes closed… They were rendered fully detailed and realistic (clothes, detailed facial features). The closest I can compare it too was like a dream where as in a dream everything is kind of like a blur but still realistic in that you can feel the people and everything there. I could “control” what people popped up fairly well, like say if I want a girl or a man, old, young, ethnicity to a degree etc and their facial features slightly (pretty, ugly, has a beard etc). But the people wouldn’t last, I couldn’t really “keep” a person there; they would stay for about a second and would morph into somebody with similar characteristics, or just disappear entirely and new people would pop up. Sometimes family members would pop up (they would stay for longer) but most of them were completely random people I have never meet or seen on TV (or maybe I have met them and they are just hidden in my unconscious). The people were in environments a lot of the times and I would be there as myself and in the environment talking with them and interacting with them (I’ll go into this more in the next paragraph), mostly dimly lit bars or like restaurants, many were holding drinks. (The reason for this is probably that I was out at bars and a restaurant last night with family.) I’ll admit that I tried picturing woman naked, but it didn’t really work, they would become vague and un-detailed and just morph into clothed people. I guess I don’t see enough actual naked woman to get clear visuals. On a odd side note with this when I first tried picturing and tried interacting with these woman in a sexual way, young children appeared in the bottom of my visual range and felt as if they were running around my legs…? I actually felt them as if they were touching my legs. Needless to say I stopped trying to hallucinate about sexual things… Many would talk to me… things like Hello, Hi, “Who is this?” (girls would say that sexily) , “What’s your name?”, etc. the voices were very audible and resembled what the people would actually sound like. They would also talk to each other and smile and laugh. But it was all realistic, they way they dressed and looked, the environments they were in the things they said, it all made sense. One really vivid one I remember were 3 three girls sitting a bar holding martinis and drinks, one in the middle was turned towards the bar and the other two facing me and talking to me. I felt the atmosphere of the bar, as if I was standing right there. The one in the middle, a beautiful Asian girl, turned around and said to her friends with a smile as she looked at me “And Who’s this?”. I responded back and she said something else I don’t remember. Like this one it seems the more detailed and realistic the people and environments are, the longer that “scene” stayed without changing. As far as my control of them, the people and things they did etc were really just random and not thought about prior too. I could give a direction to them but the environments etc were not forced really. Some other interesting notes: -They tended to appear on the left side of my visual range particularly, the left corner. (I’m thinking the right hemisphere would control this so this makes sense) -Like I said before, everything was realistic, not only perception wise, but the clothes and facial features made sense. - If they were to physically interact with me, or me with them, I would feel that interaction fairly realistically on my body (a touch etc) If I were to picture a girl lying in bed with me in my arms, it would feel exactly like that. - I never took acid or shrooms ever, and I never experienced anything like this before. I haven’t even smoked marijuana for months. The only thing was some Dayquil a couple days ago, but that was a couple days ago, so it must just have been stress, relative malnutrition, tiredness, and the Tylenol. - My dreams tend to focus on environments rather than interactions with people, I am also into architecture and doing landscape and environment oriented art. So I tried hallucinating fantasy environments but to no avail, which I found odd because I can even do this to a degree normally with my imagination. Perhaps this is caused by the fact that I was out the night before meeting people etc? -I could almost turn these off for the most part, but it was hard too. When it was getting late I started thinking about other things and then went right to sleep. So it was an extremely weird experience for me, but pretty cool nonetheless. I tried to write down here the scientific characteristics of these hallucinations for whatever purpose they might serve, as to understanding the unconscious or whatever, also to find out why this happened and if I am going crazy. But I will say that this account in not exaggerated in the least and it is really what happened… I can still elaborate further, so if you have any questions I would be happy to answer.
  7. hmm well I think with string theory and other dimensions we are just starting to scratch the surface of what everything really is... I think m-theory and branes are just the rudimentary beginnings of an eventual unimaginable model of the universe and/or other universes… These theories are like Thales of Miletus in ~500 B.C. stating that sun is a massive fireball which rises out of the infinite ocean and then cools off again when it falls back in at night (stars are the trail it leaves behind) Wrong.. yes, but scientific… In the future we will come to understand everything, and these theories are the start….
  8. its probably what will happen to a large extent... or at least there will be a market for people who want to live the rest of thier lives in a computer simulated psycho-paradise bliss
  9. Maybe he meant the amount of ways they can connect... meaning like since we have 100 billion neurons you can do 100 billion ^100 billion... which is a pretty darn big number
  10. I think the perfect humanity is a world with matrix-like fields in which humans are genetically engineered by robots and at a young age nanorobots will enter various parts of the brain and stimulate the pleasure centers for the entire lifespan, adding this to other technology and chemicals would simulate a complete psycho-paradise world all contained within the brain for a lifetime of awesome bliss a million times greater than the best heroin high. The dead would be fed intravenously to the living, who are in pods.. all maintenance will be done by robots... Works for me... anyone else?
  11. I thought what made a positron a positron was that it is an electron with a positive charge? is that wrong?
  12. In the future... anything and everything Here are some reads... http://www.crnano.org/benefits.htm http://www.crnano.org/dangers.htm http://www.nanovip.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3
  13. how do positrons and antiprotons etc travel back in time? can you explain that a little further?
  14. http://news.cnet.co.uk/gadgets/0,39029672,39193470,00.htm "The nanotechnology technology revolution is happening now. You just need to know where to look," Nordan said. "The first glimmers of nanotech are visible." "Nanotechnology today is probably like Mozart when he was five years old: bursting with promise, with the best yet to come after a few years of nurturance." Some good reads...
  15. Photon^^^ that help? http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/cms/?pid=1000198 But really its impossible to put an image to a photon or to any subatomic particle... light bounces off of things and that is how we see images, how can light bounce off light?
  16. Yes that’s what I was referring too, It should also prove/disprove the existence of the higgs boson: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higgs_boson It might also prove/disprove supersymmtery which is a theory that is part of string theory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersymmetry
  17. so was time the same 13.7 billion years ago, or always the same? or the same in other universes? Is time universal everywhere? Is it the same in black holes? Was time the same as it is now during the first miliseconds of the big bang?
  18. haven't got a chance yet to read through all of it, but its looks like some good stuff... keep it up
  19. string theory might be able to provide answers to black holes... maybe a black hole is a rip in the membrane of our p-brane... (this is just something I thought up, probably not correct at all) But as for gravitons... it is a gauge boson, one of the 4 particles that are designated to each of the four fundamental forces.... But the graviton isnt proven to exist yet, (maybe in 2007, they will see one) Only photons and gluons are massless (maybe gravitons too who knows) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gauge_bosons
  20. http://www.livescience.com/technology/051020_nanocar.html interesting read...
  21. doesnt the rest of that go "...Can't get you out of my head"
  22. hmm I get this too.. I dont always have the urge to cover up that area, but it is certainly from fear of it hitting you there... I do have a mild signs of OCD, so it goes along with that...
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