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  1. Not too boring? Lol. Well, now you can put a face and a place to the bizarre ramblings of this layman.


    Thank you.

  2. Hi Martin. Sorry to bother you. Thanks again for straightening me out.


    May I ask a favor? If you don't want to do it, it's ok.


    In light of my recent post from space.com on BH spin approaching c ....


    A hypothetical question. If the BH was not limited to c ( because space is broken completely ) would it be very difficult to calculate the potential range of spin for that same black hole I asked you about in the 'singularity' post?


    I am asking you on PM, because I didn't really want to clutter up that post I should have stayed out of to begin with ...


    New year going well?


    Regards ... James


    PS: I noticed on another rather obscure forum you go by the name Marshall? Is that right?


    Anyway, you have shown a great deal of courtesy to me, and I appreciate it very much.

  3. Michel ... thanks. I read both, and a few links, too. I think you have a better understanding of time than I do. I tend to focus on the physical changes that occur over time. This alone is enough to give me a head-ache. Lol. But it ( time ) certainly is a fascinating subject, isn't it?

  4. Michel. You have been a great source of encouragement.


    Posting here has proven to be very helpful in refining my model, allowing me to address the more common objections.


    As I have mentioned before, I sent out the model to over 1,000 scientists a year ago. Even in it's crude form, it is proving to be influential. I am currently sending out the revised model to hundreds of grad students ( who do not have their entire lives and reputations riding on any given theory ), and also to hundreds of working physicists, and cosmologists.


    I like to think I have an ability to see the 'obvious' ... lol ... as so many unlearned people like myself want to think. The reality is you have skills I can only dream about, and my envy runs deep. I wish you good fortune in promoting your theories, too.


    As for your other comments, I agree.


    And I must admit, it is gratifying to win arguments with people who clearly should ( and do ) have an advantage over me.

  5. Hey Michel. You seem a sympathetic chap, so I will complain to you ... lol. I posted my model on SciForums.com last week, and successfully fended off an attack by one James R ( 19,000 plus posts ). Today, DH, who has expressed his annoyance with my model here, and who is a 'mod' on SciForums.com, moved my model to 'pseudo', claiming it is not a model at all.


    Perhaps he will be successful on this forum, too. Of course I insisted he back up his claim, and I also protested to the administrators of that site ( sister site to this one ).


    I wonder if it will do any good. James R made a few silly, and thoughtless arguments, which I naturally called him on. I guess he didn't like being proven wrong!


    Regards ...

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